Saturday, 15 April 2017

Update 147

BOTT makes a start on SEVENTY-SIX's talking

and SEVENTY-SEVEN is teaching himself to walk

She only ever does half a job - lol

There is still quite a lot of potty training to be done


BOTT now has 56 best friends

SEVENTY-THREE is Athletic and loves the cold so it makes sense him doing a work out in the snow lol

Sage is just finishing his first book

He has rolled a LTW = Star News Anchor.

BOTT is helping out with the potty training

Parsley has had another promotion .... he is following the Forensic branch so he is now a Wiretap Reader

all of the toddlers are now potty trained

Kale is a really good Dad

SEVENTY-THREE has decided on his LTW
he wants to be a Master Acrobat






SEVENTY-THREE is making his own food

SEVENTY-SIX has zonked out on the floor before anyone puts him to bed

Parsley seems a little obsessed with the chemistry table, he keeps finding his way here.  He has learned how to make 5 potions and taken his Logic up to level 7

Red grabs TWELVE to do her ice statue


It is not often I see BOTT playing in the sand

Yes Red, BOTT is getting phone calls from a lot of your children who can't be bothered to call you.

The baby is coming

A N O T H E R boy

a fairy boy who is not coming alone

he has a twin sister who is also a fairy


and JADE has a name because she is an extra


Traits = Virtuoso - Artistic
Favourites - Roots - Firecracker Shrimps - Black

a third green boy with purple hair

Mint is having his birthday

He gained the Athletic trait


Traits = Perceptive - loves the cold
Favourites = Song writer - Egg Roll - Violet

I find it funny that Parsley has created three children with Limes hair.

Mint is getting a bedtime story off Dad


Parsley is TWENTY-THREE's half brother

The garden is full of visiting ghosts


and TWENTY-FIVE is out
so that is seven ghosts wandering around at the moment.

Red and Parsley are teaching the twins to talk

Aww bless!!

TWENTY-SEVEN is playing with the toddlers toys - lol


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