Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Update 91

I am surprised when I click on BOTT and she is over the road inside the house where all Rocky's children live.  I am not sure how she got here.

I really wish I wasn't here to see this!!

THIRTY-TWO's time has just ran out

BOTT wasn't affected by the death.

Aniseed has a snazzy new work outfit.

Yeah that is Red and Affair in the time machine

He now has the burried alive box.

I don't like it .... it fills up with water or mud ... and he can die if this trick goes wrong!!

He got out this time ... but I don't think we will be trying that again in a hurry!!

FORTY-SIX has got his logic up to level 6

He has also been playing with magic and conjuring apples

FORTY-FIVE has the Avant Garde trait, so he's producing something to critique ... lol

Phoenix is writing book number 6 ... he still has a way to go to achieving his LTW

FORTY-SIX wanted to do a conversion ritual

So the fish bowl is now a mushroom!!

Basil is invited to EIGHTEEN's party
There is hardly anyone there and I think it is going to be another boring party and night of Basil providing the entertainment.

Red's Grandson Harry is now elderly

I watch BOTT strangely coming across the road carrying laundry.

I'm howling when she goes downstairs with it and puts the dirty laundry into their laundry basket!!

I wander if this is how she got into Rocky's house - dumping our laundry on somebody else, because our baskets are full??!!

EIGHTEEN made food and both he and TEN need to be taught how to eat properly

she is a slob and it was going everywhere but in her mouth!!

BOTT is busy syphoning the power out of their washing machine

Then she starts to put away the uneaten food.

Basil if up to no good creeping about with his mega phone in his hand

Scaring TEN

Tonight we have Jazz, Mango and Rocky

Mango gets his ice statue done

I am amused when Phoenix goes to the consignment / elixir / bot shop to see Bay's bot that he made and sold is still on sale.

Aniseed is invited to FORTY-TWO's party

Phoenix and BOTT tagged along and crashed the party.
Phoenix was stir crazy and BOTT's LTW is to be Super Popular ... so she needs to make 20 friends.

Harry is now elderly .... he seems to have lived a long time to say he is a witch (they don't have extended live like fairies)

I'm amused when BOTT makes something to eat.
I get the feeling FORTY-ONE asked her to make it.

FORTY-TWO peed himself.

and it looks like FORTY-ONE has got himself a romantic interest
Brie ... she is one of the paps

Yes Phoenix take note ... Red wants more grandchildren!!

cute little dog ... which no doubt will come to haunt us one day.

I laugh when I get home to find Lime and Basil heading for the bedroom.

The dog on the bed kind of killed the moment

Then when they have shooed the dog off the bed .... Brook kills it a second time.
Lime got fed up and vanished.

Prelude is here getting to know another one of his Grandsons.

SIXTEEN is having her ice statue done

Its unusual to see Brook doing something other than reading and watching television!

Suzie little dog is eating the pet food.

Affair has had a promotion ... he is now an Elementary School Teacher.

The triplets are all on A school grades.

The twins both have a B school grade

We get a pop up ... THIRTY-THREE has passed away.

Monster under the bed.

Red is invited to FORTY-ONE's party


Jay also tagged along .... he needs to get to know TEN better, because she is his boss at work.

Red was hungry and started to make herself something to eat.

I thought they were going to kick Red out for behaving improperly, quite a few of them warned her.

They didn't mind BOTT fixing their broken dishwasher.

but they didn't kick Red out, and they didn't complain about the Lobster they got to eat either!!

Basil is rolling mid life crisis wishes like a maniac at the moment.  He wants to improve his woohoo skill which I locked in like an idiot - because he is never going to do it with how little he sees Lime.

Soooooo I sent him to the spa - where he can have a discreet rendezvous ... and Lime will never know!!

 This is Gloria who he has just woohoo'd with.
(Basically she is a prostitue and she gets paid for it!)

He might have to make a few trips here ... his skill level is pretty low and it will be a while before he can level up.

Lol Basil .... just strut around telling everyone what you have been up to in the spa!!

His eternally faithful reputation is still intact surprisingly.

They have compatible star signs.

SEVEN is now elderly

He wants to serenade her.

They flirty with each other a little bit before she runs off saying she should be somewhere else.

I'm hoping he rolls wishes to see her again - he needs a live girlfriend not a dead one!!

Well aren't I stupid!!
I now know why some of the children are living longer than they should and not passing away in number order .... I have put a mud bath sauna between the spa and bookshop, which some of them have obviously been using!!

That might be a reason why Harry is still with us.

Basil is getting to know his Grandmother Aqua who he didn't now existed until now.


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