Sunday, 26 February 2017

Update 105

BOTT is collecting friends like Red collects men and children!!!

She is quietly getting to know and making friends with all the paps that stand around on the front garden ... I am just glad she does not invite them inside!!

FIFTY-THREE badly reminds me of TWELVE!!

BOTT has found herself a new dance partner.
I love the way she jumps on all the adult boys to dance with her.

Do they do waxing at the spa?!
because all these hairy boys are in bad need of a body wax!!

Look at Omri - you can barely see his body hair ... the boys are infested!!

Its graduation time for the quads and THIRTY-NINE

For a change is is quiet outside the town hall ... just the sleeping bag and the family!

FORTY-NINE most Artistic

FIFTY-TWO most likely to be a sports star

FIFTY-THREE is most likely to write a best selling novel
FIFTY-ONE is most likely to take over the world
and FIFTY - even though he tossed his diploma - he didn't get a ribbon?!

Aniseed tries to sleep in the sleeping bag, but Basil's piano playing wakes him up.

Yes THIRTY-NINE we know you are a flirt!!

Christian comes wandering out of the town hall .... I noticed the drawing on his bot suit has changed.

and I have been calling him Christopher for a while like an idiot (hides under a chair) when his name is actually Christian!! (cringe)

I'm watching Omri, uncomfortably, because he has been standing out in the sun for too long and is quite loudly smoking and crackling!!

Aniseed is now asleep on the bench.

Thankfully, Omri runs home with minutes to spare - before the sun fries him!!

BOTT is syphoning power from the lights

Omri is a little brain frazzled from sun exposure .... he even managed to break the sink while he was cleaning it!!

but it doesn't stay broken for long - because BOTT and Red are now very quick to fix things.

I see Basil acting strangely in the kitchen ... pointing upwards and cowering

when I look outside BOTT and Extra are doing the same ....

OH NO!!!!!

We have been hit by a meteor.

I'm thinking here I go again - two meteors a few sim days apart totally wiped out my ISBI family and killed the challenge ... it better not be happening again!!  

I really don't like where that big rock landed!!!!!!!
Where the table used to be ... where Extra and BOTT were standing.

Through the haze all that I can see is that Basil is still in the kitchen and okay thankfully!!!
but I can't see BOTT or Extra

Fires are breaking out all over the garden

EIGHTEEN - FOURTEEN and THIRTY-SIX are outside and trying to get into the garden

I see BOTT finally .. she is still cowering by the easel, she must have moved away before the rock landed, but there is no sign of Extra.

I've noticed a few extra family members coming through the house ... Delores, Christian, Lacey, Elliot, TWELVE.
Mostly everyone from the two houses over the road.

Hello Lacey.

Basil is trying to put the fires out

Lacey is helping Basil to put the fires out!!

Here comes the Grim Reaper
I guessed I had lost at least one. sniff!!!
I hope it is only one!!

and where is Red while all this is going on ......... SLEEPING!!

I haven't seen Extra or Pheonix since the rock fell out of the sky.

Pheonix was asleep in the basement - he came running upstairs.

We have lost Extra.
ohhhhhhh .....

As nasty as it sounds, (and I hate saying it) if I had to lose someone, Extra was the best one to lose because he was an extra ....
if it had been one of the numbered children - Red and Omri would have had to have another baby.

Grim vanished straight away - he didn't even speak to Pheonix

Red is still SLEEPING!!!

There are two fairies now sleeping in the fairy house ... I suspect the other one might be TWELVE!!

Even the damn gnomes swarm round for a nosey!!

No Aniseed ... woohoo is not quite appropriate at this moment in time!!

Oh and here she comes ... better late than never!!



and Lime appear ... lol

No guesses to where Lime is dragging Basil off to!

Apple has just passed out .... I presume because the werewolf pap Kirby is also here haunting tonight.

I have to laugh .... insurance has paid out $742 to replace our loss ....... is that how much Extra was worth??!!  It cost over $5,000 to replace everything that was fire damaged and that was without replacing the table and chairs!!

No hot tubing or mud baths tonight!!

We have two days before the last teenager becomes an adult.
FIFTY-FOUR has just had a scolding for skipping school ... and doesn't bother to go.
He rolls a wish to be a World Renown Surgeon.

The clean up starts.

and if Omri is not careful he is going to fry himself and we will have another death on our hands, he is crackling quite loudly again!!
He really keeps pushing his sun exposure to the limit!

The house is pretty noisy at the moment, everyone crying.  Even BOTT keeps crying

FIFTY-THREE gets a job at the hospital

and FIFTY gets a job at the sports stadium.
None of the others have rolled any job or career wishes yet.

Maura is now out in the garden frozen solid!!

I'm not having Grim come again today!!
Aniseed goes and thaws her out before it is too late!

FORTY-TWO has nearly maxed his athletic skill because he is constantly working out.  I expected him to want a sports career but he hasn't wished for it yet.

These two are making me laugh showing off their teeth ... neither of them have fangs!!
FIFTY-FOUR's haven't grown yet and THIRTY-NINE has his fairy teeth.

Red has four ice statues to do


I am surprised to see Extra out so soon.
Meteor hit sims always shower when they come out.

Only FIFTY-FOUR is brave enough to talk to him

FIFTY-ONE is still causing mischief with everyone

FIFTY-ONE wants to learn the fishing skill, he finally realises he has the angler trait.

I will be glad when the two days of mourning is over!!!


  1. You are right though in saying if you had to lose anyone at least it was an extra. I am shocked that you didn't lose more!

  2. That was so scary! The way you wrote it out made me feel like I was a sim and there with them looking for all of the sims.
    Lol makes me laugh cause I read this as my queen bee was set on fire and died !!!!