Saturday, 25 February 2017

Update 103

Lacey had a date phone call from her romantic interest from prom ... Elliot

She met him outside the spa.

There is an igloo behind them and they are not wasting any time!

I'm laughing at THIRTY-SEVEN sleeping in the snow
I hope he doesn't freeze to death!!!

I wander which one of Red's fairy children is sleeping in the fairy house outside the book store?

Lacey invites Elliot round and he is staying the night.

Lacey isn't the only one out on a date
Aniseed is out with Maura

He is rolling woohoo wishes that he can not fulfil here so he invites her over.

Elliot is sleeping in Red's bed while Lacey sleeps in the fairy house

The pesky vampire gnomes are everywhere

He has got his mother genes .... the woohoo hasn't stopped since they got here!

It looks like I am going to have to move Maura in .... he wants to marry her!!
But that can wait until this batch of kids have moved out

Red is invited to THIRTY-SEVEN's party
so no he didn't freeze to death

The invite said bring a guest, so Basil came along as Omri is asleep

Paprika looks happy to see Basil

Red and FORTY-ONE have quite a long staring contest which makes me laugh



She does finally managed to have a conversations with FORTY-ONE

The night turns out to be normal ... Basil entertaining everyone with his guitar playing

Its a feast party and only Red eats anything

FORTY-FIVE has also turned up to the party a lot later than everyone else

On the way home I notice FORTY-SIX outside who is now a mature adult

Red stops and chats with Affair .... or tries to, but he was very off with her.

EIGHT is visiting, out in the garden watching Nova cat

It's called Romance BOTT ... and no you are not getting the ability to love trait chip ... or I suspect you will be jumping on one of the boys!!

The twins are having their birthday


He gained the Daredevil trait


He gained the Unflirty trait

Awkward relationship again with Aniseed and EIGHT.
On his Mothers side they are half brothers ... on their Dad's side they are Uncle and Nephew

WHAT THE ........ ??!!  We have a baby bump!!

Okay so I was wrong, Lacey is going to be the next one to suppy Red with another Grandchild!!

I'm confused as to how they managed to make that baby when the try for baby is turned off and I have heard no baby chimes.

But now I'm panking ... because of the spaces left in this house
(When it gets over 16 I start having all sorts of trouble moving people in and out ... if she has more than one baby I'm in trouble!!  Which would just be my luck!!)

I added Elliot to the household, then quickly moved Lacey, Elliot and their baby bump in to the Leaf house over the road where there is only TWELVE, Delores and Christopher living.

and Maura has moved in (filling Lacey's space)

Aniseed is now happy he has a live in girlfriend

BOTT has decided to breakdown while she is in the middle of cooking pancakes.
Why she is even cooking pancakes I don't know!!

It's a good job that cooker is fire proof or we would be in trouble!!

Comically all of the boys are heart farting and buzzing around Maura

This makes me laugh!!
The school bus doesn't turn up (strangly)  So at 8.45am I sent all the teens to school manually.

Red ..... chased them to school to scold them for skipping school (because they arrived late)

THIRTY-NINE and Extra got a scolding
making them even later for school ... lol

How cute!
Lavender is giving Grape flowers.

(Preludes parents and Affairs Grandparents cough)

She has built the Tragic Clown snowman again.

Lol ... she is pretty much a tragic clown after what she has just done, chasing the kids to school to scold them!!

After Red has returned home .... I spot Grape and Lavender out on the front garden.

(I am guessing they chased her home for an autograph or photograph)

I bet he has just given her the bunch of flowers back that she gave him earlier!!

Make yourself at home why don't you ... on someone else's garden!!

Since his birthday FIFTY-FOUR has taken a shine to the musical instruments.

I hear woohoo music and it is coming from outside ......

Grape and Lavender woohoo'd in the igloo .... then went home!!

Turn round Basil .... you are being stalked!!

They are quite cute together really ... she always puts a smile on his face!!

and off they go for their normal woohoo lol

TWENTY-THREE is the ghost using the sleeping bag.

I think the hybrid would rather be a fairy .... because he acts more like a fairy most of the time

Basil seems to like having plenty of mud baths ..... at this rate he is going to live forever!!

FIFTY-FOUR is getting into trouble for trying to plant a whoopie cushion

He amuses me asking to drink Phoenix's blood ... his reaction and reply ....

Phoenix = "I am not your personal blood bank ... go suck on a plasma fruit!!"

I spot Lacey over the road .... with her nicely growing baby bump

The car is outside to take the teens to Prom.

All seven of them went!!!

Basil is heart farting Maura and has gone a little stupid!!

They go off to watch the stars together (Basil did the asking ... tut!)

Busted .... it is just a good job Aniseed is asleep!!

and you wander why FIFTY-ONE is not happy with you Basil!!

Making the most of the last of the snow .... it is spring tomorrow so no doubt the snow will vanish overnight.

Prom was a little amusing

Extra was prom king ... FIFTY-THREE was prom queen.

Both FIFTY-ONE and FIFTY-TWO came out with MALE romantic interests
(So yeah ... prom has turned another two of my boys gay!!)

FIFTEEN is visiting

and so is THREE

THREE is one of her children that does not yet have an ice statue .... so she grabs the chance to do it while she is here.

I think she likes it!!

Yep the snow has miraculously vanished in an instant

There is a money tree seed on the floor ... so she takes a sample to clone it.

FORTY-NINE is having his birthday and becoming an adult

This proves to me that he will be a fully working vampire at least ... he has had the vampire age up.

He gains the Flirty Trait (game given)
LTW = Turn the Town

I can't wait to see how our hybrid vampire/fairy turns out now that he is an adult.


  1. 49 has super hairy arms, lol. I am also interested in seeing how the hybrid works. I know I did a whole gameplay with hybrids trying to make working ones but it has been years and I don't remember.

    Your lot seriously has a gnome problem, lol, it's out of control!

    Basil and Lime are cute but I kinda hope he moves on to someone his own age and alive, haha

  2. I might have to make 49 a baby daddy. Maybe I could get a three way hybrid babe. Witch, Fairy , Vampire. Hahaha . That would be cool.

    I do love Basil and Lime together. He seems very happy with her.

    Two of my girls just grew up into young adults so just 4 more and then it is baby daddy number 3 who I think you will be very happy to see.