Saturday, 18 March 2017

Update 127

Reed is artistic so it didn't take him long to start painting

I'm laughing because SIXTY-THREE is waiting to pounce on Sunny to scare him and SIXTY-FIVE is waiting to pounce on Red.

Now Sunny has been scared it is SIXTY-FOUR's turn

SIXTY-ONE finally rolls a wish to learn bot building skill

Once he has done that he wants to collect a nanite, so I send him out into the garden.
Then he gets very distracted .....

He wants to pick wild flowers .... then he wants to catch a wild turtle

He decides on his LTW = The Zoologist.

I had to get him a few tanks to put the animals that he collected from the garden, but they didn't count towards his 20 adopted wild animal count .... so the garden ones are not good, he has to go out and hunt down some off his home lot

Passing the graveyard I spotted Raven and Phoenix
Phoenix who is still wearing his bot suit

SIXTY-ONE finally finds a wild falcon which he makes friends with and catches

So now he has a bird.

SIXTY-THREE has the animal lover trait, so it didn't take him long to find the turtle tank

SIXTY-ONE is very interesting at the moment his wishes are rolling none stop .... now he wants to learn the gardening skill, so I send him out to find seeds, which he is now planting

I laugh wandering what he is feeding the two Omri plants - he has no more seeds in his inventory - just junk and a few books.

Kale is having his birthday

The game gave him the Born Salesman trait - I'm not sure why because he had an A grade at school - so I should have been able to pick his trait

Straight away he starts to work on his Athletic skill

Marcella is cracking me up!!!
I watched her leave for work earlier - then up pops a love heart on her portrait panel.
She hasn't returned home after work ... she has managed to get herself on another date .... this time with Mace

and unlike with Aniseed, Mace is showing on her friends list as a romantic interest (gulp!!)
So obviously they have been up to something - kissing at the least.

Mace who is now elderly!!

I seriously knew Basil and Marcella were going to end up as a car crash ... and I can see it coming!!!
When Basil finds out she has another romantic interest it is all going to kick off.

Seriously Mace!!!????

and Basil when I get back home, comically is being stalked by Lime!!

Well isn't this just peachy!!
I knew I was making a mistake going with Marcella rather than Lime ...
but at least he has got two children out of this.

Marcella rolls in a 7.30am, with three bunches of flowers in her inventory, and crawls into bed ready to collapse from lack of sleep.

BEEP!! BEEP!!!  There goes the car for work!!
She goes to work without any sleep ... that will teach her for being a cheating dirty stop out!!

SIXTY-ONE now I can see fed the Omni plants Gardening books and freezer bunnies!!
Maybe I should get a set of skill books again and grow some spares - more for the ghosts to pinch and it won't cost anything ... lol

BOTT now has extra jobs to do ... bird and terrariums to clean and keep filled with food.

The camera swings me to the hosptial.
Marcella is leaving work only a few hours after she got there ..... and .....

She is dying 😨

at first I thought she was just passing out from exhaustion ....
until I couldn't click on her and Grim appeared.

Starvation - she died from.

So she went to work not only tired but hungry ..... I wander if that date with Mace was worth it?!

Now we have a fourth premature death grave in the back garden

and everyone is crying

SIXTY-ONE is cute, trying to console his upset brother

They just carry on like nothing has happened .... nothing interupts with their woohoo!!

Basil is heartbroken .... not that you can tell much

It took him all day before I saw him crying

I knew he was going to get his heart broken, but I didn't expect it to be this way!!

The two boys are not that bothered, because neither of them were remotely friends with their Mother.

Sunny is now a Flight Officer, and he needs to improve his Athletics 2 levels and his Handiness 3 levels ... I guess he won't be having any more promotions for a while!!

Basil and Reed sleeping in her bed she is religated to the sleeping bags.

and she is not alone ... Extra is out and sleeping

TWENTY-THREE and Forrest are also out

Ghosts everywhere!!  Lol

I'm shocked when I spot the tree growing inside the house!!
Now I'm an idiot again - not realising I could grow trees on the rugs!!

BOTT is doing the most crying, but then she was best friends with Marcella.

I'm amused by the cake going down as they are eating it

I think the evil gnome as been at work
The toy box is empty and the toys are all over the floor!!
The floor was clean when the toddlers got up literally a few moments before.

I'm not sure how or why ... but SIXTY-FIVE is over by the town hall



She is getting to know FORTY-ONE


Raven is now a young adult

Basil is keeping himself busy

The twins are having their birthday


He gained the rebellious trait

This is how he looks in CAS


He gains the Night Owl trait

So that is the last of the toddlers

SIXTY-THREE is also having his birthday

He gained the Handy trait

This is how he looks in CAS

Reed looks like he is going to be Art obsessed, he is starting paintings all over the place.

SIXTY-SIX being a human ghost will only have the same life span as a normal sim

Melon is straight outside and flying round the pond

Kale has found the martial arts dummy

Marcella is out

and she eats two plates of food ... lol she must be hungry!!
Like Christian she is eating just a little too late!!

I think Basil was destined to spend his life being abused by ghosts for woohoo!!!!

SIXTY-THREE thinks he is sneaking a day - but I've clocked it.

This is the first time I've seen one of the ghost fairies playing fairy pranks.
There has been no fairy or teenage pranking going on at all with this batch of kids.

Well that turtle didn't last long ... it has passed away already - and not because of neglect because BOTT and SIXTY-ONE are constantly looking after the animals.

I don't know why but Kale and SIXTY-THREE always sit outside to do their homework.

The teenagers have had a school outing to the Bistro, today.
SIXTY-ONE and SIXTY-TWO have not come home yet.

Anissa - we don't see her very often!

Music while they work - lol

We get a couple of ghosts visiting that I don't think have been before



While SEVENTEEN is here, Red gets her ice statue done

She has 29 ghosts left to catch so that she can do their ice statue.


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