Thursday, 16 February 2017

Update 97

Just look at that face!!!
Basil has just returned home from work, and after another pay rise, he is now earning $6.140 a day!!

If I was earning that much a day, I would have a permanent smile on my face!!

Phoenix has just finished book 8.
He is earning $1,850 a week from book royalties.

It is unusual to see FORTY-NINE sleeping in a cot, he is usually in the fairy house.

You can see now that FORTY-NINE is a vampire and a fairy ...
he has the shiny vampire eyes as well as his fairy wings.

That is a wierd painting, that I am not sure I have ever seen before!!

Red's sleep in the fairy house was cut short ..... because the baby is coming

Another trip to the hospital .... and another dreaded basket!!

You know why she is grinning don't you!!

I'm shocked ... I can't believe it has happened again and so soon!!

Another set of Quads!!
(They are like buses, you wait forever for one to come, then two come together!!)

is a fairy boy

is a fairy boy

is a vampire boy

is a vampire girl

Woohoo .... we have passed the half way mark ... just another 49 babies to go!!

I can't see any more hybrids .... the two fairys are green and the two vampires are red on the friends list ... so they are only one occult by the looks of it.

Give her a chance .... she hasn't even put the last baby down yet!!

FORTY-NINE .... I'm not sure what he thinks of his new brothers and sister

and off they go again!!

One thing I have noticed about FORTY-NINE ....
He does not have the V mark on his neck.


This is going to be a nightmare .... I already have 5 toddlers to deal with!!


Traits = Good - Athletic
Favourites = Digi Tunes - Vegitarian Lobster Thermador - Turquoise


Traits = Loves the Cold - Evil
Favourties = Pop - Dim Sum - Lilac


Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Good
Favourites = Soul - French Toast - Irish Green


Traits = Friendly - Eccentric
Favourites = Egyptian - Aloo Masala Curry - Green

I think that the vampire V mark on toddlers looks sooooo cute!!!


Five toddlers need quite a few pairs of hands

and Mom and Dad are useless ..... too busy constantly woohooing!!

I am actually glad that they sleep at different times - otherwise we would never see them doing anything else!!

The  Pap that Omri turned is now a vampire

 Omri is teaching FIFTY-TWO to talk

FIFTY-THREE = "If you don't stop showing off ... I'm going to bite you and pull your wings off!!"
FORTY-NINE = "I dare you to try it ... don't let my wings fool you, because I'm a blood sucker just like you, and I can bite back!!"

Four sets of toddler skills to teach, is going to keep Red and Omri busy and out of the bedroom / time machine / bot station / shower / hot tub for a while!!  lol

Everyone is helping out  with the toddlers

These two are seriously worrying me ... they are constantly slow dancing together!!

Red on the other hand keeps running in and out every few hours because she is throwing up - baby sick.

Yes five noisy toddlers is enough to make anyone want to rant!

Four lots of potty training need doing

and four lots of walking

Baby bump ...... I hope that is only going to be ONE baby ......

because these 5 toddlers will still be toddlers when the new baby bump hatches!!

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