Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Update 96

This has to be the second funniest thing I've seen BOTT do yet!!
Taking a mud bath

Just look where she has put the cucumber!! 

We have a baby bump

Nice Phoenix .... just what we needed a clay toilet!!  lol

This is how they will spend a lot of their time together, painting, when they are not mauling each other which is constant.

Red is attempting to paint Omri's portrait.

Phoenix is making me laugh  .... he is acting like he is terrified of Omri
He paints for a second then stops and eyes the vampire warily

He walks away looking all stressed out!!

How can you be so scared of a vampire when you Dad is the Grim Reaper!!

Phoenix and Aniseed are both skinny dipping

Its a shame Basil is at work .... or they might just have lost their clothes!!

Lacey has 9 days before she becomes a young adult, so she has only just become a teenager.

That portrait is not too bad for a change!!

Omri is off with the street art .... he wants to learn the skill.

Phoenix wanted to buy something .... so they now have a pool table.

I'm just lmao @ BOTT!!!

Basil has got out the snake charming basket that he bought while he was in Egypt.

You be careful Basil .... snakes bite!!

After quite a while of trying, he finally managed to charm the snake out.

I love the topiary sculptures that they do

SIXTEEN is visiting.

BOTT has found a new thing to keep her occupied .... she loves this pool table.

I put the clay toilet in the basement, no thinking that anyone would go out of their way to use it ... lol

Aniseed is taking part in a simfest.

I had to laugh at TEN's dog ... he was barking at Aniseed while TEN was in the box.

This guy could hardly walk, let alone do a decent magic act!!

I don't know who won the simfest ... it glitched out.

So they all settled for a ghost story instead.

The baby is coming

One little fairy boy


A fairy boy who is showing on every ones friends list as a vampire!!!!!!
I think we have our first hybrid vampire / fairy!!

EIGHT bless him .... he snuggled the baby and put him back in his cot


Traits = Eccentric - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Latin - Frogs Legs - Lime

He is definitely a hybrid .... he has a vampire moodlet and a fairy moodlet

(Happy Dance .... as long as he is not glitchy ... I can't remember if Vampire and Fairy work well together ... it has been ages since I have played with hybrids)

While BOTT makes a start on teaching FORTY-NINE to talk .....

Mom and Dad are busy making him a brother or sister.


I have to laugh - they jump out of bed, then into the time machine.

Omri has just earned himself Woohoo skill level 2 ALREADY!!! 

Ha! you can try all you like, but there is no more time travel children coming out of that now!!!
Seven in the house and she is pregnant.

I already know that Omri is a good Dad.

Omri has rolled all the toddler skill wishes .... so he is getting to do it.

BOTT seems to be getting all the party invitations at the moment
She is at FORTY's party, which was pretty boring.

Omri is outside hunting .... but all good humans are tucked up in their beds ...

So he has to setttle for a carton of plasma juice instead!

FORTY-NINE is putting himself to bed in the fairy house.

Phoenix is at level 9 of the painting career ....
and he has achieved his LTW he has maxed his painting and writing skills

Omri is not getting the chance to do a lot of painting ... because Red keeps dragging him away from the easels.

Aqua has come to visit

We have had to buy a new car .... because Basil somehow lost the police car between Egypt and home!!

Red went to the cemetery to get out two graves ... THREE and Harry have now both passed away.

This is Jazz and all of his seven children's graves.

Baby bump.

Aniseed is spending a lot of time with his new little half brother

It looks like Phoenix has an audience

Now pheonix has stopped hogging the sculpting table, Red does Omri's ice statue

FORTY-NINE is having a fairy house party

which Phoenix and Aniseed join in with.

Aniseed has a new trick that he keeps showing everyone
Appearing butterflies.

Omri's ice statue

It has been ages since we saw Lilly.
It's bugging me that we haven't seen Forrest for such a long time!!  Not since Bay's early days.

Lacey has got her science level up to 4 playing on the science machine

There is a human on the garden ... so Omri is hunting

The pap moves away to another house .... so Omri follows him

He drinks his blood

and gets to turn him

So that is 2/20  drank from and 1/5 turned

I think BOTT has OCD!!!

she is cooking a constant flow of steamed veg again

Omri finishes FORTY-NINE's potty training.
He has learned all his skills pretty quickly.

Aniseed is spending all his spare time practising his tricks

These two are making me laugh .... BOTT wants the chip that allows her to fall in love and Aniseed who now has the Hopeless romantic trait wants his first kiss and to fall in love.

I hope they are not falling for each other!!


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