Saturday, 25 February 2017

Update 104

THIRTY-NINE is showing off his fangs to his Dad

Omri is just laughing at him

Omri = "You are a fairy .... THESE are fangs!!"

Yeah ... THIRTY-NINE - you don't have any fangs ... you have fairy teeth!!

Mmmm which makes me wander .....
as the hybrid has the fairy needs and teeth, not vampire needs and fangs ... can he still feed like a vampire?!

THIRTY-NINE has rolled a wish to take plasma from a sim .... so we try it

Basil is the only one stupid enough to let him feed off him!!

Yes he can still feed like a vampire even if he doesn't have the fangs!!

After quietly playing with him for a while.

As far as I can see ... he is a fully working vampire and fairy.
I can see three faults in him ... no vampire fangs or V mark on his neck,  and his fairy magic bar is constantly showing empty.

He has both fairy and vampire moodlets and rolls both fairy and vampire related wishes ...
I can not see any of the vampire or fairy interactions missing.  He can use the fairy house and the vampire coffins.  The sun affect him like a normal vampire, so he has to keep out of it.
Even though his fairy magic shows as empty - he can still cast aura's and seems to have an unlimited supply of fairy magic rather than none.
The only thing I haven't seen him do yet, vampire wise, is move (run) at speed because he always flies like a fairy rather than walking or running.

Pepper cat has woken everyone up in the basement

FIFTY-TWO decides to make friends with the cat

I see him sleeping on the floor so I got one of the cat things out, to see if he would use it ... but he didn't.

Now THIRTY-NINE is an adult, Red can get his ice statue done

Maura is seriously having her head pecked by all of the boys!!
They are like bees around honey - and Basil is the worst one.

THIRTY-NINE seems to have a taste for sim plasma ... lol

I don't think Red approves of his singing!

Oops he broke it!!

Lol, that will teach you for heckling the boy!!

FIFTY-ONE and FIFTY-THREE are always being spiteful to each other.

He has cast hot head on her after she has tried to intimidate him again

He nearly ended up barbeque'd!!

I think they are going to start fighting again  ....

but Extra buts in and FIFTY-THREE moves away quickly

I'm not sure why FIFTY-ONE cast the aura of soothing, but I think that evil fairy is plotting to get more revenge 

Phoenix and Basil both randomly roll a wish to go to the dive bar at the same time ....

So off they go together

They end up in the club part rather than the divebar itself

They spend the whole night dancing after they have drank something that sends them a little loopy.

3am came all too soon when the place closed.

Basil = "Now what shall we do?"

Phoenix = "Windsurfing!!"

I jumped on the wind surfing wish, because this is the first time that anyone has actually wanted to interact with the ocean ... even if it is a stupid time at night!!

Basil and Maura are getting a little too close for my liking, with their cute little waves as they pass each other.

I would love Basil to move on and find someone living and his own age ... but not his brothers girlfriend!!

Aniseed is showing FIFTY-TWO his appearing butterfly trick

The amazed facial expresssions that they pull amuse me!

Basil since his trip to the club, has decided he wants to learn the mixology skill.

So we now have a bar in the backgarden for him to play with.
Smashing bottles is all he is managing at the moment ... but no doubt he will get better.

While Maura is at work, Aniseed is in the park performing ... he wants to earn $1,000 in tips.

I spot TWELVE carrying her neice ....  Lacey and Elliot's daughter.

Lawana .... she is a fairy (with orange wings?!)
she has Elliot's skin, Red's eyes and hair and she looks like Lacey and Omri facially.

Oh not the levitating trick again ... lol

Seriously Aniseed ... see ... you aren't fooling any of them with the levitation, because of the fairy wings on your back!!

Yes Grape, he has your hair ... because he is your Great Grandson!

THIRTY-NINE is yet to roll any job or career wishes.
He seems quite happy with his life - painting, sculpting and playing in the sand pit.

I watch THIRTY-NINE eating salad ...
even though he has fairy need bars, not vampire ones, the food does absolutely nothing for him.

He has to drink plasma to get rid of his hunger.
So even without the fangs - he seems to lean more towards a vampire.

although with those over hairy arms I think he should be a werewolf!!

I can't stop looking at FIFTY .... because he is a Cosmic clone!!  A perfect gender switched Red.
I am very surprised that it has taken 50 children before we get the first one.

Red is in the cemetery


She is here getting graves out
two more graves added to the leaf clan .... Atlantis and TEN

and the first two of Bayleaf's children to pass away


This guy is a pain and keeps phoning both Red and Basil for dates ..... lol ... which he never gets!!
NICHOLAS CAGE is his name ..... and yes the game has named him after a famous person in our world!!!!

I am thinking WTF has happened to Phoenix's hair!?

very strange ... because I tell him to change his outfit to everyday ... when he is already wearing everyday clothes .... and his normal hair comes back ???!!!!!

SIX - TEN and TWENTY-THREE are here

SIX and TWENTY-THREE go for a sleep in the basement

I am beginning to wander why I bother with beds, when everyone prefers to sleep in the bags anyway lol

TEN is having fun on the water slide with BOTT

The gnome pack is getting ridiculous!!!
It is multiplying quite quickly all on its own ... even the ghost gnomes seem to be multiplying

It looks like Omri is painting the same picture on both easels.

Mmmm BOTT has just had an interesting opportunity .....

She has to deliver 10 home grown OUTSTANDING quality steaks to the bistro.
(I think getting the Omni plant is the result of this opportunity)

So she has been to the grocery store to buy steaks to plant.
It is going to take a quite a while to get them to outstanding quality!!

Maura is trying to workout to improve her athletic skill for work ....

but the boys keep interrupting and bugging her!!

FIFTY-THREE got a new trait for social climbing.
She got Bookworm and ever since all she has done is read.

I've noticed FIFTY-ONE has started to become a little obnoxious and is very quick to upset everyone.
He is picking on Maura at the moment.

Aniseed to the rescue .. lol

The quads are having their birthday and becoming young adults.


She gained the Unflirty trait
LTW = World Renown Surgeon


He gained the Computer Whizz trait
LTW = Renaissance Sim


He gained the Social Butterfly trait
LTW = Superstar Athlete

Yes he is definitely a perfect gender switched Red ... he has no Omri in him at all other than his colour and his hairy legs.

I've noticed that all of Omri's boys are turning out to be very hairy ... a lot hairier than he is!!


He gained the Great Kisser trait
LTW = Perfect Private Aquarium

Lime has to settle for just sleeping again.

Basil is alseep in the fairy house - so she can't even disturb him!!



  1. It would be cool if 39 flew with super speed since he doesn't walk or run.

    All the boys are super hairy, lol.

    I feel bad for Muara, being bugged by all the boys. I hope she stays faithful and doesn't break your boys heart. Basil needs to back off and find a living woman of his own, haha.

  2. You bought all this cat stuff you might as well just get a cat lol!

    Oh how I've missed sibling fights. Brings me back to Holly. I actually have her in my game and I love her and I might torture her by starting a nothing is free challenge with her when I finish this one.

    52 is so shocking looking. I love the eyes with his skin.