Thursday, 23 March 2017

Update 132

Before Sunny and his children can leave, Red has quite a bit of ice sculpting to do




Lime is out and has found Basil

Them being together now doesn't look so odd, with them both now being elderly

How cute are they together really!!??

ELEVEN is visiting

Forrest is out again and being mean to SIXTY-ONE by not giving him the autograph he asked for.
He has turned into a very grumpy ghost!!

Love the skirt Melon!!  Lol!

SIXTY-FOUR has gained a new trait = Bookworm

SIXTY-SIX is the last ice statue to be done

Basil is still pottering around in his own little world.

So it is that time again .... break up time .... so Sunny dumps Red!!

I always feel better doing it this way ... stupid me!!

Sunny and his seven children are now living in a new house in town, opposite Pheonix.

Sunny's autonomous woohoo count = 82
The family fund is $4,163.489 after the move out.

The house is nice and quiet again because it has now gone down to five ...
Red, BOTT, Basil, Kale and Reed.

Seriously Kale is going to freeze to death keep going outside in his underwear!!

Nothing changes with Basil ... no doubt he will string his old age out to the max!!

Red always throws herself into painting when she is broken hearted.
This is a new one for her I think - $1,813 she earned for this one

Kale who still has not rolled any job related wishes gets an opportunity .... a job offer.
A career path that I have never played before - so I accept it.

He is now a Video Games Tester ....
so playing video games is part of what he needs to do to improve his work experience.
Lucky him!!  Lol!!

Kale is off to work and I follow him - to see where the carpool takes him, because I don't have a clue where his work place might even be.

The Business building is where he works ... I guess that is pretty logical!

BOTT is clearing one of her opportunities ... Oh My Ghost!
She has gone along to the science facility with one of the graves from the garden. 

I seriously had to toss a coin to decide who's grave BOTT took ... Extra's or Limes.
Now that Basil is elderly I really want to get Lime out for him - but Extra won.

Extra amused me ... the very first thing he did when he got home was approach Reed and try to drink his blood!!  Of course Reed didn't let him!

So now Red is doing her part .... making ambrosia.
(Basil caught 3 death fish out of the wishing well - when it was here)

and he is back!!

He starts right back at the beginning of his teenage life, so he has 10 days before he becomes a young adult.

and what is the first thing he does once he is back ..... he starts doing the housework - lol!!

He has had a make over - I really don't like that WA outfit.

Extra is rolling some really random and comical wishes at the moment ... the strangest ...
He wants to buy a tomato??!!

so much excitement!!

BOTT rolls a wish (which she does not do very often) ... she wants to learn the Bot Building skill!
Finally ... maybe she can max the skill and tune herself up.

Lime is out and surprisingly she is becoming good friends with Kale.

Yeah - Omri is out and he just drinks plasma and sleeps.

Don't even think about it either of you!!!

I bet Lime thinks her luck is in, Kale being a younger model of Basil.
Kale rolled a wish - he wants to fall in love - I HOPE it isn't Lime he wants to fall in love with!

I think Extra is very happy to be back.

Apple is visiting.

I am not sure who is stalking who ... but everytime I look Lime and Kale are together.

Basil is having a chat with his brother Apple ....

until Lime interrupts them

Apple is one that we don't see very often now, so while he is here, Red does his ice statue.

I don't know why Extra is eating food.

Red you are an idiot!!
The sculpture is rubbish and Apple has vanished and it will be god knows how long before we see him again!!

I guess I should know better than to have her sculpting when she is broken hearted!!

Kale needs to learn painting for his job ... which is going to be interesting with him not being artistic.

It is a Snow Day ... so there is no school for Extra today, because it has been cancelled.
He chills out watching the gardening channel.

Reed has had a promotion - he is now a Desk Jockey

His partner at work is Fudge Brownie, who he needs to make friends with, luckily she phoned him for a chat.

BOTT is now really getting into bot building ... she wants to be employed as a bot builder ... but that can't happen without her having the office drone trait chip .... which I guess she is going to have to make for herself.

We get a pop up telling us that TWENTY-ONE is getting old.

Extra gets a call from his brother FIFTY.

Red must be bored she is having a fly round the pond

I would love to know where Christian is getting all these plasma fruit from that he keeps eating constantly.

While I am selling all the celebrity freebies that are filling up the household inventory, I spotted the wall fish tank that I love - so I put it in the wall.

Little did I know - that I was seriously going to regret that later!!!!!

Extra has found the science machine, and it has prompted him to chose a LTW .... he wants to be a Creature Monster Robot Creator ... so he will be needing a science career.

All the animals are still being well cared for even now that SIXTY-ONE is no longer here.

Red is no longer broken hearted ..... and seems to be on a mission to make better friends with her son and Grandson.

Brook is here again.

The bluebird has passed away.

I didn't see the pop up, I just heard Pepper squealing and went to find him to see what all the racket was about.  The cat was crying at the cage.

I found it quite amusing the two ghosts mourning the bird that they didn't know existed until now!!

The ghost is one of the annoying paps who visits.

BOTT cleans away the evidence.

I guess it is about time to move in Baby Dad number 12!!


  1. Omg, I bet Lime is the one chasing the younger version of Basil, lol!!!

  2. Lime and basil are so cute together! But she needs to stop flirting with Basil son.
    I am really glad Extra is back. He was so sweet and it was sad that he died so young.