Friday, 3 February 2017

Updade 85

Such dramatics!!

It makes a change for Red to be the one heart broken and suffering!!

I am concerned when I spot FORTY sleeping outside their new house, with it being a frosty night ... let's hope she doesn't freeze!!

FIFTEEN is visiting, so Red gets her ice statue done.

Phoenix is out testing a new dive bar / dance club that I have added into town
Hopefully they roll wishes to use the place - unlike the park which none of them have wanted to visit yet.  I'm getting bored of the festival ground!!

I think Aniseed is glued to that seat!!
He has played his way up to level 5 logic already.

Mmmm ... what is wrong with the women's chest area ... it spoils the statues!!

I didn't think the painting of Grim would be any good somehow!!
$1865 she sold it for.

Smile .... you will soon have another man to play with!!

Phoenix is now on level 8 of his painting skill

The house is very quiet with just the four of them in it ... Red, Basil, Phoenix, Aniseed and of course BOTT.

Aniseed has a chilly butt ... I wander why lol!

Oh, he can be a naughty boy after all!!
Setting a fairy trap on the kitchen sink.

Red is having a clean up .... BOTT is too busy playing on the water slide and dancing to care about the mounds of laundry everywhere.

The line of ice statues is slowly growing.

This is one that Phoenix painted that I've never seen before.

Aniseed is on a C grade at the moment, and I don't expect him to have a good grade because the snow is coming so no doubt he will hardly go to school.

Ever watched a duck dancing the smuttle??

I have!!

Yes Red ... your son is a fruit cake!!

Basil gets an invitation to Bay's party

It didn't take him long did it!!

A pool party where for once there actually is a hot tub ... not that anyone used it.

I sneaked a peak at TWO's status ....
she has 16 days left before her next birthday, when she will be become elderly.


Basil spent the whole night entertaining everyone with his drum playing.

It looks like the duck feet thing is catching.

I guess Red has to get used to taking care of BOTT now that Bay has gone.  Phoenix is not rolling any bot related wishes now ... it must have been a fad.  She rolled a wish to do it this time, but I doubt it will last.

Oh no!!
BOTT is just about to flush Betty down the toilet!!

I just knew that fish wouldn't last long.
Poor thing!!

One empty fish bowl.

Red got two phone calls ... Bay asking for a date ... which she had to refuse (pout)
and THIRTY-SEVEN phoned her for a chat.

A little funny Phoenix should sculpt a fish just after Betty died.

Baby Dad Eight has just landed on the garden.

This is Affair Orchid.

Traits = Family Orientated - Vegetarian - Eco Friendly - Natural Born Performer - Virtuoso
Favouries = Classical - Key Lime Pie - Sea Foam
LTW= Surrounded by family

Like Bay ... Affair already has his Dad and aunt in this town ... Prelude and Lilly.
He might be white like his Aunty Lilly, but the rest of their family are purple and like Bay he will be a genetic bit of fun.  We have three shades of purple that could come out in his children's eyes and hair.

Affair's Mother and Grandparents are now living in town and they are all connected up on his family tree.

Violet, Affairs Mother.
 Lavender, Preludes Mom and Affairs Grandmother
 Grape - Preludes Dad and Affairs Grandfather

I haven't really played with Affair, other than using him for TCE photographs, so I don't have a clue about what he is like or what we are going to get from him.

For a start ... I don't like the hair that the game has given him
His normal cc hair must not have loaded.

Affair is half brother to Cranberry - NINETEEN - TWENTY - TWENTY-ONE - TWENTY-TWO - TWENTY-THREE and TWENTY-FOUR

Only NINETEEN and TWENTY-ONE are still alive out of Preludes children

Adding a white sims just as Winter kicks in and it starts to snow ... has not been one of my brightest ideas!!

Red comes straight out to Affair.

Good start.

That's it, you just cry on his shoulder over Bay!!
There is only an hour left of her broken heart moodlet.

They discover they have a shared trait in common .... Family Orientated

She is thinking .... Oh yes!!  Another baby machine!!  Bay who ... I have forgotten him already!!

I had to change his hair because I am struggling with him - not having the normal hair that I am used to him having.  I don't really like this on him either, but it will have to do.

and that's what he thinks of Red!!

Affair has not rolled any career or job wishes yet and I don't have a clue what he might end up doing.

Seriously - I am not impressed
Affair heart farts Aniseed and Phoenix.

Well look who it isn't!!!!  Marty Keaton.

I just had to .... I'm a little Marty obsessed he is my favourite premade and usually ends up mixed up in everything that I do.  I added him into the house with Affairs Mother and Grandparents, just for a laugh.
But I didn't think I would see him this soon!!

Somehow he has ended up to be a Paparazzi annoyingly ... I was hoping to see him occasionally, not have him camped out on the front garden!!

BOTT is having fun out in the snow building snowmen all over the garden.... this is her fourth one.

Affair has the virtuoso trait so it is no surprise that he would end up on one of the instruments sooner, rather than later.

BOTT gets an opportunity to take some produce to the Bistro.

I am really surprised that TWENTY-NINE is still with us!!

Affair tries to eat something but she stops him for a dance.

then he tries to go outside to build a snowman and Red stops him for a flirt.

I am amused at the moment ... watching Affair, every time he tries to do something, he doesn't get to do it at all, or for long because he is constantly getting his head pecked by Phoenix, Red and Aniseed.

There is only Basil who is paying no attention to Affair ... because he is off in his own little world.

They are basically queuing up to talk to him, which is worrying.
I am getting a feeling that if Red doesn't move quick ... Phoenix might get in there before her!!

Red has wants a child and wants a girl wishes locked in ... so I might just use them to force the issue.

Red gets Affairs ice statue done

Marty is stood on the garden again ... I hadn't noticed until I saw where Red was headed.

You can forget it Red .... not in this life!!

There are two sinks in the house and a dish washer that he could have use ... but no he just had to use the one outside!!

Lime is out and she hunts Basil down.

She wants her wicked way with him again

I am now waiting for the ghost resurrection opportunity to come up - or for a resurrect ghost wish from Red or Basil .... even though I could do without any more spares in the house at the moment.

These two are killing me!

Red and Affair have progressed to amorous hugs and hand holding

and there is a lot of flirting going on

but that is all it is for now.