Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Update 114

FIFTY-FIVE is the only one up and he is a busy little bee

Getting all the toddlers out of their cots and feeding them

Then he does the laundry

Yes BOTT ... he is doing all your jobs!!!

Red finishes teaching FIFTY-EIGHT to walk
now all of the quads are walking and talking ... just the potty training to do

Now Basil is getting the date phone calls off Maura ... lol

Thyme is now a teenager

FIFTY-FIVE has gone home from school with Thyme

I wander if Aniseed knows that Maura is constantly ringing Mace and now Basil for dates??!!

Mace gets the eternally faithful reputation ... lol
Something Red will never have ... because she is known as a dirtbag!

Jasmine is having her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Bot Fan trait

LTW = Culinary Librarian

I am a little surprised when I'm swung to Aniseeds house ....
to watch Aniseed scolding FIFTY-FIVE ... just before he gets a ride home in a police car!!

He is out after curfew (Obviously being with his older half brother doesn't count!!)

Look at BOTT's eyes!!  That is her angry look.
She scolds FIFTY-FIVE again when he gets home.  He is now grounded.

It didn't take Phoenix and Jasmine long to start flirting with each other

It is no wander nobody rushes to give BOTT a tune up!!

because this is what she does to most of them!!

SEVEN and Caramel are here

I think this is the first time SEVEN has come to visit

More flirting

Josh is training FIFTY-FIVE ...
I don't know if that is his punishment for his ride home in a police car ... but after his workout Josh let him off with his grounding.

Graduation time for Jasmine

I am looking at Red wandering why her formal clothes have changed .........


She has ANOTHER baby bump!!  😩

She is most likely to be a sports star.
Mmmm I don't think so!!

EVERY TIME ... someone tries to sleep in the abandoned sleeping bag!!

I wander how long it is going to take these two to jump on the woohoo train?!

The Omni plants are now grown .... what to feed them, that is the question!

I wander how many times she is going to paint that picture.
I think I need to find a painting mod - because I am bored of the same old all the time!

I am seriously not happy!!
Try for baby and risky are both off
I've heard no baby chimes and seen no throwing up ... I don't know how they sneaked this baby bump in!?

I've changed the woohooer mod for a fresh copy just in case it is broken.

The last of the potty training is being done .... for now.

Having the chef's fridge and the food synthesiser ... it is kind of making everyone lazy.  Nobody is cooking or having to cook ... but Jamine has to start learning how to cook if she wants to achieve her LTW

Josh's martial arts is now at level 7

She would rather mess about with Pheonix than think about getting a job.

and BOTT has someone new to slow dance with.

FIFTY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Daredevil trait

The baby is coming

It tickles me that after a short freak out everyone just carries on like nothing is happening.

A fairy boy (Mars)

and a human girl (Wispa)
So we have two more extra's.
These two take the house to the limit - 16 sims

That is ELEVEN children now that Mace has in the house.
6 countable 4 spares (Fudge, Mars, Wispa, Josh) and Jasmine!!
which is ridiculous to say he is only supposed to be producing six!!

Yes Mace ... you have A LOT of potty training still left to do now!!

I think Affair might be trying to remind himself about how he used to look, staring at the picture of himself on the wall

FIFTY-SIX is helping BOTT with the 4 toddlers and 2 babies

FIFTY-SIX has the virtuoso trait so it did not take him long to find the musical instruments

I get a pop up ... it is Reds birthday today (gulp)
I've not been watching her age - its a good job she is still not pregnant - or she would have had to continue with this as a mature adult.

4 toddlers and 2 babies is enough to make anyone cover their ears!!

Don't even think about it Red!!
Affair tries to flirt with her ... thankfully she shrugged him off.

Red is getting Josh's ice statue done.

I'm not sure Josh likes his ice statue very much!

There is a lot of flirting, hugs and hand holding going on between Jasmine and Phoenix, they are not romantically connected yet, but I doubt it will be long.

Don't get getting any baby ideas yet Phoenix!!

The quads are having their birthday


He gained the Diva trait


She gained the Lucky trait

Spookily she looks just like Jasmine


He gained the Athletic trait


She gained the Neurotic trait

Let's hope they are not queuing up for a bed time story - or Mace is in trouble!!

Lucky for him they are all watching Basil playing the piano.

They are very lucky I haven't turned autonomous woohoo off completely!!

Omri is out again and does nothing but sleep

and so is Lime

Finally someone is actually skating!!!

FIFTY-SIX has got his drum skill to level 4 and his piano skill to level 3 already

FIFTY-EIGHT enjoyed himself so much singing on the karaoke that he has decided on his LTW already .... he wants to be a Vocal Legend.

I'm not sure FIFTY-SEVEN enjoyed his singing

I hear woohoo music
Mace is at work and Lime is not out ..... so I know it's not Red or Basil
well I hope not at least!

Jasmine and Phoenix finally got there, but I don't know how!

Mace has had another promotion ... he is now Team Captain

FIFTY-SIX seems to be buzzing around the toddlers and babies a lot



Yeah, we all know why you have got a smile on your face Pheonix!!

and the toddler skill teaching starts again!

and the bed time stories

None of the quads have found the sleeping bags yet.


  1. Oh my goodness...Mace doesn't do anything halfway does he, lol. He will have lots of kiddos to keep him company when he moves out now :)

    1. Yeah more than I can fit in one house - without cheating them in!!
      I think Mace, the six countable and fudge will have to move out first. Then the other three extra's will have to move out together.