Friday, 10 March 2017

Update 119

It looks like Red has an audience ... those pesky vampire gnomes are EVERYWHERE!!

Lol!! Thanks Pheonix ... that has to be the worst portrait yet!!

That gnome looks like he is trying to help with her homework!!

BOTT is back onto her cooking steamed veg hype!!

A trip to the graveyard to get the graves out that have accumilated while the snow has been down.

TWELVE's grave is added to the Leaf collection.

There is only Basil and Catnip remaining now from Forrests children

I have put Affairs grave with Preludes other childrens

and in front of Affair sit the 5 graves of his children that have passed away over winter


and ... (hides under a chair) .... I brought back Forrest's grave.

We have no ghost gnome and I don't know how long we will be without one for ... It has been a long time now since he or Jazz have visited (I suspect because they are now old ghost and they do tend to come out a lot less over time.  So when he comes out Red can get his ice statue done. 

I have set myself a stupid challenge - at the end of this I want a statue and grave for every baby dad and child in the back garden.  If the ghost gnomes dont keep coming, Ill have to start bring graves into the garden - I still have 30 statues not done yet.

Okay so we have a wild horse in the back garden ... I don't know how he even got in here, unless he jumped the fence!!

I guess Fudge would have loved this if she was still here, with her equestrian trait.

and of course, BOTT had to be the one to try and make friends with it.

We get a pop up - FOURTEEN is getting old

I'm surprised when Forrest comes out virtually straight away.

and his ice statue is done.

Don't ask me why ... but I put a horse feeder on the front garden.
The horse seems to have taken root on the garden and is not leaving ... even after I used MoveObjects cheat to move him from the back to the front garden.

he was out there for three days before he eventually moved away!

Knock yourself out BOTT .... but you are not adopting him!!

(ghost horses floating through the house are not funny!!)

Mars is spending a lot of time on the musical instruments.

He has the unstable trait ... poor thing!

Red is keeping herself amused in between bouts of snivelling

Mace keeps phoning Red for a chat and she has had a date call off him.

I've just realised I never said .... when Mace moved out ...
his woohoo count was 65 and  the family fund was $3,222,450 after the move out.

I hear BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom.

(I turned try for a baby back on temporarily so they could have the opportunity to make one child)

So Jasmine and Pheonix have a baby on the way.

We get a pop up saying FOURTEEN has passed away

Omri in the sleeping bag

I am not sure Red has painted that one before
she earned $1471 for it

Stir crazy BOTT is taking time out ... she visited the consignment store - and stayed there for hours socialising with everyone who came in and those who work there lol

I would make her a bot friend but we don't really have room in the house for two bots.

I see THIRTY-EIGHT still has her sleeping bag!

I've spotted a new gnome in the house ... the inventing gnome

Baby sick.

Red is cutting a new batch of gem rocks.  I'm surprised nobody moaned about the noise of the machine.

I finally found the ITF indoor planting rugs!!
So we will soon have an indoor vegetable garden carpet

We haven't had a ghost gnome for a while that is why there haven't been any visiting ghosts.
Mars just pulled this one out of the arcade machine.

Basil randomly rolls a wish wanting to do a cardio exercise

Baby bump

Phoenix has been carrying those goggles around with him forever but this is the first time I've seen him using them.

He is on a fantasy adventure

Forrest is out again

Basil is onto mixing skill gain drinks ... but they are bad quality

Two days left before the twins age up
They are both on A grades at school.

Josh needs to learn Handiness skill for work

I spotted something odd was going on outside the town hall.

Lacey has frozen solid .... and if she is left like that she will freeze to death.

I couldn't just leave her there to die ...
so Red used her stir crazy to leave the house and run over the road to thaw her out.

Thankfully Lacey went straight home and still lives to tell the tale!

Phoenix only has 6 days of his young adult life left.
He doesn't really take mud baths like Basil does.

For a bot fan - Phoenix really isn't into all the bot stuff like he should be.
It is not often he rolls a wish to tune up bot - or do anything with the skill

Wispa has gone home after school with Jake

They have a dog called Ladybug Dog

I didn't get to see Aniseed or any of the others while she was here.

The baby bump is growing nicely

BOTT has found the goggles that Phoenix put down on the bedside table.

She is off on a sci fi adventure

Phoenix wanted to read a pregnancy book

and Josh is still filling up the basement with gem stones

Now we have a deer in the back garden??!!

Prelude is the visiting ghost tonight

I laugh at Prelude feeling Jasmines baby bump

Extra is out

Red and Prelude actually start chatting - but I doubt they will ever be friends again!

I can't help but keep laugh at myself - for not spotting the planting rugs sooner!!!!

We have started to get a lot of different birds take root in the garden

Basil calls Marcella over - not because he wanted too - but so he can improve on his woohoo skill.

Josh and the twins will be moving out soon and I'm very unsure about Marcella ...
he rolls wishes to see Limes ghost all the time but he isn't rolling any Marcella wishes, since his initial excitement he seems to have lost interest.

At least Phoenix knows what he wants!!

The twins are becoming young adults


He gained the Hopeless Romantic trait

LTW = Hit Movie Composer


She gained the Loves the Outdoor trait

LTW = Superstar Athlete

I spot Pheonix freaking out through the window

The baby is coming ....

Off they go to the hospital..



  1. I just loved the unstable trait!

    Oh baby time! Can't wait to see their little one.

  2. Where was the rugs? And is the goggles store content?