Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Update 107

The rock collection from the meteor.
That huge rock was only worth $7,000 surprisingly!

everyone has now moved away from mourning Extra and onto mourning for Omri.

FIFTY-THREE is creeping me out, sleeping with her eyes open

So it is move out time.

Omri's six children move into a new house that I put down opposite the cemetery.

Family fund was $2,589.806 after the move out.

The house has a new basement and vampire coffins for the vampires and a fairy house for the fairies.
I doubt the bedrooms will be used much in that house lol

Back at home ...

I have moved an unfinished picture of Omri's down into the basement ... hoping that when he comes out to haunt us, he might finish it .... but it is highly doubtful!!  Even though they are not needed any more, I have kept a couple of the coffins too for the haunting vampires.

Now the house is down to just the six
Red - Basil - Pheonix - Maura - Aniseed and BOTT

It is time to full fill a few of Aniseeds wishes

First they get engaged

(watched by a scowling Phoenix)

Look at Phoenix's face ... what is that all about?!

Then they get married

Aniseed you sap!!
Try for baby is turned back on and I leave them to it.
I am amused that as soon as they are married Red rolls a wish to become a Grandparent!!
(like she doesn't already have grandchildren that she totally ignores!)

Red is doing a lot more painting since Omri passed away ... probably because she is bored and doesn't have a man to maul!

Seriously DON'T!!!

Luckily we did not have a time travel child walking out of that time machine

But we do have baby chimes coming from the bedroom
so Aniseed and Maura have a baby on the way.

Basil and Maura are outside having a sneaky flirt ... tut!

Yeah I would cry too if I had painted that picture - lol!!

TWENTY-THREE is sleeping in one of the sleeping bags.

THREE is doing trick shots

But the ball keeps hitting her in the face.


Ice is in the sand pit with THREE, who has now given up with the trick shots.

BOTT is getting the laundry done, there actually isn't too much for a change!

BOTT has only managed to grow ONE outstanding steak so far .... like I said - this opportunity is going to take forever!!  Just another 9 outstanding steak to go ... huh!

Aniseed has cooked the rankest key lime pie you will ever see!!
And he ate a piece - yuk!

How cute!!
BOTT is letting Red cry on her metal shoulder.

I spot Lawana riding her bike up the road
she is now a child

Maura has grown a baby bump

There is only an hour left of Red's broken heart moodlet and I thought she could run it out while she is at FIFTY-FOUR's party that she has been invited to.

FORTY-TWO and FORTY-NINE are having a little tiff

Jay is in the bathroom

EIGHTEEN is upstairs

FOURTEEN is downstairs

and THIRTY-SIX is in the basement staring uncomfortably at the vampire coffins.

TWENTY-EIGHT is also here

It seems like forever since we last saw her.

THIRTY-SIX looks very uncomfortable being in a house of vampires.

Seriously you are joking right .... you only moved out this morning!!

Just after her broken hearted moodlet runs out and she is no longer mourning ....

I seriously can not believe that this is happening AGAIN!!!!

looks like she is dying from starvation

and she has gone.

Maybe I should have got Red cloning and given all the vampires a death flower ....
vampires do die a lot easier than any other sim or occult.

Grim is a meany, he never lets anyone off even when they beg!!

As soon as Red goes home she walks straight into Extra

Lime is creating a right racket singing.

which must have attracted Basils attention

LMAO ..... What is he getting so excited about?!

there is no child coming out of that machine - if that is what you are thinking Basil!!

I bet Red is dead jelous about Maura having a baby ....
but she doesn't have to wait very long because ....

There is a cute brown guy stood on the front garden.

Baby Dad TEN has arrived.



  1. Oh my gosh, another death! Those poor vamps don't seem to stand a chance left on their own.

    Are you going to keep Aniseed, Maura, and their baby in the house or move them out?
    Your challenge will be over before poor Basil can have a child of his own. He needs to find a wife of his own and make some cute babies.

    1. Yeah that is the trouble with vampires - they do die way too easily - I was always losing them in my Swan wishacy if you remember.

      Yeah - im working on something for Basil, but it is hard. Most of the town he is related to and anyone he does like seem to be old or nearly there ... and Lime kind of complicates things - i can resurrect her and give her young age potion - then he will be happy, but i doubt the rest of the house will be lol

  2. Are the houses you use up for download ?