Sunday, 12 February 2017

Update 94

Red and Rocky are getting all flirty and holding hands.

Obviously none of the kids are happy watching her do it!!
Even Cranberry showed his disapproval!!

Red has the twins ice statues to do before they leave.

It's a good job I can name the statues or I would never know who half of them are!!


SEVENTEEN is now a mature adult

FORTY-SEVEN ... most likely to save the world.
FORTY-EIGHT .... most popular

FORTY-SIX was Class Valedictorian and Most likely to take over the world

The last of the ice statues for this batch of children.

It is time to part this pair because it is move out time

Affair did the breaking up

Affair = "Don't think I didn't see you with Rocky!!"

I moved Rocky's remaining three fairy children in with Jazz and Atlas's remaining few children.

Affair and his seven children have moved into Rocky's old house.

Lol she looks sad .... but she isn't she has broken!!

Red got to spend the night in a single bed ...

because FIVE is napping on her bed.

TWENY-TWO is playing with the wishing well

and TWENTY-FIVE is relaxing

I spotted something when I moved Affair and his kids out .... TWO, FOUR and SEVEN were missing out of their houses.   The family tree showed them as passed away.

It has NEVER been 87 days since TWO became elderly!!  
I feel like they have passed away too soon, and I expected to find their graves showing an accidental death, but all three of them died of old age!!
Jazz only has one child left now THREE.

Bay's grave.

I also got out Aqua's grave ... so there are now 4 generations of the Leaf family.
Aqua >> Forrest >> Children >> Grandchildren

I'm not sure if she is mourning or crying because she is broken hearted from Affair breaking up with her.

I watch Basil sneaking through the house.

Pheonix is skinny dipping and just about to lose his clothes!!

Nice towel!!

The gnome pack is getting out of hand!!

Yes Basil is in Egypt.

He keeps getting a work opportunity popping up to play in the streets of Egypt ... I'm sick of it keep coming so I thought I would get rid of it completely by doing it.

He checks the board for opportunities

I had to laugh at this .... he took the family car with him!!!!

He went to see Layla who gave him a job to do - find papers that are in the Tomb of Discovery

but before he went to the tomb he went shopping

He wants to eat Shawama but the food merchant wasn't selling any so he had to settle for curry instead.

So he went to the book store to buy the recipe books for the Egyptian meals - for Red to learn.

He did his work opportunity, playing in the street, before he went to do some tomb raiding

He found the papers that Layla wants

and delivered them to her.
She sent him to see Helm who has a little job for him to do.

He went to see Helm who wants him to bring him four pieces of Turquioise gem

While he was searching for the gems he visited the cemetery.

He found an underground room ....

It's no good shouting at the wall .... it is your own stupid fault you wasted your time clearing the rubble mound for nothing!!

He''s back at base camp because he is hungry.

Basil wanted to sleep in a tomb ... so he did.

I spotted a hidden door in the wall which we missed when he was exploring this tomb.

He found another treasure chest.

He eventually found the four pieces of turquoise

and delivered them to Helm.

He only has half a day left and didn't have time to do any more opportunities, so he stayed at base camp and killed time before he went home.

Amusingly he received a phone call from Red.

and he met a few of the other tourists.

Back at home .....

BOTT is trying to steal coins

That will teach her!!

Red has two new recipes to learn ... the books that Basil brought back from Egypt.

He got to eat Shawama .... I'm not sure he liked it very much.

BOTT has found a new game which is quite amusing 

She keeps randomly making steamed vegetables on the sauna fire and puts them away into the fridge.


Red tries to hug Phoenix and he's having none of it!!

but he lets her cry on his shoulder!
She is still broken hearted over Affair dumping her.

Phoenix is getting to know TWENTY-NINE who is here visiting

I spot TEN over the road, she is now elderly

This made me laugh FORTY-SIX asking for Aniseeds autograph like a crazed fan!!

Does he forget already that yesterday they lived together and are half brothers, he wasn't star struck over him then!!!

Fifteen steamed veg we have in the fridge now and bot has taken her cooking up to level 5 just by keep doing this.

She does a bit of laundry ....

Then she is back to making another plate of steamed veg.

This bot is a nutter!!


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