Monday, 13 February 2017

Update 95

There is a blue vampire standing on the garden ...

Baby Dad number Nine


Traits = Dramatic - Family Orientated - Neat - Artistic - Friendly
Favourites = Indie - O Positive - Blue

LTW = Turn the Town
(drink from 20 sims and turn 5 sims)

Red is busy painting, but Basil is the one that Omri goes to speak to first.

Yes unfortunately, we have another art obsessed sim!

Straight away he rolled the wish to have a painting career .... but I am leaving it to see if he rolls a different career wish ... we have already had a few painters.

Red has spotted the new arrival!

Omri is one of her favourite male sims ... they have a lot of history together these two.  I have played them together more times than I care to remember over the years.  I can throw these two into a town in separate houses and they always find each other and have a tonne of kids!!  So I know this baby Dad is going to be an easy one.

She disturbs him from his painting

Basil seems a little overly fascinated with Omri, he keeps trying to talk to him.

but he doesn't stand a chance with Red, who will now not leave Omri alone!!
The flirting has started already.

He makes me laugh by hypnotising her

Then he drinks her blood.

More flirting and hand holding.

It never takes them long!!

Being a vampire I thought he should have a proper bed coffin.

There is now a small basement room under the house for vampire coffins.

BOTT seems to approve of the coffin .... or is it Omri?

Omri has slept the day away - so he will be up all night now, which is safer for him because of the sun.

He gets a bit of peace while Red is sleeping

Vampires have the same lifespan as a fairy .... so he already has 150 days before he ages up

Basil is buzzing around Omri again.
He wants to be good friends with Omri's  - lol.

Omri randomly tunes up BOTT.

He doesn't waste any time when Red gets up!!

and they are off!!

The quickest yet I think!!

Seriously Basil?!
He wants to become a vampire!!
I think I'm ignoring that wish ... he is already a fairy!!!

Red is making Vampire Sunscreen elixir for Omri
funnily she rolled a wish to make it - as he rolled a wish to acquire it.

Phoenix and Aniseed are keeping themselves busy and well away from the vampire!
They are yet to even speak to Omri.

The relic that Basil got from his tomb raiding.

While Omri is down in the basement sleeping .... the fairies are having a party

Mango is here

I missed Red and Omri even using the time machine, and didn't realise they had until a teenage time travel child fell out of it!!

This is LACEY

Traits = Natural Cook - Bookworm - Commitment Issues - Friendly
Favourites = Soul - Frogs Legs - Orange

She is a fairy like her Mom, but she looks just like her Dad facially.


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