Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Update 136

Red is teaching SIXTY-NINE to talk

while BOTT does half a job on SEVENTY

Ocean finishes teaching SEVENTY to talk .... and they are both taught to walk.

Basil has decided he wants to max the laser skill ...
which he does quite easily because he was over half way on level 9.

SIXTY-SEVEN wants to learn the writing skill so he starts to write a book

I am a little annoyed that the gnomes are quickly multiplying again ... we have suddenly gained a 4th ghost gnome and a 3rd spring gnome.

Extra needs to improve his gardening 1 level for work


SIXTY-SEVEN finds the sleeping bags

Kale and Ocean are still hanging around a lot together, generally when Red is asleep

FIFTY-THREE is visiting

Extra has a chat with his sister

I find Basil outside flirting with one of the ghost paps.
(It feels like ages since Lime came out)

Look behind you .... Mace is lurking!

after a staring competition

Mace vanishes.

Why would you even cry over a new recycle bin??!!  lol

I've sold the bird stands and put a recycle bin inside for Extra so when he is disposing of the dead plants he doesn't have to go out in the sun to do it.

Ocean is putting his new Athletic trait to good use.

Kale seems very attached to SIXTY-NINE

Ocean potty trains all three boys

SIXTY-SEVEN has got his logic skill to level 4 already

I feel a little more comfortable knowing that Extra has plasma fruit for emergencies

Baby bump

Basil can use his laptop again now that he has fixed it.

Basil is now outside flirting with one of the living paps ...
I think he must be having an elderly crisis - lol!!


Mace is here again



Mace has a feel of the baby bump then vanishes.

While TWENTY-ONE is here she gets his ice statue done

Reed is slowly working on his guitar skill for his LTW

Ramiro comes home after school with SIXTY-SEVEN

TWENTY-ONE's ice statue

Reed is now Vice Squad and he has a beeper like the doctors.
He is called into the police station at stupid oclock in the morning to examine some evidence that has just come in.

Marcella is out

BOTT needs eyes in the back of her head to tune herself up - lol!

TWENTY-FIVE and Marcella

Basil and Marcella have not bothered to interact with each other since their punch up.

Basils max Laser certificate

Extra has had a promotion and now needs to learn the handiness skill

Ocean is talking to himself to improve his Charisma skill

SIXTY-EIGHT is having his birthday

He gained the Artistic trait

SIXTY-SEVEN has gone home with Ramiro after school

The baby is coming

is a fairy boy

and finally we get a little girl

is also a fairy

Can you believe that is Oceans six babies already!!

woohoo and for once we have no extra's
Although I wouldn't have minded this time around because I think Ocean is making some very cute looking kids


His eyes he has inherited from his Grandmother Winter

Traits = Loves the Heat - Friendly
Favourites = Beach Party - Fish and Chips - Green


She has inherited her hair from her Grandmother Winter

Traits = Perceptive - Friendly
Favourites = Hip Hop - Veggie Burger - Irish Green

I'm amused that SIXTY-SEVEN has not bugged anyone for a story yet ... but SIXTY-EIGHT has.

Reed badly needs to work on his Athletic skill and Reports for work because he is miles behind with them.

Ice and Affair

Red teaches SEVENTY-ONE to talk

They are having quite a long chat

and there is a bit of flirting going on between them ...
Ice just can't help herself, I honestly think she is worse than Red!!

Ocean makes me laugh while he is watching them flirting

Kale is breaking his neck to get Oceans attention

Ocean is teaching SEVENTY-TWO to talk and Red is teaching SEVENTY-ONE to walk

Lol ... Kale looks like he is getting angry with Ocean ignoring him

How cute ... he gives up on Ocean and reads a book to SIXTY-NINE instead.

Reed's paintings are different, most of them I haven't seen Red paint.

Ocean is potty training and teaching SEVENTY-TWO to walk

Ocean went to the elixir store and had some success!!
He came home with TWO Fae elixir.

and he used one on himself to fulfil his wish.

Oh boy ... those wings are way too big!!

that's better!!

Like Kale, Ocean can't wait to show his new wings off

The only bad thing about Ocean being a fairy - he is going to outlive all of his children except for two.  Four of his children are human.

and the best way to celebrate ....

I guess now this fairy house will be constantly rocking ... lol

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