Sunday, 5 March 2017

Update 112

It is nice to see at least one couple is getting on okay.
Mace and Red arguing have given me a headache!!

Woohoo .... Basil FINALLY fulfilled that wish to improve his woohoo skill!!
It just went up to level 3

Then what does he go and do straight away ....
rolls exactly the same wish again - to improve his woohoo skill ... lol

Red teaches FIFTY-SEVEN to walk

Mace tries to feel her tummy ... and again she doesn't let him.

awkwardness but at least they are talking and not screaming at each other!!

Notice the snake is always lurking close by ... lol

FIFTY-FIVE doesn't come home from school, I find him still in the school playground

Aniseed and Maura are there being all romantic
but I do not see any sign of their second child, who I am still yet to see!!

I am keeping Phoenix busy and away from talking to Mace, doing his wishes and if there arent any, he is painting - which after all is his job.  He has just written a romance novel which he wanted to do and kept him very busy for a while.

All I can do now is hope that Omri comes out very soon so that Red can break their romantic connection to stop this from happening again.

I'm surprised when I see she has finally let him feel the baby bump.

and suddenly just like that ......

normality is resumed

They are friends just enough for their romantic connection to be showing again and he can not say no to the preying mantis, who omits the positively orgasmic moodlet and has just brought the master of seduction reward. 😝
he has three more babies to make I have to get them back on track somehow!

While they are making friends again

I keep Phoenix out of the way ....
He is always rolling a wish to go to the spa - but he never says what for
I felt like making him have a painful tattoo ... and he doesn't deserve a secret rendezvous, so he ended up having a massage.

We get a pop up saying Affair has passed away

and the baby is coming

They go to the hospital together, but Mace comes out part way through to go to work.

She comes out alone .... with the dreaded basket!!

Suddenly I am losing the will to live 😭
 I swear my game is having a right laugh at me, stressing me out on purpose!!

I seriously can not believe that this has happened AGAIN!!!!

is a fairy boy

is a human girl

is a human boy

is an extra and a human girl

Yes .... she has had Quads again!
and they are all brown so it will make it harder to tell them apart!
and I needn't have stressed over Mace having to make another 3 babies ... because he had already made them!!

Well I'm glad you are happy mrs, because I'm not!!

Huh!  He doesn't deserve a hug Basil!!

FIFTY-SIX is having his birthday

he gained the Virtuoso trait

I'm nervously waiting for Mace to kick off again when he gets back from work ...
I saw the "accuse of cheating" pop up in his action queue as he was walking across the garden.
He got distracted by the birthdays and the action vanished and was forgotten thankfully.

Josh is also having his birthday
he is becoming a young adult

He gained the Disciplined trait

LTW = Physical Perfection

Yes we can see you are pretty cute!!

I thought FORTY-TWO got his looks from Bay - but Josh is very much like FORTY-TWO facially - so maybe it is Red he is getting his looks from.  His body is definitely from Mace.

For his sins - Mace gets four hungry babies to feed
because BOTT is way too busy chatting on the phone to do it ... lol

I have had to put her phone onto silent because it is CONSTANTLY ringing

FIFTY-FIVE seems to have a thing for looking for monsters under the bed ... he is constantly doing it.

While Omri is out -  I get the chance to have Red break off their romantic connection.  He was not too happy about it!!

Now I can relax .... not that I need to worry about their relationship any more - Mace has created his six babies, and more, now with the arrival of the quads.

Jasmine is helping with the quads

Phoenix and Jasmine have been spending quite a bit of time together since she became a teenager.   She is best friends with Phoenix and only good friends with Basil.  Basil is not really taking much notice of her.

Josh is straight down into the basement and starts working on his martial arts.
He needs to max athletic and martial arts skill to achieve his LTW.

More heart farts.

Even Red is getting involved with the four babies needs.

Josh is graduating


Lawana is also graduating today
Strangely I didn't see her parents there, only Christian seemed to be with her for her graduation

Aniseed was hanging about outside the town hall

Josh is most likely to become a sports star.

I am very amused when Aniseed comes home with the rest of the family like he has forgotten that he does not live here any more

I realise we are missing a baby!!
I found FIFTY-EIGHT,  he has been left on the grass at the side of the town hall ??!!
I don't know how or who by.

Luckily Basil is still on the town hall lot busking .... so he picked him up and took him home.

We could have had social services come and empty the house of children ... and then I would have been stuffed and Mace would have had to produce another six children!!

On his way home with the baby Basil passed FORTY-SIX who is now elderly.

THIRTY-NINE and Rian are visiting

Aniseed makes himself at home ... on the science machine where he spent a hell of a lot of time when he lived here.

So dramatic!!


Traits = Couch Potato - Loves the Heat
Favourites = Root - vegetarian fish and chips - Brown


Traits = Genius - Light Sleeper
Favourites = Classical - Vegetarian Dim Sum - Sea Foam


Traits = Excitable - Good
Favourites = Country - Vegetarian Burgers - Green


Traits = Disciplined - Virtuoso
Favourites = Pop - Fish and Chips - Sea Foam

Now you've got your hands full Mace .....

With  9 children in the house!!
six countable - one time travel - one extra and Jasmine.


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  1. I bet Lime is only nice to Basil because she wants to be resurrected and then when she is alive again she will dump Basil. That's my theory on why she is only nice to him.

    When you said Fudges name it took me a minute to realize it was a name, lol. I thought you were say "fudge" as in "fudge we have another extra" lol I don't know why that is just how my brain processed it. Hahaha