Thursday, 9 March 2017

Update 117

I am watching Marcella creep through the house and I'm wandering ... wth?!
Does she have the evil or kleptomaniac trait?

I am yet to find out her two remaining traits ... but all she did was creep up to Basil ... to hug him ???!!!

FIFTY-SIX is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Artistic trait (game given)

LTW = International Super spy

Someone is now a Superstar Athlete and has fulfilled his life time wish!!
Go Mace!!

He cracks me up dancing the smuttle ... it is the faces he pulls

FIFTY-SIX gets the job in Law Enforcement that he needs

Basil is on a roll ...
while Marcella is strutting around the front garden - giving away what they have just been up to
he is heart farting the new pap.

Red is constantly being drown by that machine and pulling out bad quality food ( because she has no technology skill yet)
She might as well just cook - because when she does it is outstanding quality

All the boys are getting the positively Orgasmic moodlet now - and they are all heart farting Macella.
Mace has it but he gets it from Red - which the boys don't with her being their mother.

There is another day of life that Basil has just sneaked!!

and it doesn't take BOTT long to jump on Marcella and start making friends with her.

Instead of nattering BOTT maybe you should clean that sink!!

Lol ... that woohism bar saw that woohoo coming before I clocked what they were up to.

The two military boys are woken up at 5am because their car pool comes at 6am
not that either of them have actually been to bed yet!!

FIFTY-SIX is testing out the Artistic trait that he just gained

Red is stir crazy and has an inventory full of gem stones from the basement.  So I send her to the consignment store to get them cut.

I spotted the two vampire gnomes inside the building ....

before I spotted FIFTY-TWO is the consignment merchant.
That is why the place is filling up with vampire gnomes 

She has just decided she wants to buy a gem cutting machine - lol
That is going to please everyone in the house ... Not!!

Jake has come home from school with Wispa

He looks more like Maura than Aniseed - even though he has most of Aniseeds colouring

Jasmine has been learning Martial Arts

It's so cute when the ghost cats and dogs eat the food left for them.

Basil gets a phone call from over the road ... there horse has just given birth
Yes I can see!!

Wispa is a light sleeper
So Pheonix and Jasmine doing woohoo in the same room woke her up!!

and now she has woken evey one else up screaming at them!!

The teenagers as usual are all learning the science skill from this machine

I am actually shocked ... Red and Wispa are best friends!!
I am not sure when and how that has happened!

Mace has the day off work so Red and Mace go to the festival ground


I have to laugh, while Red and Aniseed dance alone, Maura and Mace dance together ...
like she isn't already stalking him, keep pestering him for dates!!

He tries a bit of snow boarding

but it doesn't last long - because Red interupts him

Randomly I sit and watch them go off to the music theatre??!!
They go in ... woohoo back stage ... then go home?!

Bay is here visiting

BOTT flies to him when she spots him .... he is her creator so I guess she is happy to see him!

Which tickles me because she is stuck here with Red - who she dislikes!!  Red is one of the only three people that she dislikes - she is virtually best friends with every one else.

Bay also gets to play chess with Basil

That is something new for TWENTY-THREE to be doing.

She is back in the cot again!

Anissa - it has been a long time since I have seen her.
She is now a mature adult

FIFTY-FIVE stops to talk to Christian when he comes out of work.

I am wandering why Basil came out of work with a £14,000 bonus on top of the £8,334 he is now earning a day.

So they are still counting .... today is his Five year Anniversary of working at the music theatre
and he got the bonus plus a gold watch (which is unusable - lol)

Phoenix's Sculpting skill certificate

We got a pop up to say FORTY-EIGHT has passed away.

FIFTY-FIVE has had a promotion, he is now a Squad Leader (Level 4)

FIFTY-SEVEN is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Loves the Outdoors trait

LTW = Superstar Athlete

FIFTY-SEVEN gets the job at the stadium that he wants.

Mace has now maxed his Athletic skill.

BOTT is making friends with one of the new paps ..

I'm not sure what the symbols that they are projecting while they talk is all about - it is the first time I have seen it happen

Red gets FIFTY-FIVE's ice statue done

FIFTY-SIX and FIFTY-SEVEN are graduating

FIFTY-SIX most likely to save the world
FIFTY-SEVEN most likely to fulfil LTW




Terrance was also graduating, but
Maura is too busy stalking all the men to go inside to watch her son graduate.

Seriously ... you can't take her anywhere!!!

In full view of everyone

so it is really no surprise that the public disgrace pops up before they even get home!!

Mace and Josh are sparing

Josh kicked Mace's but!! 2 - 0

The quads went to prom.

FIFTY-NINE came out with a same sex romantic interest ( another one my game has decided is going to be gay!)
FIFTY-EIGHT was Prom King
Fudge was Prom Queen
and SIXTY just got into a fight.

It is 3am and FIFTY-SEVEN is doing a work out in the snow

There seems to be no set sleeping times for anyone, they are sleeping at different times and there is always half of the house up all through the night

Red got round to finally finishing FIFTY-FIVE's ice state

and makes a start on FIFTY-SEVEN's

FIFTY-FIVE has been painting that picture since he was a child ... one day he might finish it!

Red FINALLY gets on with one of her children
they are still best friends

Caramel is the one visiting tonight

The twins are having their birthday


She gained the Party Animal trait (game given)

Mars has his birthday

He gains the Unstable trait (game given)

There is only a few days left now before the quads have their birthday and all of Maces countable children are adults.


  1. Are you going to move the extra kids out with Mace too or wait until they become young adults?

    I am ready to see Basil and Phoenix babieees, lol

    1. The six countable kids and fudge will go with Mace.
      Mars and Wispa will move out when they become adults with Josh.

      Yeah - I am looking forward to seeing Phoenix's and especially Basils children.