Monday, 27 February 2017

Update 106

We seem to have a lot of ghosts visiting at the moment


Basil chats with his Grandmother, Aqua.

He rolls a wish to collect her DNA

But he doesn't roll a wish to do anything with it.
(I'm not sure if they actually roll a wish to clone a specific sim - or if its just A sim)

FIFTY seems to be popular with two of his half sisters ... THIRTEEN and THIRTY-ONE

FIFTY is consoling Maura who is snivelling over Extra.

Stop with the goofy grins!!

Aqua and Mark are having a natter.

Basil you are starting to be a little too obvious now!!
Stop mooning over your brothers girlfriend!!

It is FIFTY-TWO's turn for an ice statue

FIFTY-FOUR makes me laugh ... the very FIRST time he bothers to do his homework .... it is Saturday and also his birthday today so he is done with school and there really is no point him doing his homework!!

It is not often I see Phoenix fairy pranking

Lucky for him, the vampire found it funny!!

FIFTY-THREE's ice statue

FIFTY-ONE has decided he wants an Angler career

Maura has just been flirting with Basil ... tut!
and as you can see those who saw it are not too happy!!

WHY can't sims EVER be faithful!!

That T-shirt has popped up again

FIFTY-THREE and FIFTY-FOUR are making a right racket together!!

Pheonix was doing a stone sculture ... but it crumbled and he was left with a chunk of woohooism rock.

Which goes straight into the mail to be be smelted!!

Pheonix is talking to one of the paps outside - Jaimie.

Heart farts and they discover they share a few traits in common.

I'm actually wandering what happened to Marty??!!  He just seems to have vanished.  There isn't a grave for him in the mausoleum and I haven't seen him since he stood on the garden twice playing paparazi.

THIRTY-NINE is here with two of the ghost cats.

FIFTY-ONE randomly gives BOTT a tune up

Now he is in trouble - BOTT snatches the screw driver off him - he has obviously hurt her!!

I bet that hurts!!

FIFTY-FOUR is having his birthday

He gained the Ambitious trait
LTW = World Renown Surgeon

That is Omri's six children done and ready to fly the nest

Straight away he got the job that he wanted

Maura has just walked in on Red and Omri.

Red is doing FIFTY-FOUR's ice statue

How cute!!
Pepper is using the cat thing.

Since she electrocuted him .... FIFTY-ONE seems to be tormenting BOTT

This is not the first time I've seen him sneaking and scaring her!

The steak is still not outstanding quality yet - this opportunity feels like it is going to take forever to achieve!!

I have just watched Basil take 3 mud baths in a very short space of time!!
He still has 78 days left before he is elderly .... the last time I checked he had 99 days which seemed like ages ago!!
I think he is seriously slyly sneaking a lot of extra time!!

Graduation time for FIFTY-FOUR

It is quite busy outside the town hall today

FORTY-SEVEN tries to cast a fire spell on FORTY-FIVE

He is wise to her witch tricks and blows it back at her

That back fired on her didn't it!!
But what is she playing at anyway ... she could have killed her brother casting fire at him!!

When I see he is getting his own back I'm thinking ... DON'T cast Hot Head on her or you will probably kill her with her already being singed!!

Luckily it was only chattering teeth!!

Like she has a right to be angry!!

EIGHTEEN and TWENTY-SEVEN are fairy frolicing and look like they might just be about to become dog food!!

The dog actually tried to chatch the fairies.

That dog has fleas!!

Luckily they survived the dog trying to catch them.

Like with NINE ... TWENTY-SIX's pigtails crack me up every time I see them!!

Now TWENTY-SEVEN and TWENTY-EIGHT are doing it!
Fairy frolicking too close to that dog!!

I wander what would happen if that dog did actually catch one of them?!

FIFTY-FOUR most likely to fulfil his LTW

It amuses me when someone always tries to sleep in that abandoned sleeping bag.

Omri is smoking again - they have been hanging about in the sun for ages and he has not recovered from yesterday sun exposure.
He tries to go home, but Red stops him so she can flirt with him

Then Lacey bugs him for his autograph

OH  xxxxx
Red and Lacey between them have probably just killed off Omri

He has passed out because of over exposure of the sun.

I am HOPING because it is starting to go dark, as night creeps in, that he is going to be okay when he gets up and he will just stagger home to recover.

but NO!!!!

He has had it!!
He disintegrates in front of everyone.

Oh Omri you idiot!!

Here comes Grim

It tickles me the way people cry, who don't even know the person that Grim is collecting!!

Bye Omri!

Well he is the first one to literally go and die on her!!

which kind of makes it awkward when the next baby Dad arrives, because she is still romantically attached to Omri.

A few sim days ago I never would have expect there to be two of the vampires graves in the garden!!

Just as they stop mourning Extra ... they start mourning Omri.

She is a drama queen .... she will forget Omri ever existed when the next baby dad walks through the door!!

She only has one more ice statue to do ... FIFTY-ONE

Yeah, maybe trying to do it straight after Omri passed away, was not the cleverest thing to do .... she is really not in the mood to be ice sculpting!!

Out in the garden we have four ghosts.

EIGHT, Ice and Kirby (the werewolf)


Red buries herself in painting.

Ice and EIGHT seem to be getting on very well

Ice is flirting with EIGHT

Then they have a water fight

LMAO .... Ice never changes!!!

EIGHT has just wandered off to eat and she hits on a nearby Kirby and starts flirting with him!

In the morning when Red is in a bit of a better mood - she manages to do FIFTY-ONE's ice statue.

It is that time again, the children are ready now to move on.


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  1. Oh man two deaths in such a short time! I can't believe that Omri fried!! At least he got to see all his children become adults.