Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Update 135

I've had two of the household rolling the wish to become a fairy ... but I only have one fae elixir.

I had to do another coin toss ...
Kale got the wings and Ocean will have to wait until we get another potion.

He looks pretty happy to now be a fairy

and he goes showing his wings off to his Dad.

He looks gay doing that!!

Ocean and Red are still outside the town hall hours after everyone else has gone home

Red goes home and Ocean ... he randomly goes off to play in the sea.

It is pretty ironic that his Mother is also doing the very same thing!!

THIRTY-ONE and Grape (Prelude's Dad)


BOTT makes a start on teaching SIXTY-EIGHT to walk

One minute Extra is outside being a nasty vampire and intimidating one of the paps ....

The next he is inside gardening like a fairy lol
It is a shame that he was not the hybrid.

Reed is out making friends with people so that he can question them and write up reports.

FORTY-ONE is the first one

Winter goes into the town hall with Ramiro, who is now a toddler.
He has the same colouring as Ocean.

He makes friends with FORTY-ONE enough to question him.

Reed tries to play a fairy prank on THIRTY-EIGHT

but it backfires on him

I feel like THIRTY-EIGHT is not aging - she still looks like a young adult.

FORTY-TWO is the next one to be questioned

FIFTY-SEVEN is now elderly

Reed gets to know Thyme (who is his cousin)

Reed is now busy writing up three reports on FORTY-ONE - FORTY-TWO and Thyme.

I am glad we have escaped without getting a time travel child again

Basil is constantly getting pay rises, virtually every day, he is now earning $9,694.
He is the one who has been filling up the family fund and we are going to miss his earnings when he retires ... which he has not showed any sign of wanting to do yet.

Another new painting for Red!!

Baby bump

That is a big dog!!
I am just glad we have not been getting any of their pet horses visiting!!


We get a pop up to say Jasmine has passed away
(So Phoenix is now on his own with Raven)

Red finishes teaching SIXTY-EIGHT to walk

Extra is totally addicted to gardening - he is doing it all on free will.

Ocean is doing the potty training again

I've only just noticed the boys have identical swimwear

BOTT has found the new arcade machine ... she is down there for hours playing.

Basil is still like a spring chicken .... he has made me laugh a little - he wanted a walking stick when he first became elderly - and I haven't seen him use it once yet.

Ocean has come out of work early because he is having one of his unstable attacks.

I send him to the consignment / elixir store to see if they have a fae elixir.
(Red can't make them because there are not Damsel fish spawners in this world.)

No Fae elixir, but he did buy another Lycan, Zombie and Mummy elixir.

(I am waiting for Red to wish to throw an elixir at someone - so I can turn the paps into mummies, zombies or simbots .. he! he!)

THIRTY is visiting

THIRTY is Ocean's uncle

I've noticed that SIXTY-SEVEN's skin is a lot lighter than Reds.


SIXTY-SEVEN is having his birthday

He gained the Computer Whiz trait

He is a little genius so he hits the books straight away

The baby is coming

SIXTY-NINE is another human boy

another white skinned one (cough!)

and SIXTY-NINE has a twin brother

ANOTHER human boy
(four babies and not a single fairy yet!!)

Red seems to be having a hell of a lot of boys - only 1 out of the last 12 babies has been a girl!!

and Dad is on the ball


Traits = Clumsy - Genius
Favourites = Roots - Frogs Legs - Blue

He his his blue hair from his Grandmother Winter


Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Virtuoso
Favourites = Indie - Goopy Carbonara - White

Let's hope we start having a few more girls soon!!

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