Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Update 83

It is prom night - but only half of the teens decided to go.

The quads are having their birthday and becoming young adults.


He gained the Workaholic trait

 LTW = Superstar Athlete


She gained the Eccentric trait

LTW = Alchemy Artisan

THIRTY-EIGHT and THIRTY SEVEN are at prom with Paprika
so THIRTY-SEVEN AND THIRTY-EIGHT had their birthday as soon as they came out.


She gained the Bookworm trait
LTW = Pervasive Private Eye


He gained the Dramatic trait
LTW = Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

THIRTY-SEVEN surprised me wanting a political career
so he now has a job at the town hall

Since BOTT has been fitted with the Sentience trait chip .... she is neglecting child care, gardening and the housework.  The laundry has started to pile up everywhere again.

FORTY-ONE seems overly fascinated by this science machine.
He's got his science level up to 5 just playing on this.

THIRTY-NINE now has a job at the stadium because he wanted a sports career.

Graduation time ... that did not really happen.
It went all stupid and glitched out!!

THIRTY-NINE and FORTY didn't get the option to go to the town hall

THIRTY-NINE most likely to fulfill his LTW

FORTY - Most popular

THIRTY-SEVEN didn't even get a diploma!!!

We have a pop up .... Rocky has passed away.

Only THIRTY-EIGHT actually got to go to the town hall (alone) - nobody else in the house had the option to go with her even though everyone got dressed for the occasion.

THIRTY-EIGHT - most likely to write a best selling novel

The pictures from Prom

THIRTY-SEVEN came out with a female romantic interest
THIRTY-EIGHT was Prom Queen and came out with a female romantic interest
Paprika was Prom King.

Now the quads are young adults - we have four ice sculptures to make.


They make me nervous playing with this thing all the time .....
I just feel like something bad is going to happen one of these times when they pull that handle of doom (why else would it be called that!?)


Awwww Lime is out and Basil is asleep again.

but not for long because she actually wakes him up by floating through him!

Basil went straight back to sleep.

Why do I get the feeling woohoo is all she came out for!

Red get's Bay's DNA ... there is no harm in collecting up the samples until we decide who we are going to clone.

It looks like Basil's Angler trait has finally kicked in ... he has decided he wants to catch every type of fish!!!
That is a tough one .... so to help I got my favourite game thing out ... the lucky Palms wishing well.  They can catch most fish out of the well without running all over the world and travelling.

Not sure how long it will stay in the game for though ... the Lucky Palms and Lunar Lakes worlds and their contents seem to be the commonest thing not to load.

THIRTY-NINE is up next for his ice statue

Phoenix is still working on his third book, he seems to prefer to paint now.

THIRTY-NINES ice statue
Immortilised in his bed clothes - lol

Basil has level 6 fishing skill already .... but he has been out here all day constantly fishing.

Up to now Phoenix has not rolled any career wishes.  When he does, I'm a little disappointed ....
he wants a painter career, which I've already done with TWENTY-THREE.

but .... it's what he wants, so he is now a self employed painter.

After signing the papers for his job over at town hall ....
he came out and hung around with TWENTY-ONE, TWENTY-SIX and THIRTY.

That mop on THIRTY'S head keeps cracking me up!!

Now it is THIRTY-EIGHT's turn

Bay is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult

He is not having a mid life crisis, thankfully!!

Her statue is done and I don't think she liked it very much.

THIRTY-NINE is cracking me up constantly sleeping in his bag instead of a bed.
I think we might be seeing him in the future sleeping all over town!!

TWENTY-FIVE is on the water slide.

It looks like FORTY's statue will have to wait

Basil is up to no good again

Scaring FORTY-ONE with his megaphone

Okay .... slow dancing with a bot!!

At least they can't tread on each others feet!!

Bay has done another half a job and walked off.

Bot is broken ... there is no shifting her now for hours!!

Basil now seems to be addicted to fishing.

We now have a pet fish called Betty .... lol

(Jenn - I howled when the game name popped up as Betty - so I left it)

Basil wanted to buy a fish bowl and put a salmon in it.

I give it a week .... before that bowl is empty because nobody feeds Betty!!

Aniseed is having his birthday

He gained the Rebellious trait

I think he is going to turn out to be as cute as FORTY-TWO

Finally she gets round to FORTY's statue

Phoenix isn't impressed because if she had been a little slower, he would have been on there instead.

I'm not sure what has happened to FORTY's chest area ... I noticed the same on THIRTY-EIGHTS too .... it's a little black and dodgy!!

BOTT is not really rolling many wishes ... just repetative ones, to scan sims and look them up on the halo web.  So I had to get her a futuristic computer.

Cat napping again.

Aniseed I think is going to be a little nerd .... he hasn't moved away from the chess table yet only to eat and sleep then he's back again.

I'm laughing at Basil ... he has rolled the See Limes ghost wish again.
He is obsessed!!

The girls are not doing a lot other than playing with this science machine. 

You gave BOTT the sentience trait chip .... so don't pull faces because the place is now a mess, and you are having to do the laundry!!!!

FORTY-TWO is finally showing that he has the artistic trait.

THIRTY-SEVEN is sleeping outside the book store.

I can't get used to EIGHTEEN looking like this ... his hair not his pie face!!

Anissa also has pie all over her face

I had a nasty thought ... what if there are a load of time travel children waiting to come out of this machine .... when the house has room for them!!  I'm stuffed if that happens!!
18 times they have tried for a baby in the time machine!!

BOTT wants to upgrade something .... so the toilet is going to unbreakable.

FORTY-ONE now has level 7 science.
He has also now gained an extra trait because he has done so much social climbing - he got Bookworm.

Red made an ice chair.
Everyone who sits on it is getting a chilly moodlet ... because their bum is cold from sitting on the ice. (obviously - lol!! If they are stupid enough to sit on it!!)

This is only the second time I have seen any of them doing chattering teeth.

Like FORTY-ONE ... Paprika has also gained an extra trait for social climbing.
He got Virtuoso and he jumped straight onto the drums.

I am watching these two and I really don't know how I am going to break their romantic connection.

He is definitely cute!!

Bay also got an extra trait for social climbing .... Computer Whizz

Realistically BOTT should be fried toast by now!!
Water and electrics don't mix in my world!!

FORTY-ONE is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Eco Friendly trait

We get a pop up .... THIRTY is getting old and now is a good time to visit him.


  1. Oh RIP Rocky!

    Betty the fish, lol, that's cute.

    OMG...if you have a string of kids come rolling out of the time machine once you move Bay and his kids out I think I will die laughing! You had that happen once in another file where the kids wouldn't stop coming out. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.

    1. Yeah that is what made me think ... Cello and Mallow used the time machine once and it hasn't stopped spitting out children since. I have still got that file and sometimes think about opening it to see how many more come out!!

      I was laughing at Betty the fish ... it happened just after I answered your pm about your Betty's traits. Hubby thought I'd gone mad sat laughing.

      We will see Rocky again when he comes haunting :D