Sunday, 19 March 2017

Update 128

As long as Basil does not have any more mud baths - he has 12 days left until he becomes elderly

I'm a little flabbergasted and amused by the fully grown tree growing inside the house!!!
I didn't know that SIXTY-ONE was planting a tree they were just unknown seeds.

I'm laughing a little because Sunny and Red have only just started using the time machine for woohoo.  I'm glad we have got away without having a time travel child this time!

SIXTY-THREE virtually lives on this machine

All the children are at school ... so Red, Sunny and Basil sleep the whole day away and all I have to watch is BOTT spend half of it charging her battery and the other half natting on the phone to half a dozen people!!

Reed has quickly got his painting skill up to level 4 and is painting decent paintings

SIXTY-FIVE wants to learn the fishing skill - which she won't get much time to do with the weather getting colder, and the pond freezing over.

Kale is really getting into martial arts

Unlike Holly, when SIXTY-ONE gets the pets he wants, he does look after them.

SIXTY-ONE is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gains the Animal Lover trait

LTW = The Zoologist

SIXTY-THREE didn't come home from school and  I found him in one of the houses with his half brothers TWENTY-ONE and TWENTY-SIX.  I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't just float through the wall and let himself in.

TWENTY-ONE is now elderly

TWENTY-SEVEN comes home

We get a pop up ..... Mace is getting old

Lol ... BOTT is now outside socializing with one of the paps

Marcella is out

another ghost who is just going to abuse Basil for woohoo!!

Elliot is also visiting
(Lacey's boyfriend - Lawana's Dad)

Woohoo round two.
It tickles me how the ghosts always managed to get two lots of woohoo in before they vanish.

I'm howling because there is a queue for the bot building machine.
As Marcella and Basil get out .......

Red and Sunny get in!!

SIXTY-THREE is playing table tennis with Violet (Affairs Mother)

Seriously how much food do the ghosts think we need??

That will teach you!!

SIXTY-ONE is graduating

Hello Josh

He is the most likely to burn down his own home!!

We get the pop up to say that Mace has passed away.

Kale is the one taking a nap today.

SIXTY-ONE has wandered off .... to pick some flowers - lol

NINETEEN is now elderly

Reed is getting to know his Uncle, FORTY-NINE.

SIXTY-ONE has managed to find three wild birds.

He had to let one of the birds free, because I thought he could put more than one bird in that huge case - but no!!

How stupid is that - one huge cage for that tiny bird on his shoulder!!

Surprisingly she seems to get on with Kale better than any of her children.

Sunny's Athletics is at level 6 but he still needs to improve it for work.

Basil is best friends with both of his sons.

This batch of children seem to do a hell of a lot of reading on free will, which is unusual!!

Even though Sunny has the virtuoso trait, it is not often that he actually bothers with the musical instruments.

SIXTY-ONE is out hunting for wild animals again

I spot Phoenix, Raven and Jasmine outside the Bistro

I wish he wasn't wearing that stupid bot suit all the time!!

Yay!!  Finally!!
Jazz has come for a visit

It makes me wander why it has been so long since he visited and I could just imagine he has been busy around town causing mischief.

He uses the toilet which amuses me ... at least he didn't pee himself like he used to!

Yes you are still a hansome devil!!

He hunts down Red for a chat.

Jazz starts flirting with Red.

and I think Sunny has seen it - UPSET did flash up in his action queue for a second, but then it vanished and he didn't react to the flirting.

LMAO!!!  No Jazz, you didn't get her into trouble!!

I was thinking about bringing Jazz's grave from the cemetry, but after the flirting, I don't think I will bother.  Even though I find Jazz is always very entertaining, he will probably end up causing more trouble.

They have a gossip and a giggle before Sunny drags Red away for woohoo.

Now it's Basil's turn ... and he wasn't impressed about having to pose for a photograph.

Basil tries a stimulus test on Jazz

Jazz has a good laugh about it before he vanishes.

We have three birthdays


She gained the virtuoso trait

This is how she looks in CAS


He gains the Angler trait


He gains the Green Thumb trait

SIXTY-FOUR becoming a teenager means that Sunny has achieved his LTW of being surrounded by family

SIXTY-ONE has not rolled any job or career wishes yet .... he is too busy playing with his birds

I've not seen those bunny's before

Marcella is out again .... she always eats before she does anything else.

Kale and Reed frighteningly look a lot alike

Firecracker shrimps do tend to do that to you!

Is it me - or does SIXTY-FOUR look painfully thin?!

His head looks too big for his body!!

Luckily he has the Athletic skill and he went himself to start working out.
but it is going to take a lot of hard work to get some muscle on those bones!!

a flying fairy ghost

Kale is amusing me .... he keeps reading the same book over and over again.

The funny thing about it - the book is a pregnancy book ... lol



  1. I think Basil just has a thing for ghost's because he seems much more interested in Marcella now that she is dead, lol.

    Now that Jazz has put in an appearance I need to Rocky to come out and say hello.

    1. Yeah I think he does - because we are back where we started with him!!

      Im waiting for Rocky too ... I was thinking about moving his and Jazz's graves to the garden - but it might be asking for trouble - Jazz started flirting with her and the last time Rocky visited they were flirting with each other - so I think it is safer to leave the graves where they are for the time being and just hope they come to visit.