Sunday, 19 February 2017

Update 99

Stir crazy Red, goes to the book store to buy a load of new toddler books.

Quite a few of her children are hanging out around the book store and spa

TWELVE (who doesn't seem to be ageing at all!!) is skinny dipping and causing a riot

FORTY-EIGHT's reaction is comical

I am laughing at TWENTY-EIGHT and FORTY-FOUR who are still dressed in the costumes from the party two days ago.

Now FORTY-EIGHT, FORTY-FOUR and EIGHTEEN decide to join in with the skinny dipping

FORTY-SIX is not impressed with having to stare at his half brothers bits!!

I laugh when she starts snivelling ....

It's no wander all your kids blank you .... you are not friends with any of them, and if you are embarrassed by their behaviour .... they learned it all from you!!

TWENTY-ONE is the only one who approached her and that was only for her autograph.

FORTY is now elderly

I put the books down and it didn't take the toddlers long to find them.

The only problem I have now is stopping BOTT from tidying them all away - lol

FORTY-NINE is back from school, I doubt he will have many more school days because winter is fast approaching and once the snow comes, its game over for school!!

I am surprised that the vampire pap has not fried from the sun yet ... although it is Autumn,  so I guess the sun is not so hot now.

talking of vampires ....
Omri has just woken up, so that will be the last we see of them for a while!!

BOTT is making me laugh, she is like a social diva .... her phone is constantly ringing with someone who wants to chat .... usually one of Red's kids lol

Lilly is visiting

and .... errmm I'm not too sure who that actually is (hides under a chair!!)

Phoenix has found the sleeping bag .... I guess it is a lot quieter down here, away from the six screaming toddlers.

Seeing Red in the mud bath reminds me to check her age .... she still has 45 days left to aging up.
Basil has 99 days until he is elderly still.

Lime is out tonight, but Basil is asleep in the fairy house, so she can't disturb him and has to settle for playing in the sand instead.

Aniseed is called for a date, at a stupid time, 4am in the morning, which I accepted, even though I didn't have a clue who he would be meeting.

I was pleasantly surprised when he arrives outside the theatre and his date is actually nice and young for a change!

Maura is a young adult and they share a few traits.
She is a flight officer in the military.

Goofy smiles!!

They didn't do any flirting, Aniseed showed her a magic trick before she ran off to work.

The six toddlers are causing mahem!!
EVERYONE is having to get involved just to keep them happy and quiet.

BOTT makes me laugh covering her ears .... I think she is even losing patience with all the noise

Scrap what I said earlier about the Autumn sun .... Omri has only been outside a short while and he is smoking already!!

Aniseed is rolling wishes about Maura ... wanting to send her a text being one of them.

I think the boy might be in love ... lol

FORTY-NINE has found the easel, he is another one with the artistic trait

That is the last of the potty training

Phoenix is supposed to be painting Aniseeds portrait ...
but I'm not sure we are even going to see Aniseed in that pic!!

BOTT is the only one getting the party invites at the moment.
This time she is invited to THIRTY-NINE's party


TWENTY-SEVEN is now a mature adult

THIRTY-NINE is looking very old

like FORTY

 TWENTY-EIGHT and THIRTY-SIX never seem to change, they both look like how they did when they moved out of Red's with their Dads.

I guess we are going to be over run with vampire gnomes now, we have three already!

Cranberry is visiting

and one of the ghost dogs.

Aniseed is angry for some reason?
He shouts at the fairy house then storms off to bed?! 
I wander if there is a limit to how many fairies can sleep in one house?

I wander what Cranberry is doing, especially with the way that Omri, Phoenix and Basil are all looking at him

lol ... he only wanted a hug!!

Winter has arrived and it has started snowing

Basil's maxed cooking and Phoenix's maxed writing certificates.

I'm an idiot taking pics in the dark!!

It is amusing watching a visable fairy doing vampire things.

There is strangeness going on again .... where did Basil get that sleeping bag from??

I am surprised when Affair phoned Aniseed for a chat ...

Affair has been very quiet since he left, I haven't seen him and he hasn't been bugging Red for dates or sending love letters like all the other baby Dads have after they have been evicted.

Phoenix is stir crazy and wanted to go to the spa .... so I sent him for a massage

He met Gloria outside, who he seems to like.  He had the positively organsmic moodlet pop up, so as she came out of the spa, I suspect she might be one of the discrete rendezvous women as they all have maxed woohoo skill.

Poor TWENTY-SIX ..... the game has inflicted the pig tails on him like NINE
He is now a mature adult

Phoenix asked for his autograph but TWENTY-SIX snubbed him!!
He told him to come back when he was more famous ... lol

Pheonix is a 4 star celeb .... TWENTY-SIX is a 3 star celeb
so I'm guessing TWENTY-SIX will only talk to 5 star celebs .... forget that they are half brothers!!!

TEN is now her oldest living fairy child

I am amused that Christopher is STILL constantly walking around in his bott form!!

Phoenix also being a bot fan, but up to now he hasn't turned into his bot form ... I don't think it is one of his strongest traits.


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  1. Just caught up.
    Oh my gosh! There are so many gnomes, like everywhere!
    Affair seemed to be absent from the last few chapters of his reign as baby daddy. Was he just super boring or something?
    Omri...oh what can I say about him...idk but I do like that you are getting working hybrids.