Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Update 125

Three of the garden ghosts are out


Omri and Christian

Baby bump
She only needs one more baby to complete Sunny's six children

FINALLY Marcella picks up one of her children!

Red and Basil are busy potty training

Marcella is trying out inventing

These two are so cute .... I seriously want to do a perfect genetics challenge with one of them - it's their ears!!

Kale is having his birthday

He gained the Genius trait ... to fulfil Basil's wish

Basil has taught both of his boys all their skills, Marcella has not been near them or rolled any wishes.

The new little genius jumps onto the chess table

Marcella is having her birthday and becoming a mature adult

She is having a mid life crisis

and it shows ... twice today she has picked up one of her children

Reed = "Who is this woman?  Put me down lady before I scream!!"


SIXTY-ONE is trying out inventing

It tickles me how they have moved all their sleeping and woohoo to the tent.

Red is talking to Mace on line ... that's it you just encourage him some more!!
Love letters and date phone calls keep flying in from him.

Potty time.

Basil has a new chess buddy

Brook is here ... it has been a long time since we have seen her

Red makes a start on her Ice statue ... although I am wandering why I did that, I have not done any of the Grand childrens ice statues, and didn't really plan to.

SIXTY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Neat trait

and he goes straight back to the inventing table

It must be very strange for Basil to talk to his elderly dead daughters ghost, when he himself is not yet elderly!!

The baby is coming

SIXTY-SIX is a none fairy ghost boy

and he is not alone ....

he has a fairy brother .... and we have another extra baby

I guess that is one way to look at your new baby lol


This is what he looks like in CAS


SIXTY-ONE is in trouble for skipping school.
He went after he got a telling off

It is busy again with six toddlers

Sunny has the day off work so he has plenty of time to help out with the toddler skills

Raven has come home from school with SIXTY-ONE.
She still looks like a mini Phoenix but I can see Red in her.

That is not exactly how he is supposed to play the xylophone.

TWENTY-ONE appears on the front garden talking to SIXY-ONE and SIXTY-TWO.

Red teaches Melon to walk

SIXTY-THREE is having his birthday

He gains the Animal Lover trait

this is what he looks like in CAS

I am saying nothing!!

The last peice of Tiberum has grown into a large spire worth $40,710

FORTY-SEVEN is visiting for the first time

Seriously Basil!!??
It is just a good job that Marcella is asleep!!

I see a bot walking past the garden

It is Phoenix.

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  1. All these tots are so cute...oh my gosh. A perfect genetics challenge...hmm...that could be very interesting. All the kiddos would probably be gorgeous depending on who their spouse would be, lol.

    I am officially all caught up!