Friday, 3 March 2017

Update 110

Being the only toddler in the house, FIFTY-FIVE is getting a lot of attention from everyone, even his Mother!!

Phoenix is still quietly stalking Mace a little

His new Toddler Coach work uniform

Josh went home with Lawana after school.
He sat on the garden with her to do his homework, then he came home.

Jasmine is nicely making friends with both Pheonix and Basil now
I wander which one she will end up with ... if she ends up with either?!

Josh went to prom
It was pretty uneventful ... he was not prom king and he didn't gain a romantic interest either, he just had a fight.

Christian outside the school STILL wearing his bot suit .... can anyone remember what he looks like, because I can't!!

Mace is making me laugh - every night after work, instead of coming straight home, he is going AWOL.  He seems to be very distracted by the bistro next door to the stadium, especially the karaoke machine, even though there is one at home that he doesn't bother with.
Tonight he has been inside to eat, so he is dressed in his formal wear.

I'm surprised when he receives a date phone call .... from Maura!!
Not even Basil has had one of those calls from her yet!!

the answer was N O spells NO!!!!

He got home just in time.
The baby is coming!

They go off to the hospital and come out with one little fairy boy again.


Look at the cheeky vampire gnome in the babies cot!!

BOTT is amusing herself playing pool

THIRTEEN is in the kitchen filling the sides with food from the new machine

I found this quite cute
Mango is playing a console game with his son THIRTY

Mango goes to chat with Red

I get a little worried about the goofy grins they are giving each other and hope they don't start messing about in front of Mace!

Mango is distracted away from Red when is scared by FIFTEEN

BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom


Traits = Loves the Cold - Brave
Favourites = French - Dim Sum - Red

Mace teaches FIFTY-SIX to talk

Thyme has come home from school with Jasmine

He is a good looking boy ... like his Dad!

BOTT classes Thyme as a family member because he is a descendent of Bayleaf's.
I also spotted on the family tree that Aniseed and Maura have a second son ... Terrence.

Me and my shadow!!
(Phoenix stalking Mace)

Josh is going to have muscles like TWENTY-EIGHT if he doesn't lay off the work out a little!!

Baby sick.

Thyme is staying over and Grandma is reading his bed time story.

Lol ... she just gets Thyme off to sleep when Extra floats through the wall and bed and wakes Thyme up again.

So she has to go through it all over again!

It has been a long time since I've seen Basil playing with this musical instrument.
Unusually he has not maxed this skill yet - he is stuck on level 8 still. 

When Mace is free of Red, painting seems to be taking a back seat behind working out and dancing.

Baby bump

Jasmine and Thyme are becoming very good friends .... he could also be boyfriend material for her!

Josh must be thinking - Huh! She never hugs me like that!!

Josh is playing table tennis with Aqua

Thyme is still here - he is eating with TWENTY-TWO

The ghosts are driving me cuckoo.
They are serving meals from the synthesizer just for the sake of it .... they are not even eating it!!
They are constantly filling the kitchen surfaces with food!

Surprisingly Mace is nearly as bad as Red in the parenting department, but I think he has too many distractions in this house.

Pheonix wanted to go to the spa again.
This time I decided to send him for a secret rendezvous ... it might wake him up a little in the romance department.

This is Gena

There was heart farts and a bit of flirting ... and that was that.
Phoenix went to sleep in the fairy house outside the bookstore and no doubt Gena won't be thought about again!

Josh is very good with the toddlers .... he is helping BOTT out more than most.

Mace is trying to read a book for work, but Red keeps disturbing him

and Mace is easily distracted.

I thought Mace would be into martial arts more ... but it is rare he bothers with it.

Red teaches FIFTY-SIX to walk and talk finally ... the wishes were slow to come for this one.

FIFTY-FIVE is having his birthday

He gains the Dare Devil trait

I love the way most of the fairy kids try out the flying as soon as they grow up.

Jasmine is having her birthday

She gained the Natural Cook trait

I am actually VERY surprised by how Jasmine looks now she has aged up.
I have always thought she takes completely after Mace, but now she is a teenager I can actually see a bit of her Mother in her (her nose and mouth).

Yes Mace your little girl is growing up!

Heart farts going on between Jasmine and Phoenix ... I am happy to see that




Basil is practicing making drinks and it looks like he is using BOTT as his guinea pig!

the bot that doesn't even have a mouth to drink through!
Basil ... she is faking it!!

Inside the baby is coming


Another boy but this one is not a fairy

I am loving this one baby at a time ....

I just hope it lasts!!

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  1. I was going to say move Pheonix out with Mace when his time is up but it looks like he may get an eye for Jasmin after all. They heart farted right away...I guess time will tell with those two. I am still secretly, well not so secretly, hoping that she ends up with Basil still ;)