Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Update 100

It is birthday time for the quads.


She gained the Perfectionist trait


He gained the Bot Fan trait
(game given - I'm not sure why?)


He gained the Neat trait


He gained the Angler trait

I laugh when I check these burnt horrible pancakes that FIFTY-TWO is eating .... they were made by THIRTY-SIX and that is how long they have been in the fridge!!!

THIRTY-SIX is one of Rocky's kids ... three baby dads later (cough)!!

FIFTY and FIFTY THREE are straight out into the snow playing tag

While FIFTY-ONE is watching his parent woohoo (cough)

The poor boy is traumatised and pee's himself!

We have a pop up .... TEN is getting old

It doesn't matter about the kids crashing in Red's bed, because Omri does not sleep in it much, he prefers the coffin.

I layed out a few more sleeping bags in the basement ... and was surprised when they all filled up quickly, that is three bedtime story palava's we missed.
The bedrooms are looking empty, while the sleeping bags and fairy house are full.

Aww Lime is out again and Basil is sleeping in the basement, so they miss each other again.

Lacey is sneaking an extra day by taking a mud bath, but I am not fussed about her because she is not one of the countable kids.

While Aniseed is building this igloo, he amuses me by rolling a random wish ...
he wants to woohoo in an igloo.
(that can be arranged ... he!he! and I know just the person!)

FORTY-NINE is busy trying everything out

Basil decides to wake everyone up playing the bass

Why you are not seeing a lot of Red and Omri when they are awake together .... woohoo is all they are doing in every place possible!!

The pet food is empty again, the ghost animals must be eating quite a lot, which I am missing.

We get the pop up that TEN has passed away

Omri is outside stalking Brie, one of the paps

because he is hungry

A strange snowman I have never seen before.

I THINK I saw Lime making this one, but I'm not sure.
The devil fork would fit her, with her being evil.

Phoenix seems to be enjoying ice sculpters at the moment, this is his fourth one he has chosen to do on free will.   If he manages to get to 25, we might just get an ice statue of Red for the collection!

The basement is amusing me, it now seems to be everyones prefered place to sleep.

Phoenix randomly gives BOTT a tune up, but it doesn't spur him on to roll any bott skill wishes.
BOTT mechanically has not improved and is still stuck at the same quality that Bay left her in. 
(I think because nobody has maxed bot building skill which is needed to tune bots up to max quality)

These vampire gnomes are quietly multiplying, I've spotted three now.

I am very surprised to see TEN already ... it has not been long since we got the pop up to say she has passed away.

I think her licking the dirty plate put Basil off his food

While Basil is talking to his sister .... FIFTY-ONE pinches his food!

TWENTY-FIVE is out and in the sandpit

FIFTY-TWO is very quiet, he is neat and hates the outside so is happy to spend his day playing games and doing the housework.

FORTY-NINE is doing a lot of painting - I think he takes after his parents and artistic is one of his strongest traits.

I've hardly seen much of FIFTY because he spends most of his time skating flying round the frozen pond

FIFTY-ONE is spending a lot of time outside in the snow too

Aniseed wants to hang out with Maura and he has that other wish to fulfil

He is making it easy for me, rolling a wish to kiss Maura

and they are off on their own!

He fulfils that wish of wanting to woohoo in an igloo all on his own!

I guess Maura is staying over, they both go to sleep in the igloo.

BOTT has broken the television syphoning power from it, and now she is having to repair it.

Just in time, because TWENTY-THREE is out and wants to play console games.

BOTT is quick to move in on Maura .... she is quite quickly making friends with her

that is until Aniseed wakes up

I bet they would make nice kids together!!
(this is where I wish I didn't already have too many extra's in the house!!)

Every time Aniseed leaves Maura alone .... BOTT appears

I am surprised she has stayed so long ... I thought she might have left to go to work but she hasn't

Red is using the basement to sleep ... probably because Aniseed and Maura are hogging her bed.

EIGHT is here, but he doesn't come into the house, he spent all his time on the science machine

I am seriously beginning to wander what has happened to both Jazz and Forrest, it feels like forever since we saw either of them!!

This is why Omri is not getting a lot of painting done

every time he tries, Red appears and drags him away!

FORTY-NINE should know his vampire sister can read minds .... she saw that fairy trick coming, so she blows it back at him!!

FIFTY and FIFTY-ONE are hanging out together

I laugh at Red and Omri while I am watching the boys make a snowman, they woohoo'd in the igloo ....

then they are off woohooing in the past.

Basil must be getting bored of his life, because he is outside and is having a mental moment ...  (probably because he's been watching Aniseed and Maura messing about together)
he rolls a few surprising wishes .... he wants to fall in love AND he wants a child!!!!!

(he is supposedly already in love with Lime - and a child, mmmmmm .... plus he still has that wish locked in to improve his woohoo skill which he hasn't done yet)

I need to think about this one - do I resurrect Lime (who is going to cause lots of mean spirited and evil trouble with everyone else) or do I find him somebody new??

I laugh at Christopher, who actually stands looking through the window.

Lacey is having her birthday and becoming a young adult

She gained the Brave trait

Her LTW = 5 star Chef

Red has been outside and invited Christopher inside.
I have seriously forgotten what he looks like he has been walking around in that bot suit for so long!!

The next time I check on Basil, he is outside the spa and he has taken one of the toddlers with him.

This is the first time I've seen Affair since he moved out.
I'm surprised he is not elderly yet.

That's a shame ... Gloria is now old

I had hopes that Phoenix might roll wishes to see her again, but he hasn't.



  1. Resurrecting Lime would be fun but I think that he needs someone new and around his own age to fall in love with and make babies. He must be feeling the same way if he wished to fall in love but is supposedly already in love with Lime. I think your boy is ready to move on!

  2. Lacey isn't very pretty to me. Her face is very long.
    I agree with the above statement . Find him someone new unless you like mayhem and drama , which would make for an interesting story.