Sunday, 5 February 2017

Update 89

BOTT wants to collect some nanites .... so she is out in the garden doing just that.

Cranberry is visiting

and so is Rocky

Rocky doesn't look too happy watching Red and Affair messing about

Two more skills left to teach ....
FORTY-SEVEN's walking and potty training

Jay is getting his ice statue done ... I wish he had been better dressed!!

Phoenix is stir crazy so I sent him to the cemetery to get out the graves that have collected up while the snow was down.

I knew THIRTY's grave would be there, but had not noticed that TWENTY-NINE has now finally passed away.

and Rocky's grave.

While he was out he wanted to visit the dive bar ... when he got there he headed straight for the dance club part.

Affair's Mother Violet is one of the mixologists.

I left him drinking and dancing.

because FORTY-SIX is having his birthday

He got the Ambitious trait

Basil is invited to TWO's party

Christopher is STILL in his bot suit!!


THIRTY-FIVE is now elderly

I am surprised to see FOUR is already elderly ....
when TWO and THREE are still mature adults.

Another surprised .... TWO is having her birthday

So ... TWO is now elderly
(she has 87 days left until Grim will come to collect her)

Don't look so glum Basil ... it will be a long time before you reach her age!!

Since Jay gained the virtuoso trait, all he had done is played the guitar.

Jay's ice statue doesn't look anything like him!!

She even got in the duck feet ... because was wearing his swimwear!!

Jay has decided he wants a career in music.
So he now has a job at the music theatre.

F I N A L L Y!!!!
Affair decides he wants a career in educations.
So he now has a job at the school.

Red and Affair go to the festival ground, they had their greetings card picture taken, then they spent the rest of their time there hunting for eggs.

Someone is skipping school and has somehow found his way to the festival ground.
FORTY-FIVE is so busted when Red and Affair spot him!!!!
He went to school after a telling off!!

Affair found a fancy egg

I'm amused when I check on FORTY-FIVE and he has gone straight back to the festival ground after he finished school.

I think reading is the only thing we are ever going to see this girl doing!!
She can't even clean her plate away before she gets her book out!!

We get a pop up ... Mark is getting old and now is a good time to visit him.

BOTT has found the science machine outside and is preparing to pull the handle of doom.

Now all the adults have the accelerated skill learning ability sparkles flying around their heads .... even Lime too.

I am laughing watching two lots of woohoo about to happen, wandering if Basil and Affair are going to jump up a level with their woohoo skill

Phoenix maxes his painting skill

and Basil did actually get woohoo level 2 after this trip.

Affair is off to his first day at work.

which gave Red time to finish Affairs portrait .... which has to be the worst one yet!!

Now that the lever has been pulled .... they are all randomly playing on the machine again

Basil catches FORTY-SIX trying to skip school

I dread to think what that might be!!

Aniseed has spent all day on this machine and has got his science skill up to level 6 ... in one go!!

We have a pop up saying Mark has passed away.

FORTY-FIVE is cracking me up .... now he is over by the town hall, he is running around town on free will!!

He is crying because he just witnessed a death ... I wander if it was Marks?!

He fairy frolics with Paprika

BOTT wanted to clean the house ... so I got her cleaning up all the street art while she was at it.

The gnome pack is getting ridiculous!!

Jay has managed to get his guitar level up to 6 pretty quickly

FORTY-SIX is riding his broomstick to school instead of catching the school bus.

The stabilizers kill me!!

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