Sunday, 2 April 2017

Update 141

Slowly all the boys are heart farting with Whitney

but at the moment she is only interested in Kale

SEVENTY-TWO is confusing everyone pillow fighting with Snuggles
They are all beginning to think she has gone mad!!

because this is all they can see ... her pillow fighting with fresh air.

There is a new ghost gnome coming out of the arcade machine - thanks to Reed who is in fairy form.

BOTT has suddenly started to roll wishes to aquire animals .... probably because she is constantly seeing them on the garden when she is collecting nanites.

So we now have another turtle

a hedgehog and a lizzard

Snuggles amuses me sitting by the fairy house when SEVENTY-TWO is sleeping in it.

I am itching to shift click and delete it!!!  But so far the IF is not causing any problems.

Reed is always out trying to find people to question.
This looks like a nice young woman for him - but he doesn't show the slightest interest in her. (pout)

Marcella is out

and Ice is stalking Basil


Ocean hunts Mango down for his autograph ...
I wander if he realises that that ghost is his Grandfather.


Reed has had his final promotion
He is now an International Super Spy!!

Ocean has got himself to Level 5 in his politics career.
Wanting to be a Jack of all trades ... he instantly wants to quit his job and get empolyment elsewhere.
So he goes nextdoor to the military base and gets himself a job there.



I can see now that she is a mature adult - by the creases on her face and the eyebrow change

River and Winter have been busy .... Ocean now has another new little brother ... Allen

Isn't it funny how all three of their boys have exactly the same colouring!  And what is it with this town ... the babies are mostly boys and not just Red's!!

Ocean get to chat with his Grandmother Maizie.

SIXTY-EIGHT is having his birthday and becoming a young adult.

He gained the Natural Born Salesman trait
(game given trait ... and I seriously dont know why when he had an A grade at school and is the most productive child that they have - his instrument, painting, logic, cooking and sculpting skills are all over half way!!)

LTW = One Sim Band

He makes me laugh ... he stops playing the bass just long enough to have his birthday, then he goes straight back to playing it.

SEVENTY is totally the opposite to his brother SIX-EIGHT!!!

SEVENTY has a nose diving C grade about to drop into D - he never does his homework and he always skipping school - which Ocean is scolding him for.

Fashion Police!!!!
I didn't dress him - honestly!! lol

Oh No!!
SIXTY-EIGHT has rolled a wish .... to be a vampire (pout)

So he uses one of the vampire bites elixir

The only good thing about him being a vampire .... he will be around for a lot longer - as long as he doesn't starve or let the sun fry him!!

He is happy ... but I am not so much lol

because he is a vampire - Red is cloning him a death flower

while I give him a little more insurance - a load of plasma fruit and a sun umberella
(grin - if he kills himself now - he will have two shots at it!!)

Red is having another go at Extra's ice statue.

This time she does a better job!!

Rocky is here again ... and they keep getting all flirty.

She gets his DNA

Ocean in his new military uniform

SEVENTY is good at one thing ... entertaining everyone with his drum playing.

Notice BOTT is yet again busy yacking on the phone - lmao.
At the moment she has 49 best friends!!

While everyone is inside - Red is still outside flirting with Rocky ... if he keeps visiting I can see them causing trouble!!

Omri is working out

That boy is really cute!!

(I imagine he looks a lot like how Ocean would look if he was wearing his proper skin - the skin his white skinned kids have got)

EIGHT is here

Basil makes me laugh a little ... he is reminiscing with EIGHT about their childhood.

(If my memory serves me right - Basil and his twin sister Catnip were a little sneaky present created by Forrest after the next baby dads children had been born ... so he didn't actually get to spend his childhood with his full brothers and sisters only Apple and Catnip)

I am watching Red asking Rocky to watch the stars .............

When the camera swings me ... to somewhere I really don't want to be.


I HATE this game sometimes .... he had 70 days left - so it told me - three days ago!!!

Basil's time has just ran out, and here was me thinking he would be around for ages yet!!

Yeah EIGHT ... I am right there with you!!

and here comes Grim

Bye Basil ... sob!!

Yes and I did actually sit crying for a while - the over emotional sap that I am
(hides under my chair!)

Grim just suddenly wacks SEVENTY-ONE with a pillow

I am glad they are having fun!! (sigh)

Red you are the last person that EIGHT wants consoling him - lol!

Basils grave is now out in the garden with his ice statue, next to TWENTY-THREE's

EIGHT is going walk about with some food

and preparing it on the bar outside.

and what is Red doing ...........

obviously Basil is forgotten already!

We now have two vampires sleeping in the basement.

That is a painting I don't think I've seen Red do yet.

SEVENTY-TWO is still playing on the chemistry table randomly .. she has managed to learn how to make two potions so far.

Its not often anyone actually uses the masage table.

BOTT, who inherited the contents of Basil's inventory, is now using his mega phone and is ranting about DEATH!!!

Grim wouldn't fetch a simbot would he??  I don't even know if botts can actually die!!

SIXTY-EIGHT has decided he wants to be a self employed sculptor.
I am very surprised he didn't wish for a music or painting career first!!

Everyone is struggling to use the techno shower ... lol

BOTT amuses my by repairing Basils laptop, which he obviously must have broken again.

SEVENTY-TWO has got herself a little fried playing with the chemistry table

SIXTY-EIGHT registers as a self employed sculptor before he sells the clay toilet he has just made.

He doesn't look too happy does he ... I wander if he is regretting wanting to become a vampire now - there is no more enjoying the sunshine for him!

SEVENTY is a lost cause!!  D Grade and skipping school again.

He is also very crafty ... the LTW he just rolled .... swimming in cash ... lmao
The second I lock it in ... he achieves his LTW because of the cash in the family fund!!

SEVENTY-ONE is very quiet ... he tends to dance and stand around doing nothing most of the time.
He has been looking after the animals a lot, because he has the animal lover trait.

SIXTY-EIGHT now has 6 skills sat on level 7 - he is a maniac - he only ever stops to eat and sleep.

Paprika - is now a mature adult and rocking the pig tails like NINE and TWENTY-SIX

what is it with everyone wearing skirts, or should I say kilts, lately.

Reed has come out of work and jumped into the abandoned sleeping bag

Paprika you look like a girl!! lol

Four of Bay's children

EIGHT is here visiting again

I notice EIGHT is one of the ghosts she needs to catch for an ice sculpture

one more to cross off the list.

TWENTY-FIVE and Lavender Orchid (Preludes Mother)

Kale is still very upset over Basil passing away!

SEVENTY-TWO still hasn't cleaned herself up.

SIXTY-SEVEN is a slob and licked the three plates sat on the table clean - yuk!!

Red has decided she wants a jet pack.

Face Plant!!!!

and SEVENTY is getting another scolding for skipping ANOTHER day of school!!
He will be lucky if even graduates at this rate!!

Red goes off to the cemetery to get out the accumulated graves.

FIFTY-SEVEN ... FIFTY-NINE ... SIXTY and Fudge's graves are now sitting with Maces grave.

and Delores grave sits with the other Leaf graves.

All of Forrests children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchild have passed away now - all except for Kale and Reed.

Red gets to fairy frolic with Mars who is in the cemetery.

Ocean is working on his Athletics for work.

Genetically - I don't think anyone is ever going to beat Forrest's genetics, because he has such a unique look, which if you haven't gathered by now, I am very obsessed with ..... until we get to baby dad 17 ... who has an ugli cute look all of his own (he! he!)

Finally SEVENTY-TWO has a shower

SEVENTY has had his head constantly bashed by everyone for his failing grades just like TWENTY-THREE did.  He has been grounded ... and he even gets to escape the pleasures of that, because he is having is birthday later!!

SIXTY-NINE is the first one to pick up one of the hover boards I put down in the living room.

He didn't get very far because it is birthday time.

He gained the Dislikes Children trait

LTW = Make the Most of Time


He gained the Mooch trait
which the game gave him and I think it fits him perfectly!!!

LTW = Swimming in Cash
which he has already achieved - or should I say mooched from his parents money!

So what has he got left to do ..
but slob about the house for the rest of his life mooching off everyone else, no doubt.

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  1. Oh man, I got excited because Rocky was visiting again so soon and then that excitement got squashed because Basil died :(

    RIP lived a long a happy life.

    Okay, Ocean has seriously made the cuties kids ever!! I love him!