Sunday, 12 February 2017

Update 93

Jay has had a promotion - he is now a Music Talent Scout

I think the novelty of having fun is wearing off a little with BOTT, because she is now keeping on top of the housework and gardening again.

BOTT is now growing Cheese and Eggs plants ... hopefully the omni plant opportunity will come up soon.

BOTT got an opportunity and has just delivered 10 pieces of home grown cheese to the bistro

DON'T get getting any idea's BOTT you are not getting a horse!!

BAY and THIRTY-NINE singing

I dont know what has happened to TWENTY-ONE'S hair!!!
It is supposed to be purple.

Phoenix and Aniseed are also at the Bistro ... doing a celebrity opportunity to eat at the Bistro.

Phoenix decided to give BOTT a tune up ... but it didn't go well!!

She snatched the screwdriver thing off him and electrocuted him with it!!

Yeah, you do it yourself!!

This is FORTY-THREE's romantic interest from prom.
She phoned him for a date and he met her at the consignment store.

She didn't stay long ... she ran off to work
So why phone him for a date then?!

When I check on Aniseed I'm a little surprised to find him doing a performance on stage!!

SEVEN is his guinea pig for the swords of destiny trick

Ta Da ... he is still alive

He also uses SEVEN to do the vanish sim trick

Now you see him ...

Now you don't!!

He is back.

He makes me laugh, he now keeps pulling coins from behind every ones ear

Pepper is out

The money trees have dropped a seed, so BOTT is anylising it so she can clone another

I think it is funny when they both paint the same picture at the same time.

FORTY-SIX is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Adventurous trait

LTW = Chess Legend

Jay has had another promotion ... he rolled a wish to take the Rock branch in music

So he is not a Lyricist

Basil has fished up a sculpting gnome.
(I have never seen it, but these gnomes apparently finish off half done sculptures that are left.)

Red is getting FORTY-SIX's ice statue done

That looks nothing like him!!

It is hard to believe that there have been twenty children between these two!!

 She still has FORTY-FIVE's ice statue to do

Oops that didn't turn out well!!

She got it right on the second attempt.

Basil rolled a wish to hang out with Gloria .... so he has been to the spa and had another discreet rendezvous with her, so he can improve his woohoo skill.

They did quite a bit of flirting before she ran off again.

It is funny watching BOTT sat quietly watching the tv!!

We get a pop up .... Bay is getting old and now is a good time to visit him.

This is a funny one ... Phoenix has had an opportunity to do an ice statue and deliver it to the town hall ... this is only his second one, so it is going to melt!!

FORTY-EIGHT has lived on the musical instruments since her birthday

Aniseed is in the park again performing for tips

I spot Bay reading over on the bench and after the pop up last night about him getting old ... I HOPE he is not going to expire while we are here.

Aniseed is always setting his sleeve on fire, but he always puts it out quickly.

I KNEW IT!!  I am in the wrong place at the wrong time again!!

Bay's time has just ran out.

I find it strange when THIRTY-EIGHT walks away with a smile on her face while her Dad is passing away!!

FORTY-TWO and Aniseed are scarily alike fascially

I found this cute ... Aniseed cried on his Mom when he got back home.

FORTY-SIX had a job opportunity pop up to be a Game Button Tester, which he accepted

FORTY-FIVE is now a Traffic Cop

We get the pop up to tell us that Aqua has passed away

Basil is totally oblivious to what Red and Affair are doing in the fairy house right behind him!!  Woohoo.

THIRTY and THIRTY-FIVE are visiting tonight ... the both spent all their time on the science machine.

$789 she earned for this one

It has been quite a while since she has painted something new

I find FORTY-FIVE outside the Science Fascility vandalising the path ... lol
He looks good doing it in his police uniform ... he is lucky he didn't get arrested.

He came home and started to spray paint the grass.

I am pretty shocked by how quickly he maxed the street art skill ... having the Avant Garde trait - he galloped it.

FORTY-SEVEN and FORTY-EIGHT both decided to skip their last day of school.

They both got a telling off, but didn't go to school afterwards.

He wanted to do a wall mural ... so I let him do it in the living room

$17772 she got for this one

The twins are having their birthday and becoming young adults.


She gained the Clumsy trait

LTW = One Sim Band


He gained the Night Owl trait

LTW = Master Acrobat

BOTT is still into dancing with everyone

The finished wall mural .... it is better than staring at a totally bare wall.

Rocky and Cranberry are having fun on the water slide

Random hugs.

It tickles me how she hugs her kids more after they have passed away than when they are alive!!


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