Friday, 17 March 2017

Update 126

Hugs from Grandma

SIXTY-ONE is really good with the toddlers

TWENTY-ONE and Raven both stayed over

Kale has got his logic to level 4 already and has rolled a wish to reach level 6

Red and Sunny are doing the last of the potty training

I hoped with the bot trait he might get interesting in the bot building skill, but he seems to prefer the inventing table.

Reed is spending most of his time quietly watching the tv .... I wouldn't be surprised if the game gave him the couch potato trait - if it gets the chance to.

SIXTY-ONE has blown himself up

SIXTY-THREE is making me laugh - he is CONSTANTLY scaring everyone - and he comes from nowhere usually jumping through a wall to take the victim by surprise.

Kale tries to talk to Forrest (his Grandfather) but he tells him to go away because he dislikes children.
Forrest you are a meany!! 

I am actually really surprised by how much Forrest is coming out at the moment - virtually every day.  We probably see TWENTY-THREE once a week now and I expected Forrest to be the same.

Basil and Maura now seem to have there own bedroom and a lot more privacy.
They have stopped sleeping in the bed and bedroom - they constantly use the tent.

Red teaches SIXTY-SIX how to walk

I'm SHOCKED when I check on the new ghost ......
It is Catnip!!

I just keep taking random pictures of the ghost toddlers because they fascinate me.

I'm as flabbergasted as Red right now.
Catnip looks like she is an old age ghosts - which doesn't make sense - I feel like she has died too soon especially from old age - she had only just turned elderly the last time I saw her - so she should have had another 90 days left.

Planning to do Catnips ice statue - I realised Red hasn't finished Brooks one yet!!

After finishing Brooks ... she did get to do Catnips - as she was still here.

I don't think Basil has realised that ghosts is his twin sister!!
Basil is now her oldest living child on the family tree - gulp!!

I seriously am not looking forward to Basil becoming elderly and passing away!!  He is one of those sims that I have gotten way too attached to!!

A stir crazy Red and curiosity had me checking out the graves, especially Catnips.

FOURTEEN - SEVENTEEN and EIGHTEEN's graves go with Atlas's

Catnip has got an old age grave and a middle sized one like Apple and all the baby dads ... so she must have done something with her life after she left home ... if you remember she had no skills and was the class clown!!

and Maura's grave

Basil has made some party drinks

I am amused when SIXTY-ONE helped him drink them ... they both threw up after, because they were horrific quality!!

We now have the potion for every occult that you can get down in the basement.  Red and Bot have been buying them when they visit the shop.  (It is easier than making them)

Just in case someone wishes to be something other than what they are.

The original $7 spire has grown into a larger spire worth $40,710

SIXTY-ONE has a B school grade at the moment

TWENTY-NINE is visiting today

I'm not sure how but Marcella seems to be on a date with Aniseed?!
She has the heart on the portrait panel, and has rolled a wish to have a great date ... she is outside school when I thought she was at work!!

SIXTY-ONE goes into school for Prom and we get a horrible pop up .....

Jake Forrest (Aniseeds son) died of hunger 😨
So Aniseed has now lost his wife and youngest son!


I nearly have heart failure when I see that woman crouching down ... like they do when a meteor is on its way.  Lucky it wasn't a meteor ... she is sick and needed a doctor.

Marcella to the rescue .... I think because I am abruptly taken back home.

SIXTY-TWO is having his birthday

He gained the Vegetarian trait

While Marcella is on a date with Aniseed .... Basil hasn't come home from work again and is outside the theatre busking for a load of his half brothers and sister.

FIFTY-SEVEN is now a mature adult

SIXTY-ONE was Prom King

Forrest, Lime and Christian are out

Basil is still out busking at 4am in the morning, but he did manage to earn $3,705 busking.

It's a shame he didn't drink this must plasma when he was alive, or he wouldn't be where he is now.

Basil comes in after being out all night to have a game of chess with Kale before he ate and went to sleep.

It is the weekend so no school and a house full of children wandering around.

We have three birthdays


he gained the Athletic trait


This is what she looks like in CAS

She gained the inappropriate trait


He gained the Ambitious trait

Holly is screaming the place down because of all the children in it.

She got out a load of sweet stuff to make herself feel better

Then went down into the basement to sleep without eating anything!!


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