Friday, 3 February 2017

Update 86

Red has gained an extra trait for social climbing, so I gave her Nurturing ... to see if she treats her children a little better!!

There is a lot of slow dancing going on at the moment.

Why are sim's so stupid?!
It seems eating outside is better than eating inside, even if it is freezing cold, snowing and they are getting a chilly butt from sitting on the ice chair, which puts them in a bad mood!!

After keep watching Phoenix stalking Affair, and Red and Affair hugging and flirting and it not going any future ... I decided to use Red's baby wishes and make their romantic connection happen.

Heat of the moment kiss does the trick.

It is not long before the woohoo train starts.
And this is the fist place they go!

Thankfully nobody came out of here after Bay left or after this trip!!

Affair is the one starting all the woohoo at the moment

Basil still hasn't spoken to him yet, he is still away in his own little world!!

No school for Aniseed, because it has been cancelled because of the snow.
So he is now sleeping the day away.

She is no angel!!

All they are using at the moment is the time machine.

I had to laugh, they haven't even moved away from the time machine when a teenage boy backs out.

You can snigger mrs .... we already have too many extra's in the house!!!

This is Jay

Not long after Jay has appeared ...
BABY CHIMES coming from BOTT's igloo

Jay decided to build another igloo, which he sat in for a while strangely.


Traits = Social Butterfly - Neat - Clumsy - Friendly
Favourites = Song Writer - Grilled Salmon - Orange

Jay has inherited his hair from his Grandfather - Prelude

BOTT is cracking me up now, all she does is have fun ...

Affair seems quite happy with his life .... I don't think he has realised yet that adult sims work.  He has not rolled a single job or career wish yet.

I'm confused by the tragic clown snowman they built
sims with grumpy and hate the outdoors or sims with a -40 mood build them
they are both having a blast and neither of them have those traits?!

BOTT has found the science machine.

Not even playing on the musical instruments is making him roll any wishes ... like BOTT he seems very empty headed.

Affair is a vegetarian so he has a whole different menu of food to cook.
He is making organic Mac and Cheese this time.

Aniseed and Jay are getting on really well and hang out a lot together.
Jay wants to be Aniseeds BFF, but they need to work on their friendship a little more because the option is not available.

 BOTT is now having to do a self tune up most of the time.

They now have an outside table and chairs where they can eat properly without putting themselves into a grumpy mood.

I think the gnome approves!

TWENTY-THREE is out and watching the television

BOTT has found the pond and now is spending a lot of her time skating.



Baby bump.

Awww Aniseed got a call from his Dad.
Bay phoned him for a chat.

Mmmm I'm not impressed when Jay pulls the lever of doom - because I now know what is going to happen.

The blue bar .... sends everyone into a deep sleep for six hours ...
which is okay I guess if they are in a safe place and they are not too hungry.

But not when they are outside in the snow like Affair and Red were when he pulled the handle!!

BOTT and the teens are not effected by the sleep, it is just the adults.
Thankfully Basil was at work so he avoided it.

Go away ghost gnome ... don't jinx the situation!!!

I am neurotically watching the pair of them unconscious in the snow ...
I knew Red would probably be okay with the immune to the cold reward ... but Affair is getting colder and colder!!

Affair woke up with minutes to spare ... he had chattering teeth and was on the verge of freezing but thankfully he didn't because he went inside to eat!!

Lobster for dinner!!

Affair wanted to tune up BOTT ... but it didn't tempt him into rolling any bot making wishes.

I keep seeing Christopher walking up and down the road in his bot suit, which he seems to be wearing permanently now.

Now that the lever has been pulled, the teenagers are drawn to the science machine again.

These two have gone!!
Both family orientated all they want to do is make babies ... especially Affair who needs 5 to achieve his LTW.

BOTT is pondering the meaning of herself.
I've noticed her doing this a few times - I wander if that means she is bored or unhappy?

She doesn't look unhappy does she!!


SIX is getting his ice statue done

Red encouraged Jay to improve his skills, he played chess but not for long, I don't think it is his thing.

TWENTY is chatting with someone online .... I would love to know who!!

The finished statue

This is only the second time, I've seen the outside grill used.

Affair went to the grocery store to buy a few things to plant, because he was stir crazy and wanted to learn gardening.  He played in the photo booth while he was there.

Affair's wish rolling is very slow and most of the time it is just stupidity.

Aniseed and Jay actually get one day at school.

That is as close to bot making as they are going to get I think ... lol

The baby is coming

OH NO!!!
We have the dreaded basket again!!

LMAO!!!  And this is how she celebrates .... TRIPLETS!!

That was a funny glitch ... watching her standing up all the way home!

 They now have two boys and a girl

It is funny that Affair should have triplets in this, as he has a set of game made triplets in TCE.

is a human boy

Traits = Absent Minded - Loves the Outdoors
Favourties = Roots - Spaghetti - Red

is a human girl

She got her purple eyes from Affair's Mother Violet.

Traits = Loner - Eccentric
Favourties = Beach - Aloo Masala Curry - Blue

is a fairy boy

He also got his purple eyes from his Grandmother Violet.

Traits = Neurotic - Loves the Heat
Favourites = Song Writer - Ceviche - Red

Basil rolled a Mid life crisis wish ... he wanted to grow facial hair.

Shoot .... they are not wasting any time!!
BABY CHIMES already!!


We have another werewolf ghost ... Kirby who I've not seen before.

BOTT, Red and Affair are too busy doing other things at the moment, so Basil is doing all the child care.

I'm really not sure who that ghost is!?

Red is doing THIRTY's ice statue


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