Friday, 24 February 2017

Update 102

FIFTY-TWO has found something else to do other than playing video games and housework.
He is now making use of his new Athletic trait.

School is cancelled today

FIFTY and FIFTY-TWO have turned into work out freaks.

FIFTY-ONE and FIFTY-THREE are fighting

Vampire v Evil Fairy .... I wander who is going to win??

FIFTY-ONE didn't take too kindly to being slapped ... he is taking his revenge in fairy form

I'm amused when I see what has popped up in his action queue - something I've never seen before.

Demonstrate bite strength

He actually bit her!!!!

It must be something that only evil fairies can do

So the vampire tried to intimidate him

but he finds it funny and just laughs in her face .... because he is evil after all!

Punch up!!

I love the expression on FIFTY's face!!

The vampire got her but kicked by the evil fairy!!

Then they both get their buts kicked by Phoenix for fighting.


FORTY-NINE has taken his painting skill up to level 7

Time out over and FIFTY-ONE goes outside to observe evil happenings.

BOTT is building an igloo in the stupidest of places!!

I hate it when the ghosts come out and they are no longer themselves
(he no longer paints or tidies up) he just plays games and sleeps.

MY GAME CRASHED .... for the first time on my new pc
Luckily I saved it when BOTT was building her igloo

So the next section wasn't saved - and I had to replay it, but I thought I would show you what happened anyway.

Red and Omri go off to the winter festival

They do their normal photo for the wall.

FORTY asks for Reds autograph

Omri tries snowboarding.

I spot FORTY-FOUR who is now a mature adult

While Red is snowboarding .........

FORTY's time has just ran out

I'm just thinking I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time again
when the game crashed.


The replay ......

Omri is out in the back garden building Grim Reaper snowmen

FIFTY-ONE and FIFTY-THREE are pestering TWENTY-THREE for his autograph

I'm half expecting those two to start fighting again because they are now enemies!

Omri is working out with FIFTY, while Red is sleeping in the fairy house.
It tickles me how anyone stood around the fairy house is getting her aura

Yet again school is cancelled due to the snow.

I sent them to the festival ground again, but sneakily I left it until I received the pop up that FORTY had passed away.

Omri is using the vampire sunscreen so that the sun doesn't fry him, and Red ANNOYINGLY even after a reset is still projecting that aura.

I wouldn't have bothered to send them at all but I needed to get their photograph for the wall, which I lost with the game crash.

So it is not only fairies that do not skate properly!!
Vampires don't either .... they run round the skating rink at speed.

This is hysterical ... not one of those on the skating rink is actually skating!!

TWELVE and THIRTY-SIX are sat chatting.

TWELVE is now Red's longest living fairy child alive .... she doesn't seem to be aging to me!!

THIRTY-NINE is still with us when FORTY has passed away

The traditional baby dad photograph

Omri wants to improve his street art skill ... so the basement walls will do for him to deface as he can't really do it outside when the snow is down.

BOTT is invited to Affairs party

Look at the state of the place!!

Finally Affair has aged up and is elderly

During the party he stayed downstairs in that rocking chair and fell asleep, not even putting in an appearance at his own party.

There were only a few people at the party besides BOTT.

TWENTY-SEVEN - TWENTY-ONE - FORTY-TWO and TWELVE were the only guests.

Hugs for FORTY-TWO, because he is one of her few family members

Jay and FORTY-SEVEN come home

BOTT just likes taking pictures of everyone

She talks to FORTY-FIVE for a while

On her friends list he is one of her many best friends

Then she took herself off home because she psychically knew one of the plants needed attending too.

I am starting to get annoyed now with Red's aura .... it isnt stopping even after she was reset twice and I have reset the whole town.  She has had it constantly now for at least four days!!

And before anyone says it ... I don't think the file is dorked or dying ... I'm only getting between 30 - 90 cars a night cleaned away, there is no freezing or lagging - so the file is still working perfectly fine!!

The boys are learning their cooking skills helped along by the aura

Atlantis and TWENTY are here

These to are at it none stop ..... I wouldn't be surprised if Omri beats Bay's woohoo count.

FIFTY-TWO has already managed to get his athletic skill up to level 6

I'm glad that I gave Basil ammune to the cold reward, because he has been outside virtually all day playing his bass.

He gets to have a natter with his Grandfather.

We seem to be seeing a lot of Atlantis at the moment - I would  love to know why Jazz and Forrest are not visiting any more!!  It has actually been a while since we have seen any of the baby Dad's ghosts.  Forrest is bugging me the most because he is the only Dad now not to have an ice statue.

Aniseed is sending Maura a love letter ... the boy has gone cuckoo!!
I suspect he might be the one producing Red's next Grandchild!!


Oh dear .... he got TOADS ....
so he will be sicking up frogs for the next 6 hours ... lol

He needs to learn to cook frogs legs with all the frogs he is going to collect ... lol


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  1. Affair was probably embarrassed by how filthy his house is and that's why he didn't go upstairs to the party, lol.

    There are so many things I miss about the sims 3 that I wish they would bring over to sims 4. I really miss weather and I want rocking chairs!