Thursday, 23 February 2017

Update 101

I forget that Pheonix and Christopher went to school together and were good friends.

but I wander why Christopher is eating food, when he is a vampire!?

The bedtime stories have been very few, because of the sleeping bags.
Which has made the children's bed time not so much of a hassle!!

I'm amused when I spot a second cardboard bot ... Phoenix ... finally remembers he is a bot fan and turns into his bot form.

We have a fairy bot and a vampire bot which I am finding very amusing!!

I notice that Christophers cardboard is plain while Phoenix looks like he has been attacked with colouring pens.
I wander if that has anything to do with Bot building skill level?

Christopher did go and get himself some plasma juice after all!!

Lime and Basil have found each other again and are off for their normal woohoo, but this time in the hot tub.

Christopher has gone off for a sleep.

I have to laugh - most times when Lime and Basil are together they manage to get two lots of woohoo in before she vanishes.

I am still struggling to get their relationship, they are so different and like chalk and cheese, I don't get why they don't clash!!

bye Lime!

Even though I am very unsure about letting Lime run freely round this house .... I'm trying to always keep his special opportunity slot free - so that the Oh My Ghost opportunity can come in.

Phoenix, your cardboard is going to get soggy!!

I found this amusing, both Red and Omri both using the sleeping bags.

It must be contagious ... now FIFTY is walking round in bot form.

I have noticed something that I am not very comfortable with!!

Even though Christopher is Red's Great Grandchild ... to all her kids he appears on the friends list like he is unrelated to them.  While his Mother (Delores) is showing as their Neice, Christoper is showing as an acquaintance ... so in theory, he could have a romantic relationship with any of Red's children even though he is her great grandchild!!

Christopher leaves to go to work.
It is funny when FIFTY goes straight to Phoenix for a chat.

It is graduation time for Lacey.

Phoenix and FIFTY stayed in their bot suits.

I'm bored waiting for them to come out of the town hall ...
so I took some snowy scenery pics.

She was Class Valedictarion and most likely to save the world.

Suddenly Phoenix and FIFTY are becoming the best of friends .... I wander why?! lol

The twins are having their birthday


He gained the Workaholic trait


(Yeah, I still haven't thought of a name for him, so extra has kind of stuck with him!)

He gained the Party Animal trait

THIRTY-NINE is also having his birthday

He gained the Nurturing trait
(Game given - probably because of the lack of school)

His need bars are still showing like a normal humans (like fairies do) but I think that is normal anyway even for vampire teens, it has been years since I have played with vampires and I can't remember!

He takes himself straight off to sleep so I can't check if he works as both a fairy and a vampire.

but at least I can see he can sleep like a vampire

I'm glad that Phoenix is back to his normal self quickly!!
He is back in his normal form, but has a floating wish to turn into bot form.
(I am just going to leave him to do it himself!)

Our hybrid seems to be able to eat like a fairy to fill up his hunger bar
as well as drink plasma like a vampire which also fills up his hunger bar
so he has the best of both worlds .... I don't know if this will change when he becomes an adult!!

and he is still learning towards his artistic trait

Lol ... another painting of Omri's that is taking forever to finish!!  He is only really getting to paint while Red is asleep.
His painting is only at level 6 - which is totally shocking for Omri!!

FIFTY is still walking around in bot form
I wander what BOTT thinks about their cardboard bot heads?!

SILENCE at last ... because the house is empty!!!

All of the children are actually at school today, for once school was not cancelled because of the snow.

Lacey has just got herself a job at the bistro.

She is reading cooking 2 .... she wanted to finish a book and this will help her with work.

Basil is doing a celebrity opportunity ... attending a book signing at the book store.

 TWENTY-EIGHT is now a mature adult

I noticed TWENTY-SIX who is wearing a different hair style to the pigtails I have seen him wearing

Something I have noticed about our hybrid .... his fairy magic bar is always showing as empty
but it does not stop him from using his fairy magic.

He can cast aura's and I actually am beginning to think that he has an unlimited supply of fairy magic, because as soon as one aura runs out, he can cast another - which normal fairy's can not do until their fairy magic bar has filled back up again.

He has also unlocked all of his fairy abilities basically from casting one aura - his vampire quick learning has helped him to unlock it all at lightening speed.

I have seen him going into the fairy house and drinking pollen nectar and throwing a house party .... so FORTY-NINE is looking like a fully working hybrid.

and when one fairy is projecting an aura, they all start doing it!!
Phoenix and Basil are now both walking around in a blue haze.

Lol - they are using the soothing aura .... and Pheonix must be chilled out if he is doing the laundry, something I never normally see him doing!!

I love the way Lime always goes straight to Basil when she comes out.

If they keep this up he will soon be improving his woohoo skill like he wants to.

Atlantis is visiting.
I am surprised because even though Basil is good friends with him, I didn't see any pop ups to say he had passed away.

(Forrest's Dad, Basil's Granddad.)

Atlantis amuses me by sleeping in one of the sleeping bags.
Pheonix wasn't too amused, because he floated through him and woke him up

Aniseed is wearing his Master Magician outfit

He has just come back from the park where he was performing for tips.
Even though he is fatigued from performing, he is still constantly practicing his tricks.

BOTT has me howling ..... this seriously cracks me up

How does this even improve her athletic skill, when all she is doing is hovering above the running machine?!

THIRTY-NINE is hungry and can't be bothered to go to the fridge

Well you are the idiot that let him sink his teeth into you Basil!!

Basil amused me, he straight away cast a fairy spell on him ... I thought it was going to be something nasty, but it wasn't.
He cast a fairy enchantment on him

Basil gave him the ability to fly!!??

Eeerrr Basil, you do realise he is a hybrid, he is a fairy as well as a vampire, so he can fly already!!

 The bot head (FIFTY) is the only one who bothers to do his homework when they get in from school.

I think FIFTY-TWO is rooted to that seat - if he is not tidying the house, he is sat there playing games!!

FIFTY-ONE didn't come home after school.
I found him over the road outside the town hall .... destroying snowmen!

FIFTY-ONE gets to know his Neice, Delores.

Red is projecting the creative aura and it seems to be stuck .... hers is still going when everyone elses auras have finished.

 I've had to add another coffin in the basement, because FORTY-NINE seems to prefer to sleep on the coffin than a bed or the fairy house.

I'm a little surprised, to see the igloos and snowmen are lagging ... they normally don't go like this until the last few days of winter ... we are only half way through yet.

I absolutely love hybrids, especially when you can see the being both.

He is projecting a fairy aura (body and mind) while he is sat drinking plasma juice.

and Red is still surrounded with a green haze

FORTY-NINE is outside behaving like a vampire and playing up one of the paps ......

First he hypnotises her ...

Then he is intimidating her ....

the next minute he is inside behaving like a fairy ......... dancing

see FIFTY-TWO is still sat there playing!

One aura finished and he projects the next one straight away - he is definitely looking like he has an unlimited supply of fairy magic.

Phoenix gets a Painting Ribbon award for selling $25,000 of paintings, so he goes over to the town hall to collect it.

I have never seen anyone doing a snow angel face down before!!

FORTY-THREE is now a mature adult

so it doesn't make a lot of sense that Affair is still a mature adult and not elderly

So I sneaked a look at his status ....
he is three days over his transition time - so I guess his ageing must be stuck.

Phoenix's ribbon ... like the one TWENTY-THREE had

SIX is here

As the sculpting table is empty for a change .... Red makes the most of SIX being here and does his ice statue

She is an idiot!!!!
That creative aura didn't help her much .... she made a right mess of the statue and SIX has disappeared!!  So I will have to wait for him to come again.

Omri looks bored ...
Red is ice sculpting so he has to amuse himself while he waits for her to finish, he just watches FIFTY-THREE playing video games while every few seconds the bed icon keeps flashing up in his queue and disappears again .... which means the minute Red walks away from that table, he is going to pounce on her for woohoo.

The quads are having their birthday


He gained the Athletic trait


He gained the Supernatural Sceptic trait
(this was game given ..... and stupid if you ask me he is fairy so how can he be a sceptic?!)


She gained the Hydrophobic trait


He gained the Supernatural Fan trait
(game given)

(finally I think I can see Red's gender switch - he looks like he might be a perfect male clone of Red .... for anyone who reads TCE - he should turn out like Cosmic, who is Red's gender switch.)

We now have more vampires needing coffins


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