Saturday, 4 February 2017

Update 87

Lime is out.
You be careful Phoenix ... Basil will be after you if you get too close to Lime!!

Basil hasn't realised yet that Lime is out, too busy working on wanting to max his fishing skill.

but they find each other eventually.

Sign the next baby is on the way

BOTT is playing on the computer ... not bothering with the crying toddler.

Affair teaches FORTY-THREE to talk while Red teaches FORTY-FIVE

BOTT finally remembers she is a nanny and starts teaching THIRTY-FOUR to walk

Affair is a lot like Red in the child care department ... not too good surprisingly

Jay on the other hand is always buzzing around the toddlers, feeding, playing and taking care of them.

Red potty trains FORTY-FIVE

Jay is a neat sim .... so he is the one keeping the house tidy at the moment, not BOTT.

Basil keeps getting pay rises and is now earning £4,855 a day!!

Today is his third anniversary of working at the theatre and he got a $3,000 bonus

Basil and Phoenix are the only one's adding to the family fund ... Red is hardly painting and Affair is unemployed.

BOTT has just bought FORTY-THREE in from outside, he seems to keep wandering out there.

I can't say I've seen this before.
Jay is eating on his feet instead of sitting down.

Affair has level 2 woohoo skill already!!  Which doesn't really surprise me much the way they are going at it constantly!!

potty training the boys

Baby bump

Red does seem to be doing a lot more for the toddlers since she gained the nurturing trait.

They came out to watch the stars until they were distracted by Marty and Nova the ghost cat.

Marty is heckling Affair .... probably because he constantly gets public disgraces for sleeping with an occult ... like all the other baby Dad's have

I guess it doesn't really matter about the spares sneaking extra days of life.

FORTY-THREE is amusing me .... I keep finding him outside sat in the snow.

Affair rolls an interesting wish for a change.
He wants to become a witch.

Red has a witch brew elixir which she brought from the elixir shop ...

So now Affair is a witch

It will be nice for a change .... we will get witch babies now as well as fairy ones and the possibility of hybrids .... I love hybrids and I know witch and fairy does work together!!

Basil has just maxed his fishing skill.

I think I have this time machine sussed.  It will only spit out time travel children up until there are eight sims in the house.  So they can keep trying as much as they like, because it won't work.

Both of them playing with their different magics.

Bay phoned Red again for a date ... he is doing this constantly.
She has also had a load of love letters and gifts from Bay as well as Grim.

I'm a little amused watching Red putting FORTY-FIVE on the rider on free will ... maybe this nurturing trait is helping a little.

Phoenix is very quiet at the moment not doing much of anything but painting, eating and sleeping.

Two of his paintings.

I spot a group of Red's children next door, outside the science facility.

I seriously don't get why TWENTY-NINE is still here ... he is definitely living overtime!!


Affair playing with magic

Their thing seems to be shy kisses.
They are both doing it all the time.

Phoenix is now writing his fourth book.

Affair wants to cast a conversion ritual

He turns his conjured apple into a tanzinite gem rock

ONE is here visiting

Red grabs the chance to do her ice statue

Affair is completely empty headed again, he has no wishes rolled or locked in!!
He is pretty bizarre .... and STILL unemployed!!!

Jay and Aniseed finally get to become BFF's.

BOTT is now having to look after the plants that Affair planted, because he's not showing any more interest in gardening now he has the skill

Affair teaches FORTY-FOUR to walk

Aniseed is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

notice in the background .... the baby is coming

He gained the Star Quality trait (game given)

LTW = Master magician

Now to the baby


Only one little boy this time.

I'm highly amused when I check the baby .... he is a witch like Affair.
That is really funny when FORTY-SIX was made before Affair even became a witch!!!


Traits = Brave - Genius
Favourties = Beach - Vegitarian Salmon - Red

FORTY-SIX has got his hair from his Grandmother Violet and his eyes he got from his Great-Grandfather Grape.

Aniseed didn't waste any time registering himself for a Magician career.

Yeah, he needs a lot more practice!!

Red teaches FORTY-SIX to talk

Graduation time for Aniseed

The toddler train .. lol

I wander which one of Bay's children has lost their sleeping bag!?

Graduation glitched out a little again.
While they all went into the town hall .... Aniseed didn't get a graduation gown or have the option to toss a diploma ... he just got his ribbon - Most likely to take over the world.

FORTY-SIX doing his witch disappearing toy thing

Red makes a start on FORTY-SIX's potty training

and teaches him to walk

It seems like ages since we have seen Jazz

He just stared at himself in the mirror then played the drums before he vanished.

This is the anniversary plaque that Basil received for his three year anniversary.

It amuses me that it never seems Basil and Lime long to find each other.

I'm a little confused when I see their relationship status has changed .... they are not showing as romantic interests anymore ... Lime is now showing as Basils girlfriend !!??

Two woohoo trips they made in the time machine before she vanished.

It's no wander he hardly had the strength to get out the second time!!


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