Thursday, 30 March 2017

Update 137

Not that Ocean really needs to sneak any extra days now he is living on a fairies life span.

I'm a little disturbed when I see that Basil's time is virtually up.
I think he has probably three days left at most (gulp)
I have only seen him take a few mud baths since he became elderly

Red is painting a portrait of Ocean




I think Red is a little colour blind lol

SIXTY- SEVEN is chatting with Phoenix online

This one is not so bad, even if the colouring is very off!!

There is only SEVENY-ONE left to potty train

Basil is suddenly bombarded with quite a few phonecalls, one after the other.
Phoenix, Mars and Jay call him.

I wander then if they don't know his time is running out.

As much as I would love to keep Basil around forever, I remember he has a death flower that Red gave him when he was younger.  I have taken it away because when Grim does come for  him - he will only get a few days extra being elderly and I don't think I could go through watching him pass away twice!!

She cloned two more death flowers and gave one to Extra, Reed and Kale.

Basil is now having a fairy house party

Red takes a trip to the cemetery to get out the graves that have collected up over winter.

NINETEEN and TWENTY-ONE's graves are added to Preludes collection

Jasmine's grave is now sitting with Mace's

and while Red was still at the cemetery we got the pop up to say Lawana had passed away.
So she went back into the mausoleum to get her grave out.

Reed is his new work uniform

Reed is out again trying to find people to question and write reports on

Wispa is now elderly

Pheonix, who is STILL wearing his bot suit, is questioned.

FIFTY-NINE is also elderly

Kale's work clothes are getting wackier and wackier

The two reports that Reed wrote up didn't make any improvements on his works experience (sigh)

SIXTY-SEVEN (who is still outside school) is having his birthday

He gained the Handy trait


Mmmm Basils life bar is full up (gulp)

Yow!!  Mr Evil gnome has suddenly appeared.
I just hope he doesn't let all the other gnomes out of the chest - lol

Ha!  Well I know Basil is not going anywhere for another day at least!!

I'm a little shocked by Extra getting sunburnt!!

Ouch that must hurt!!
Surprisingly as soon as he came in his sun exposure moodlet vanished ... so hopefully it didn't do him any harm.

I thought I had deleted all the incoming IF's  .... but it looks like I have missed one.

She is just going to have to keep it as she has bonded with it. 
(I am going to try and age it up when she does and see if it causes any problems)

Camera swing .... one of the paps is on fire from the summer heat

now they both are!!

Reed comes out and puts out the male pap

and Basil comes out and starts to put out the female pap ...

but the car pool comes for him so he walks away and leaves her burning

Off Basil goes to work ... he still has not wished to retire!!

Red comes out, and she is only interested in the male pap - heart farting and flirting
Needless to say ... the pap woman burnt to death.

Extra's sunburn has turned him purple ...he reminds me of ONE

SIXTY-NINE is having his birthday

He gained the Angler trait


He gained the Good Sence of Humour trait

another little book swat!

FORTY-ONE is outside and ringing the door bell

BOTT is starting to annoy me a little ...
she carries the toddlers round while she is yacking on the phone ... quite often she is stopping the toddlers from using the potty chair so they are filling their nappies!!

I think FORTY-ONE must have followed Reed back from work because he came in and asked him for his autograph.

He goes down into the basement for a sleep then takes off home after without talking to anyone else.

SEVENTY-SIX is telling BOTT a ghost story

One way to avoid listening to the rest of the ghost story ... pretend to break down!!
I say pretend because she was only like if for a few minutes before she took off really fast, to do some gardening, almost like she was scared and trying to get away!!

Bay is here visiting

Kale gets his Uncles autograph

Ramiro has come home after school with SIXTY-SEVEN again

He is starting to look a lot like his brother, Ocean.

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