Thursday, 2 February 2017

Update 84

EIGHT and Bot are becoming really good friends.

I found this funny!!
FORTY giving EIGHT a massage

Well I'm amazed

Bay actually painted a whole picture all in one go!!

Woohoo number 79 ... so he did beat Jazz's 77 and he's not done yet ... lol

FORTY-TWO is giving BOTT a tune up

because Bay is always way too busy to take care of his bot!!

We get FORTY-ONE's ice statue done

someone looks miserable

We get a pop up ... THIRTY has passed away

One of Phoenix's paintings that I haven't seen Red paint

FORTY-TWO is fishing and gets a treasure chest

Just what we needed .... another gnome ... not!!

Basil is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult

He now has 150 days before he becomes elderly
(So I should imagine that Jazz's fairy children - TWO, THREE and FOUR should becoming elderly soon)

Basil is having a midlife crisis.

We have the laundry glitch again.
Red was on the beach with it before I realised she had gone walk abouts.  She didn't get to go for a swim with it, I crossed it off and she left the laundry on the beach.

THIRTY-NINE constantly sleeping outside in his sleeping bag is a little worrying, he is going to freeze to death, I can see it coming!!

No Basil .... you are not fat!!

Aniseed has rolled a LTW already.
He wants to be a Master Magician ....

which will keep us entertained in the future as he is the little extra that will be staying with us after Bay and the others have left.

The Grim Reaper phoned Red for a date .... which I couldn't resist, for a few reasons and not of the romantic kind.

I was shocked when Grim actually let Red have his DNA

and she didn't go alone ....
A stir crazy Phoenix tagged along, so he could get to know his Dad.

After a bit of a chat Phoenix invited him over, and I was surprised when he came.

It was funny watching the Grim Reaper running down the road trying to keep up with a flying fairy!!

We just had to add a statue of Grim to the collection, after all he is Phoenix's Dad.

Now you see where Phoenix gets his nose from.

Basil is ranting about being out of shape.

It is a good job it isn't death he was ranting about ... with Grim right behind him, he would have been gone quicker than a flash!!

Grim is not as nasty as people think!!
While he has been here he has made really good friends with Phoenix

Grim has the Childish trait ... so a game of tag was always on the cards - lol

We now have three sims in the house on Maxed Science skill.

So I read up on this science machine.
You need 3 sims with maxed science to be on this together .... the bar should light up white which drops a meteor ... but a good one.  It rains down expensive items, rocks and gems apparently and nobody will get hurt.

So I tried it .... and they messed up somehow because the bar was blue not white.

Bay came out and started arguing with Grim ... I'm not sure why.

Heart farts for Grim ... lol

Grim goes for a nap before he vanishes.

Paprika is having his birthday

He gained the Natural Cook trait

LTW = Celebrity Five Star Chef


He gained the Party Animal trait

I'm in Love!!!
That boy is seriously cute!!

 We have the traditional gnome kicking because it is Spooky Day.

Emit just appears in the bedroom by a sleeping Bay.

I'm amused when BOTT heads straight to Emit and high fives him.

Bay has had an opportunity pop up .... to give Emit three trait chips.
He earned £1,000 for doing it.

You would think they are the best of friends and have known each other for years!!

I tried just on the off change .... not expecting that he would give up his DNA
but he did!! 

This time Graduation didn't glitch out and we had four graduate.


He does get to graduate after all ... better late than never!!



Paprika ... Most likely to be a Rock Star.

FORTY-ONE ... most likely to write a best selling novel.

FORTY-TWO ... Most artistic
and he was Class Valedictarian

THIRTY-SEVEN ... most likely to save the world

I see TWENTY-NINE is still with us when THIRTY has already passed away

THIRTY-TWO is now a mature adult

HOW THE HELL am I going to split these two up!!

yes we know you are beautiful, even when you scowl!!

I forgot about The Grim Reapers statue

I have two ice sculptures to do before they move out

BOTT has a friend!!
She got her first phone call from Dena (one of the paps) who wanted to chat.

It looks like TWO, EIGHTEEN and SEVENTEEN have been to a costume party

FORTY-TWO's ice statue

FORTY-TWO annoyed me by jumping onto the sculting table as soon as I moved his statue, so Red had to kill time while he finished on there.


Paprika is the last to get his ice statue done for now

Why do they always pull miserable faces as well as do stupid poses?!

I really do not want to split these two up ... surprisingly, this has been the worst break up for me to do so far.

Aniseed is having his birthday

He gained the Natural Born Performer trait
(I gave him that to help with his LTW)

It seriously took me ages to do this .....

Bay did the dumping!!

He asked to just be friends and Red obviously didn't take it too well

Bay = "Rocky warned me about you!!  So I'm dumping you before you get the chance to dump me!!"

It is move out time and I had to put down a new house for Bay and his seven children.

Red and Bay's woohoo count = 91 ... he left with level 6 woohoo skill. 
( Not bad for a gay boy, lol, and I can't see anyone beating that one!!)

Family fund = $1690.944

There was a bit more land on the lot that I put down their new house on.  So I built them an extention and put some activity things in there as well as outside.

Red is the one snivelling for a change!!

The only problem now ... I have two days to kill before she loses her broken hearted moodlet, before we can bring in the next baby Dad!


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