Monday, 6 February 2017

Update 90

Basil is happy again .... he has the wishing well back.
He wants to catch a death fish

He actually already has one in his inventory - and we could actually now resurrect Lime for him but the wishes and the science fascility opportunity are not coming.

Random hugs

The triplets are having their birthday and becoming teenagers


He gained the Athletic trait


She gained the Couch Potato trait


He gained the Avant Garde trait

 Both of the boys I think are very cute!!

I'm laughing - when the Couch potato trait popped up for FORTY-FOUR I thought, she will spend the rest of her life sat on the couch in front of the tv reading a book.

And that is exactly where she is!!

You do me .....

then I'll do you!

Basil is taking a nap, so Lime is amusing herself with Phoenix

and being her normal obnoxious self, insulting him!!

 Basil wakes up which Lime seems to sense and she is off in his direction.

Woohoo ... I swear that is all she wants him for lol

Rocky, TWENTY-FOUR and Atlas

Rocky heads for the science machine

while atlas is on the water slide

Now there are three of them at it!!

Rocky amuses me asking Red for her autograph.
They are actually still showing as very good friends.

 She collects his DNA

I still really don't know who to clone yet!

Only friendly hugs .... thankfully ... Although we have Affairs six children so I don't think it really matters now if they have a bust up.

TWENTY-FOUR is now messing about on the science machine.

Rocky is trying to talk to Red when Atlas gives him a scare

I am checking on FORTY-FIVE who is still sat outside school doing his homework, when I spot THIRTY-ONE who is now elderly

Basil is invited to THIRTY-TWO's party

She is now elderly

THREE is also now elderly

and Basil's Grandfather Atlantis

NINETEEN is a mature adult

and THIRTY-THREE is elderly


THIRTY-FIVE is also elderly

Five of Rocky's children will be fading away pretty soon, they are all elderly now bar three ... Rocky only had three fairy children ... Anissa, THIRTY-FOUR and THIRTY-SIX.

FORTY-TWO phones BOTT for a chat

It amuses me that on her friends list ... Bay is her creator and all of his children, Red, Basil and Phoenix are her family members.  
Affair, his children and all of Red's other children are only her acquaintances.

Really I guess, she should have stayed with Bay and Red make her own bot.

Phoenix is now rolling a lot of Sculpting related wishes.

Aniseed has gained a new trait for social climbing .... he now has Hopeless Romantic

Wow ... she has put her book down to do something else!!

Jay is reading a music book for work.

Phoenix's maxed Painting certificate.

The twins are having their birthday


She gained the Vegetarian trait


He gained the Party Animal trait

Level 4 woohoo for Affair .... I can't see him beating Bay though

Rocky is here again.

We get a pop up ... THIRTY-ONE is getting old and now is a good time to visit her.

Aniseed has been soaked by FORTY-THREE'S sink pranks.

He is still dripping when he goes to the park to perform for tips

Being a celebrity can be annoying when you are trying to perform for tips ... because people keep interupting for autographs and photographs.

I think she might be annoyed with her little brother for hogging the television when she wants to watch it.

FORTY-SIX has rolled a LTW
he wants to be a Chess Legend

We had the pop up that THIRTY-ONE has passed away

They are all annoyed with Basil for waking them up playing his bass.

LOL .... well that was a con!!
The $500 lump of stone that she was sculpting turned into a $35 peice of silver rock.

Tonight is busy for ghosts

Prelude - EIGHT - TWENTY-THREE and Chastity (the electrocuted ghost who I presume is a pap, I've never seen her before.)

EIGHT and TWENTY-THREE watch television together while they chat.

and Prelude gets to know one of his Grandchildren ... FORTY-FIVE

Red is stir crazy and wanted to go out to collect seeds

and she had a little detour and played in the sea.

The triplets go off to prom

FORTY-THREE came out with a romantic interest - Karyn
FORTY-FOUR was Prom Queen
FORTY-FIVE was Prom King

FORTY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Neat trait

Affair has now achieved his LTW of being surrounded by family

(FORTY-SIX is his firth child to reach teenage)

Jay has had a promotion, he is now a Stagehand.

Basil has gained himself an extra trait for social climbing ...  He now has Hopeless Romantic

Lol .... Lime is heading in Basil's direction

for the usual ....


They did manage to spend some time together doing other things

Random hugs.

Aniseed is outside the Theatre performing for tips after he has been there to do a celebrity opportunity.

I am surprised that Bay is elderly already.

FORTY is a mature adult.

Basil comes out of work while Aniseed is still out there, being interrupted for an autograph.
Basil has had another pay rise and is now earning $5,401 a day!

THIRTY-EIGHT just plonks herself down and goes to sleep

Well now we know it is not her who has left the sleeping bag outside the town hall.


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