Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Update 116

Josh can now break space rocks so he is filling the basement with gem stones.

Terrence has come home from school with FIFTY-SEVEN

Mace is busy trying to max his athletic skill, but he is a way off yet.

They keep trying but it is not happening because try for a baby is turned off.

Surprisingly Red is actually making friends with Terrance!

Jasmine finally gets a job at the bistro

I spot Aniseed and Maura over the road outside the town hall

FIFTY-FIVE in his work uniform.

he is working on his Athletic skill for work.


I would love to know what pleasure the ghosts get out of winding up that music box - a lot of them do it then just put it back down and walk away - only a few stand listening to it.

Basil is outside talking to one of the paps - Efren.

Happy Dance!!  I spy a mermaid standing on the front garden!!

Basil has a wish to collect DNA from a sim ... so he gets Efren's.

I am really glad I could get the mermaid's DNA, possibly for future use.

FIFTY-EIGHT is constantly singing on the karaoke machine

The sex ed in this house is shocking!!

Red is getting FIFTY-FIVE's ice statue done

It is not the kids who play hopscotch, it's the adults!

Every time I look at BOTT she seems to be just stood there holding Mars ... she is his best friend already!!

The quads are having their birthday


She gains the Loves the Cold trait


He gains the Natural Born Performer trait


She gains the Natural Born Saleswoman trait


He gains the Daredevil trait

Fudge looks spookily like THIRTY-EIGHT

It has started to snow.

Hello Lacey ... I'm not sure why she is stood on the garden.

BOTT doesn't ignore her like Red did.  She invites her inside.

FIFTY-SIX is making Mace watch him eat dirt - yuk!

Fudge has jumped straight onto the musical instruments

and FIFTY-EIGHT is still bursting everyone's eardrums with his singing

NOOOOOOOO BOTT!!  WHAT are you doing!!??  I liked that!! (pout)

I've noticed all the street art is slowly disappearing - because BOTT is obviously cleaning it up!

Prelude is here visiting.
(We only have one ghost gnome now so the visiting ghosts will be one at a time)

Prelude along with Forrest are the only baby Dads not to have an ice statue.
She manages to get his done while he is here.

The twins are having their birthday


He gains the Brave trait


She gains the Athletic trait

Mace is also having his birthday

He is now a mature adult

and he is having a mid life crisis

I am amused by Josh and FIFTY-FIVE's ride to work
The pool car picks them up and rolls a few yards up the road to drop them at the Town Hall / Police station / Military building opposite.


I catch him having cyber woohoo with Maura on the computer!! LMAO!!
A sign that Lime has not been out for a while.

Now he's lost his eternally faithful reputation and the moodlet that he now has is amusing me!!
Oh what have I done!?  If the partner finds out - I am in trouble!

He got a date phone call off someone called Marcella who I have never seen - and after what he has just been doing on the pc I thought why not, he has two wishes locked in that are bugging me and clogging him up - he wants to fall in love and he wants a child ... and at this moment in time I'm more for resurrecting Extra than Lime.

I am very surprised by the woman that he met at the cemetery - she is young and quite nice for an NCP sim!!

Firstly she omits the "Positively Orgasmic" moodlet
(which means she has maxed woohoo skill - and if I check I will probably find she is one of the spa secret rendezvous women)

They have a compatible star sign

and three compatible traits ... Virtuoso - Genius and Over Emotional

I am not sure I should let this one get away ... so he invites her over.

Basil is rolling wishes like a slot machine ... he wants to Jam with Marcella / Sing on the karaoke with her / slide on the water slide with her / become good friends with her  and the one that I liked ...

Kiss her for the first time ... yeah not until you have dumped Lime you dont!!  She will probably already rip your head off for the cyber woohoo!!

Oh and look who just has to turn up right at this moment!!! he! he!

Sorry Lime but you have abused Basil for long enough .... he is getting himself a living one that can give him the child that he wants!!

So he dumps her!!

She was not happy ... but she stormed off without attacking him, surprizingly

Oh shoot!!  Marcella's job .... She is a University Mascot.

she is going to drive me cuckoo doing the school cheer all the time!!

Lime just went and played games on the pc for the rest of her time out.

They are getting on like a house on fire!

The "kiss for the first time" and "want to fall in love" wishes are done!

and he is getting to improve his woohoo skill a little ... lol

The rest will have to wait until there is more room in the house!!


  1. Oh YaY!! Basil finally has a living woman! Good for him and she is cute too.

  2. She is beautiful. Which is rare to find in an NPC. Yay basil !!