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There is a little story attached to the next baby dad, Ocean, that I did not plan to tell you, but now after playing into his baby reign, and with four of his children already in game ....  I find it necessary to tell you his story, to clear up any confusion that his children might create.


Firstly, this is the first time I have seen how he looks grow up ....
because he is still a toddler in game and in TCE.

Ocean being the little boy on the right who is a born in game sim ...
However, the colouring that you are seeing him here with, is not exactly the colouring that he was born with.

Vanilla and Ocean

When Ocean arrived in a mess about file this is the colouring that he was born with.
The little girl is his sister Brook.  (And this is a bit of a spoiler for anyone who reads TCE - because she has not arrived in story yet.)

Them both being so cute - I kept them to use in TCE

Brook and Ocean

Ocean and Brooks parents are River and Winter, who are also both born in game sims.

Winter was born into my Ugly Wishes wishacy ... she is an eight generation Ugli.
River was born into TCE ... he is Mango (baby Dad 5) and Maizie's son.

I never planned to put Winter and River together - but I was playing in a mess about file (which I quite often do and just throw a load of my library sims into).  River and Winter attached themselves together - and I needed to make a girlfriend for River for story purposes anyway, so I kept them together.  So winter get dragged into TCE along with the two children that they produced in the mess about file.

At the time River had his mothers hair (which was changed for story purposes)
Winter I had to change her colouring, so she became all blue and I fixed her elf ears to normal ones.

and here they all are wearing the colours that they were all born in game with!

So this is how they are now, after their colour changes - for TCE purposes and in this baby challenge.

Winter Ocean and River.

(Winter and Ocean look a lot different facially from their original version because of the two different cc skins).

Really you never needed to know all that .... but the babies that Ocean is producing in this are not coming out blue .... because I was lazy and am now slapping myself something stupid!!!

Putting the family together to drop into town ... Maizie (River's Mother) River and Winter I have in my library, but I get to Ocean and I didn't realise I didn't have a blue skinned TCE copy of him in my saved sims or in my library - I only had the original white skinned copy of him.  I don't keep all of my saved sims or my TCE files in game permanently to lighten the game load - so to get a blue TCE copy of Ocean I needed to close my game down to get him from my media file or to put a TCE file into the game to get him out of.

Being lazy I couldn't be bothered to close down and restart my game  ...
So I aged his original white skinned copy up to young adult in CAS, fixed his hair colour, then dropped him into the game wearing his white skin, with his parents and Grandmother.  I then used NRASS master controller mod to copy his mothers blue skin tone over to Ocean.

My laziness has backfired on me and I've learned another new lesson .... because the game seems to have registered Ocean's genetics by how he entered the file ... not by the FAWKES blue skin that he now wears, but with the STARFRUIT white skin.

I realised when their 2nd child arrived looking a little off white, and pinkish even ... I thought at first the babies skin was a product of the slider and a very weak red.  However, the skin was bugging me when he became a toddler because it looked suspiciously like STARFRUIT skin and when I checked the baby in CAS, he does have the STARFRUIT skin not the Fawkes skin like Red and Ocean.

Their 3rd child arrived with the same pinkish colour skin - and I have tried to copy Ocean's blue skin to the baby (which is the colour it should be) - but the skin stays as STARFRUIT skin and became even whiter - exactly the colour that Ocean was born with ... so the game is ignoring the skin he is now wearing and thinks he still has his original skin.

Yeah and you have just had a sneek peak at SIXTY-EIGHT (bad me!!)

So, after saying all that .... I'm done messing and I'm not taking every white skinned child they produce into CAS to change their skin over from STARFRUITS to FAWKES manually ...

so basically - any of their children not having Red's skin - will be coming out white ...

any now you know why!!

                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>   Update 133

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