Friday, 17 February 2017

Update 98

BOTT is back to playing nanny.

She has just achieved her LTW of being super popular ... by making friends with FIFTY-ONE.
She now has twenty good friends!!

Lime is seriously amusing me!!
She is being her normal obnoxious self and giving Aniseed a hard time for no reason ...

but when it comes to Basil, she turns into miss sweetness and light!!

I think she wants only one thing from him


In one way I wish he would get the Oh My Ghost opportunity, or wish to resurrect her, I would love to see what their kids would turn out like ..... but on the other hand I don't want to get into all that, because if Lime joins the house, then Phoenix and Aniseed will have to be moved out to make room.

Phoenix and Aniseed still being here with Basil is only giving Red the chance to squeeze in one time travel child per baby Dad, and being boys they can not fill the house up with their own babies which is why I am keeping only extra boys.

and off they go for round two

We have a baby bump

Basil now has a smile on his face ... lol ... even though Lime has just vanished on him, after their second woohoo.

It is a shame that there is not a dancing skill .... because BOTT, Basil and Aniseed would have smashed it by now all the slow dancing they do

FIFTY needs to learn to talk

and FIFTY-ONE need to learn to walk

Red is having no choice but to help out with the toddlers
Omri , Aniseed and Phoenix are asleep - Basil at work, Lacey is at school.

When Omri gets up he helps with the potty training

Lacey has taken her science skill up to level 7

We have two ghosts who haven't visited before ....


and FOUR

FOUR amuses me by going to sleep in the fairy house!!

That is only the second painting that he has managed to complete since he arrived .... which is shocking!!

FOUR is up and bugging Red

for a hug!!!

Bless ...

Is he intentionally looking at his sister's (TWO) ice statue??

Aniseed is cute putting FIFTY-TWO on the rider

I wish the game didn't change their hair with their outdoor wear!!!

Have I mentioned that Aniseed has also now achieved his life time wish of being a Master Magician.
He has been working hard performing for tips and doing sim fests, I just haven't shown most of it.

FIFTY and FIFTY-ONE have both taken themselves off outside

Double trouble maybe?

Then they go back inside together, to throw a fairy house party.

The three fairy toddlers are now in the fairy house having a party

While the two vampire toddlers make their own musical entertainment

Aniseed has a new trick .... levitating himself

which is not very convincing when he has fairy wings on his back and can fly anyway lmao!!!
Epic fail Mr Master Magician!!!!

I'm too busy laughing at Aniseed, to realise the baby is coming

One little vampire boy

Oh sugar .... there is another one!!

So we have extra number 12 😕 ... he is also a vampire boy

FIFTY-FOUR and EXTRA (he doesn't have a name yet)

Even though I now have 5 toddlers and 2 babies, I didn't have to get any extra cots ...
the four vampire's are sleeping  in the cots ...

while the three fairies are sleeping in the fairy house



Traits = Virtuoso - Light Sleeper
Favourites = Egyptian - Cobbler - Red


Traits = Neurotic - Eccentric
Favourites = Rock - Mushroom Omelette - White

FIFTY and FIFTY-ONE are really making me laugh .... always together, like they are attached at the hip!!

I am going to have a nervous breakdown!!!

While Red is sleeping Omri makes a start on teaching EXTRA to talk

BOTT is helping out, teaching FIFTY-FOUR to walk

Some of the quads still need to be potty trained as well as the twins

but they still manage to find time for plenty of woohoo

It is a good job that Phoenix, Basil, Aniseed and Lacey all react to the toddlers needing attention, or I never would be managing with this playing wishacy!!

I would love to know who went out and fed FIFTY, and why he keeps going outside!?

The noise is killing me ... phones ringing, stereo and tv blaring, fairy house and woohoo music + toddlers screaming = me having a headache!!

Ice and TWENTY-TWO are outside.
Ice has just scared him and now he is embarrassed.

BOTT is invited to TWENTY-SIX's costume party

THIRTY-NINE is now elderly




I left BOTT at the party because there is bedlam at home .... and THIRTY-NINE is due to have his birthday

The Limo is outside to take Lacey to prom

It is gnome kicking day again!!
I am amused that Basil did not get a four year anniversary pop up this time

(maybe the game thinks that sims can only reach a third year ... not taking into account supernatural sims live a hell of a lot longer than a normal sim!)

One toddler less ....

FORTY-NINE is having his birthday

He gained the Artistic trait (cringe)

Now to see how our hybrid vampire fairy works ....

He went to the fridge to drink plasma straight away, showing his vampire side

Then I saw him casting chattering teeth on Aniseed, showing his fairy side

So far he seems to be working okay as both.

I laugh ... I gave him a sleeping back - to try and cut out the bedtime story hassles ontop of the six toddlers

I wander why he chose to sleep in the basement by the vampire coffin?!

Lacey is back from prom .... she now has a romantic interest called Elliot
who no doubt she will never roll a wish to see again ... like they always do!!

Omri is sleeping in bed and with his eyes open - this creeps me out!!

Seriously I'm not enjoying this many toddlers ... I'm all over the place and am struggling to even learn which number belongs to which child!!

FORTY-NINE is off for his first day at school ... IF he can make his way through all the gnomes lol

I wandered how long it would be before the vampire gnome appeared!!

I'm a little confused ... not knowing how that toddler book ended up on the floor, or where it even came from.

That book not being the ONE toddler book, which is still in the bookcase, that the ghosts haven't robbed ... unless one of the visiting ghosts seeing all the toddlers have given one back, lol.

Which reminds me that we need to buy a new load of toddler books.


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