Monday, 13 March 2017

Update 123

BOTT is waking the house up cutting gem stones during the middle of the night.

She cut a tiberium rock ... the spire and the two peices of dust are out on the grass and left to grow.

The spire is worth $7452 and the two dust are worth $26 and $22

Forrest and Omri

I think they are being watched!!

The ghosts both go off to sleep

Baby chimes

I checked on Red's action queue and for some reason she is trying to use SMOOTH RECOVERY on Forrest ... I'm not sure what for, unless it is from the last argument they had a long time ago!!

His reaction ...... puff and he has gone!!

BOTT's portrait is pretty good for a change!!

I checked on Red's painting ... she has painted 163 paintings and earned $259.994 up to now

I hope their baby has Basil's ears!

Ice is here - it has been a long time since she visited.

Marcella surprised me, she rolls a wish for a medical career ...
I expected her to want a musical career.

Sunny has two days off work so he has plenty of spare time to work on his Athletics and Handy skills for work.

Basil is never in a hurry to come home after work.  He is busking outside the theatre again.

Hello Phoenix


One minute Phoenix is outside the theatre - the next he is outside the town hall joining in with a protest that is going on.

about ... hairdriers ??!!

Mace and Pheonix

Jake and Christian

Thyme and Terrance are there but they are not taking part in the protest.

Baby bump

The baby is coming

a human boy
Marcella doesn't look too happy does she!!

Christian must have followed Basil back from the hospital because he is now ringing the doorbell.

Red invites him in


I seriously wish Mace would stop phoning her for a date!!

Sunny seems to be attracted to the ghost animals

he likes the babies too!

KALE ....... is so cute!!

He has Marcella's blue eyes - his ears, hair and skin he got from Basil.

Traits = Loves the Heat - Athletic
Favourites = Geek Rock - Crepes - Red

I'm glad he got Basils ears - it's just a shame he is not a fairy!

Basil teaches him how to talk

We have two vampires sleeping here tonight

Basil rolls a wish ... he wants to see Kale become a Genius!
(that can be arranged!)

I HATE IT when the camera violently swings me to another part of the house ......
especially when it is to watch someone pass away!!


Christian is dying of starvation!!  😲

He drank plasma before he went to sleep so how can he be starving??

He didn't want to go ... but I don't say I blame him!

I'm as shell shocked as they are!!
NEVER trust Red to baby sit her Grandchildren or Great Grandchildren, which Christian was.

We now have three vampire premature death graves in the garden.


Playing Granma.

LOL!! Red now you are taking it too far!!!
I think she picked up the wrong child to randomly potty train on free will!!

Basil is teaching Kale all his skills because Marcella is behaving like Jasmine - she has not been near the child since he arrived and is not rolling any wishes either - and I thought Red was a bad Mother, but at least she does roll skill wishes.

Marcella got the job that she wanted and is now working at the hospital.

She is a strange woman ... playing with Red's children, when she hasn't even looked at her own!!

While she is playing with SIXTY-ONE, Sunny has to put a screaming tired Kale to bed.

She is learning logic for work via the chess table seeing as the ghosts have pinched all the logic books again.

SIXTY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Bot Fan trait

The baby is coming

I'm screaming and my husband thinks I've gone mad - lol!!!

We have a ghost baby ... and not just a ghost, he is FAIRY/GHOST


The expression on Reds face - like she never expected to have a ghost baby!!


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  1. Forrest and Omri looked really creepy watching Red and Sunny!

    YaY for ghost baby!!!