Sunday, 5 February 2017

Update 88

Affair is starting to annoy me a little ...
he still is unemployed  and any wishes he does roll are very slow coming.

Red is potty training FORTY-SIX

A little oversight ... while FORTY-SIX is walking talking and potty trained .... FORTY-FIVE is still not walking.

Aniseed is outside performing for tips.
Not that there are any Paps around to watch him ... but it is helping him to improve his magician skills.


BOTT had an opportunity to deliver 3 tomatoes to THIRTY-FOUR.
$5,000 he paid her for them 😲
He must be mad!!


I've put the ice chess table out in the garden - but only to see if they can actually play with it.

Now that Aniseed is a young adult, we can get his ice statue done.

SIXTEEN is visiting

I am not sure who is starting all the slow dancing that is going on with Phoenix, Basil and BOTT.

I really don't get what FORTY-THREE's problem is keep going outside and just sitting in the snow ... unless his most dominant trait is going to be Loves the Outdoors.

Baby bump

It looks like they have changed their bed, they are now sleeping in this one all the time.

Ice is visiting today

and so is TWENTY-FOUR

He gives Red a fright

It amuses me when they wave

 and FORTY-THREE is back outside again lol

I thought this was really cute

Aniseed now has an audience .... one of the paps, not that she gave him any money!!

I'm annoyed when I notice the wishing well isn't there.  It didn't tell me there was missing content.

TWENTY-FOUR seems to be stalking ice

Quack, Quack!!
Aniseed gets really embarrassed when the trick goes wrong ... which is does quite often!!

Basil is sulking I think.
All his wishes are now fish related.  The wishing well is not there, the pond is frozen over and he can't fish.
So he is back to playing chess.

I've had to give Affair yet another outfit ... the usual ... cc outfit he was wearing hasn't loaded, which I am getting seriously sick of!!

The triplets are having their birthday


He gained the Loves the Cold trait
(I think he needed it!!)


She gained the Bookworm trait


He gained the Computer Whizz trait

I can only tell FORTY-THREE and FORTY-FIVE apart by the wings ... they are scarily alike

FORTY-SIX is sleeping on the floor because nobody put him to bed when  he needed it!!

FORTY-FOUR gets straight into reading a book!!

Lime and TWENTY-THREE are out, but everyone is asleep.

Basil didn't get to see Lime this time.

Well at least he didn't have to stand screaming in his cot for ages waiting to be let out ... he just sat up and went to play.

THIRTEEN has appeared dancing in the living room

There is a new big dog ghost
He is barking at the fridge.

Red is painting a portrait of Affair ... I can see already it is not going to be any good!!

LMAO .... FORTY-THREE definitely has a thing about sitting out in the snow!!!!

FORTY-FOUR and FORTY-FIVE are both making use of the new traits they just received.
Bookworm and Computer Whizz.

The baby is coming

Twins this time.

So that is Affair's six children done already!!

FORTY-THREE is constantly outside all the time, playing in the snow.

Basil didn't come straight home from work .... he played for tips outside the theatre.
$1,206 he earned!!

is a witch boy

Traits = Brave - Disciplined
Favourites = Hip Hop - Cheese steak - Turquoise

is a witch girl

Traits = Virtuoso - Friendly
Favourites = Island Life - Firecracker Shrimp - Red

Affair teaches FORTY-EIGHT to talk

and Red teaches FORTY-SEVEN to talk

Spring is here and the snow has gone ... it tickles me how the snow vanishes in a split second.

Aniseed has gone to the local park to perform for tips


FORTY interupts his performance asking for his autograph

Does FORTY not remember that Aniseed is her brother?!

He attracted quite a crowd and earned $639 in tips!!


I have to laugh at FORTY-TWO ... he cast chattering teeth on Aniseed, but he didn't fall for it and blew it back at his brother.

FORTY-TWO kicked off at Aniseed, when it was him who cast the prank in the first place!!
They actually are not friends anymore because of it!!

Aniseed now has the magicians box ... which he tested out using Affair.

Don't kill him!!

The trick was a success and Affair lived to tell the tale!

Affair soon found a better use for the magicians box!!

FORTY-FOUR seriously hardly ever stops reading!!

and FORTY-THREE hardly ever comes in or stops playing.

Jay is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Virtuoso trait
(game given - I expect because he only had one day of school)

LTW = Magic Makeover


BOTT has now found herself a third slow dancing partner .... Aniseed.

The only wishes Affair is rolling at the moment are toddler skill related ones .... so he is getting to do most of it on his own.

Graduation time for Jay.

Mark is now elderly - he is with FOUR and EIGHTEEN

He was deemed most likely to be a Rock Star

I think FORTY-EIGHT was after TWENTY-SEVEN's freezer bunny toy!!

FORTY-FOUR doesn't come home until she has finished her book.

I have added the maxed fishing certificate to Basils corner.

He has maxed six skills and is close to maxing another two.


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