Saturday, 11 March 2017

Update 120

One little fairy girl


TWENTY-THREE is doing some out of character things when he is coming out at the moment.


Traits = Absent Minded - Disciplined
Favourites = Root - Ratatouille - White

She looks like a mini Phoenix ... I don't see any Jasmine in her at all!!

SIXTEEN and Pepper

Pheonix starts teaching Raven to talk

and BOTT has got a new dance partner


I forgot Marcella was here (oops)
She was asleep in the basement - and Basil has been playing his bass since he woke up

Graduation time for the twins

Jasmine has not been anywhere near Raven since she arrived ... not that she can, because Phoenix is with her all the time!!

Wispa - most likely to be a sports star

Mars - Most popular

Jake is also graduating today

Only Thyme was with him, that I saw.

Thyme must have followed someone home, because he is now sat out on the garden playing his drums.

Phoenix finishes teaching Raven to talk ... which was interupted by graduation

Red has invited Thyme inside

She has to do the twins ice statues before they can move out


Basil is still outside the town hall busking

I spot Maura is elderly



SO Aniseed and Maura did turn up to graduation eventually - probably too late.

I spot Efren - the mermaid pap ... only he is not a mermaid anymore - he is a werewolf!!

Mar's ice statue

The ice statue collection is growing rapidly

They almost fill two sides of the garden

Phoenix is now teaching Raven to walk

Wispa's ice statue

Basil is still over by the town hall

Maura is giving Basil flowers - lol

It is a good job that Aniseed is still not around!

That's it Basil , you just go and flirt with each other while there is a pap right there watching and taking notes!!

Phoenix must have just told Raven her Grandfather is the Grim Reaper ... lol

I am very surprised by how good a Dad he is!!
Her Mother on the other hand has learned all she knows about motherhood from Red .... she has still not been near Raven since she was born and has not rolled a single wish about the child!

The squealing coming from outside is Forrest ...who is out a lot more than I thought he would be!

Mars gets a job at the music theatre

Josh, Mars and Wispa have now moved out and are living in Jazz's old house with
(Atlas and Rocky's remaining children)

I spotted something on the family tree ... THIRTY-EIGHT now has a child - Quinton, who I think is a boy and his Dad .... Efren the pap who used to be a mermaid but is now a werewolf.

and standing on the garden .......

is a strange yellow ghost!!


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