Sunday, 2 April 2017

Updated 140

SIXTY-SEVEN gets the job at the police station that he needs

I'm laughing at Basil being a mischievous old man

So I put in the new techno showers (as suggested) to help with their technology skill.
It knocked Basil off his feet ... lol ... he ended up taking a bath instead!!

SIXTY-EIGHT has decided on his LTW = One Sim Band

SIXTY-SEVEN graduated .... sort of
He didn't go to the town hall, he tossed his diploma on free will as soon as he spun into his graduation gown and the town hall interaction cancelled for everyone.

He was Class Valadictarian and most likely to fulfil LTW

So everyone gets a day off work for nothing .... but I doubt they mind!

SEVENTY-TWO's IF = Snuggles has been let out

BOTT is upgrading the new shower - she automatically has maxed technology skill

That is a new picture

I noticed Snuggles spends a lot of time just stood talking to him/herself ...
which means the IF has the Insane trait.

SEVENTY-TWO wants to discover a potion
I hope she carries on with the chemistry table to make an IF real potion

The twins are having their birthday


He gained the Animal Lover trait



She gained the Natural Cook trait





Kale wanted to read a logic book ... and as they have all vanished - he went to the shop to buy the set of logic books.

On the way back home .... he is approached for his autograph.
I am excited to see she is a genie - well I think she is a genie because of the way she is dressed but genies are usually blue skinned.

I am happy to see the heart farts

and they discover they have a compatible star sign and two shared traits

They spend hours chatting

and the flirting begins ... she has the Family Orientated trait

Apparantly Whitney is a fire fighter ...
funny that when there is not actually a fire station in this town - lol.  And she will lose that job once I move her in anyway.

Katy Perry bra (cough)
Be warned - you will probably start seeing cupcake bra's and wacky hair and clothes because I have started to include the Sweet Treats SP when loading up my game.  I have always left it out before - but I am seeing if not including all EPs and SPs is causing my game content not to load up properly.

He wants to kiss her ... which clears away two wishes - the kiss wish and him wanting to fall in love.
I'm happy because we are going to get some genie babies (I hope)

Well I never expected Kale to come back from the book store with a living in genie girlfriend - lol!!
Yes I have added her to the household

She is a genie and I checked her skin in CAS - she has the genie game blue skin - but it it down very low - so she is virtually white

The first thing that happens when they return home is woohoo in the fairy house.

SEVENTY-TWO has got herself a martial arts skill

I am laughing at Snuggles who is shouting and talking to the trainig dummy - lol
This IF is actually very funny to watch!!

I can just imagine the conversation those two are having about the new genie that has just moved in.
And Basil should be around long enough to see his grandchild or grandchildren grow up.


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Family Orientated - Genius - Athletic - Friendly
Favourites = Classical - Pancakes - Lime
LTW = Alchemy Artisan

Whitney being a genie lives on an extended life span (not as long as fairies)  but she still has 60 days until she is a mature adult.

(Cough ) and she comes with level 5 woohoo - lmao!!  It is no wander Kale has a smile on his face, but it makes me wander where and who she has been with!!

 She is hungry so she just summoned herself an apple pie.

SIXTY-NINE is probably sulking now ... he has got some competition for Kales attention.

Whitney wants to learn the alchemy skill

Ocean has just got himself woohoo level 5

BOTT is being put out of a job - lol
Whitney can make the whole house sparkling and clean it with one swish of her hands.

Now I have two couples constantly woohooing

These two boys are very musical.

I am not turning autonomous try for baby on until after this batch of children have moved out with Ocean.
One thing I will not be wanting with these two is any hybrid fairy/genies because I have not found any occult yet that actually works with genie without glitching.

SIXTY-NINE is now having to find other things to do with his time, because stalking Kale is not getting him very far.  He must be bored because he doesn't have the Athletic trait!!

Ocean has just come out of the hospital after admitting himself to cure his delusion.

Mars has pie on his face.

and because Ocean is not around to maul ....

Red actually spends time with one of her kids!!


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  1. Oooh a genie. I actually forgot about them, lol.

    Seventy-one is gorgeous!