Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Update 142

These two boys remind me of FORTY-THREE and FORTY-FIVE

That time machine has been very quiet for a while

The only time the two vampires can play out in the sandpit - when it is dark.

The hedgehog has passed away ... these wild animals really don't last very long!!

SIXTY-EIGHT, SIXTY-NINE and SEVENTY are graduating today

is that hover board supposed to be like that?

No .. I didn't thinks so - lol
They spend more time falling off than riding them!!




most likely to take over the world

The most likely to be electrocuted

lol - that's about right!!

The most likely to be a rock star

That is a nice new picture

Ice statue time



Basil is out

He gives Myra (a pap woman) an acupuncture massage


Basil spent the rest of his time out sleeping

I've noticed, since the boys have grown up, they have started queuing up to get Whitney's attention

SEVENTY is just jammy ... I doubt he will ever get himself electrocuted ... he is lucky with everything he does - and he wins all the games he plays.

SEVENTY-ONE has started fishing
He is a strange one because he has no active traits like artistic / athletic

We get a pop up ... Wispa has passed away

Cute ... but their time together is quickly running out.

Marcella is out
Neither Reed or Kale have ever been remotely anything near friends with her

BOTT is now making the Office Drone trait chip that she wants, and which will allow her to get herself a job.

SEVENTY-TWO has got herself singed again

Reed's maxed painting skill certificate

BOTT now has the Office Drone chop fitted - I had to take out the Handy bot chip to fit it in (pout).   She rolled a few job wishes ... she is now registering herself as a self employed gardener.

Lime is out finally .... it has been quite a while since we have seen her - I think I can only remember her being out once all through Basil's elderly life.

I don't know how SIXTY-EIGHT has managed  to get his umbrella into that state ... he is frying so it is not protecting him from the sun at all.

I am laughing at SIXTY-NINE and SEVENTY ... they are queuing up to speak to Whitney.

Reed is dancing with one of the random pap visitors ...

until Lime buts in and scares them both - lol

BOTT is off to the shop to sell all the fruit and veg that is weighing her down and to buy some different things to plant

She speaks to THIRTY-FOUR

I spot Ocean's brother, Allen who is now a child

SEVENTY-ONE is a very cute - but strange boy - lol

Red is doing SIXTY-SEVEN's ice statue

SEVENTY-ONE decides to skip his last day of school.  He is on an A grade anyway, so I don't suppose it matters all that much.

SIXTY-EIGHT's ice statue

SIXTY-NINE has not rolled any job wishes yet, he is happy to sit watching tv all day.

SIXTY-EIGHT has founds Basil's laser rythmn

Extra is now a Genetic Resequencer (level 7)
He needs to increase his handy skill for work, so he is having a go at upgrading the sink.

Shockingly SEVENTY wants to work ... he gets himself a business career
he is heart farting his male boss

SIXTY-SEVEN in his police uniform

Affair and Jasmine

SEVENTY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Neat Trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon


She gained the Eccentric trait

LTW= Magic Makeover

Another one who looks just like Red!!

So that is it ... Ocean's six children are now all adults

and of course Snuggles is growing up - but only for SEVENTY-TWO to see

and Extra thinks she has gone mad!!
It is a shame she didn't get to make the IF real potion!!

Two more ice statues left to do

SEVENTY-ONE got the job at the hospital that he needs

Another bad one .. although she is getting between $1,600 and £2,000 for all these bad sculptures so I guess it is not so bad!

The second attempt the next morning was interupted by graduation.
Today is Spooky Day

Pheonix and Raven are outside the town hall

TWENTY-EIGHT is now elderly

This made me laugh ... Selfies

I wander if Pheonix enjoys seeing himself as a cardboard box

Oh no!!!
I can see disaster coming .... FIFTY-TWO is frying like mad and wobbling all over the place.

TWENTY-SEVEN and Terrance

I couldn't let FIFTY-TWO suffer the same fate as his Dad in the very same place.
So Extra used one of  his vampire sunscreen elixir on his brother.

Now he wont have to worry about the sun and it won't finish him off!!

most likely to be a sports star

Most popular

Two sparkly vampires

Lol ... SIXTY-NINE is the one taking the nap today


Red is fairy frolicking with Phoenix

Ocean and Raven have just been heart farting .... and without even speaking to her he wants to become best friends with her - lol

Now Red is fairy frolicking with TWENTY-SEVEN

Ocean and Raven are heart farting AGAIN.
I get the feeling they really like each other!!

They discover they have quite a few things in common!!

Look at Kale and Red's faces!! Lol!!  I think they can also see what is probably coming.

Lacey has obviously been to a fancy dress party

Red buts in to part Ocean and Raven who are nattering away and becoming very good friends.

FORTY-FIVE is laughing at  Lacey ... but he needs to look at himself!!

I haven't said .... but Whitney now has a job at the school because she wanted a career in education

TWENTY-SEVEN now he is old looks just like his Dad, Mango!!

Extra gets hugs from his big sister.

SIXTY-NINE gets up when he is on the verge of freezing to death!!

Thankfully he made it home in time to warm himself up.

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