Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Update 146


Traits = Excitable - Artistic
Favourites = Geek Rock - Falafel - Aqua


Traits - Hates the Outdoors - Genius
Favourites = Pop - Mac & Cheese - Irish Green

She gets her hair colouring from her Grandmother Lime.

I can only tell SEVENTY-THREE and SEVENTY-FOUR apart by their eye colouring

Red and Parsley start on the skill teaching.

We suddenly have a house full of toddlers again

Girls seem to becoming rarities for my game!!

and BOTT has got her head stuck in another book ... she is killing me!!


and its back to the skill teaching

Sage is having his birthday

he gained the Family Orientated trait

and our cute little genie is hungry

he summoned himself an Apple pie.

and he is tired

BOTT seems to have grown a liking for reading, she is even ignoring the toddlers to do it.

and Parsley keeps wandering back to the chemistry table

Whitney has not been to work once since she got the job because of the two pregnancies, graduation days, holidays and now the snow is cancelling school!!

She wanted to quit work ... and rolled another job wish straight away
She now has a job at the hospital because she wanted a medical career

IF ONLY housework was that easy!!

Sage looks like he is going to be a busy boy ... he is rolling wishes to learn all sorts of skills.

Baby sick.

I am laughing at Red ... she is potty training Mint on free will
when both of her own toddlers need potty training!

Baby bump

I'm in love with Sage - he is so cute!!
He is always hugging and playing with the toddlers.

The garden is full of ghosts ....
Marcella - Lavender - SIX - THIRTEEN - Jasmine

SIX and Jasmine

Parsley makes a start on the potty training

Basil is out

doing his favourite thing ... mud baths

I thought it quite sweet when he was chatting with Whitney and one of her interactions was talking about the family, so I guess they were discussing his Grandchildren.

All the toddlers are getting a hug off him - lol

Wake up BOTT!!
She looks like she is miles away just sat there staring and doing nothing.

Parsley is flying through his promotions.
he is a Lieutenant already - so we now have two police cars

Now Sage wants to learn the writing skill, so he is writing his first book.

They always make me laugh watching the stars sitting in the snow.

Kale doesn't have any more sense either ... and they wander why they get a cold!!

BOTT's self tune ups with her maxed skill, don't seem to be doing anything to her quality.
I'm beginning to wander if she is not glitched and it is never getting any high.

BOTT is building another igloo in the back garden

The digital childrens books make me laugh - no pictures just words.

That baby gnome looks like he is trying to fly


Parsley is looking a little singed.

BOTT knew the baby is coming before Red did!!
She just carried on painting for a while.

THIRTY-SIX is outside the hospital



FIFTY is doing the snow Angel

and SEVENTY-SIX  has a twin brother.

Those fairy wing sparkles look suspiciously large and the wrong colour!!


LMAO ... they put the babies down and make the next one



Traits = Friendly - Absent Minded
Favourites = Hip Hop - Mac & Cheese - Pink

He has got his hair colour from his Grandmother Lime
but I don't know where that odd yellow eye colour has come from

Oops!!  I guessed those weren't little bumble bee wings!!

 fixed in CAS.


Traits = Neurotic - Excitable
Favourites = Clasical - Lobster Thermador - Sea Foam

He has got his green eye colour from his Grandmother Lime
and the wing colour - its a mystery!!

Red teaches SEVENTY-SEVEN to talk

Sage is hugging his brother again

BOTT makes a start on SEVENTY-SIX's walking

SEVENTY-THREE is having his birthday

He gained the Loves the Cold trait




Only twenty five more babies left now to reach 102. ... woohoo I'm getting closer!!

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  1. All caught up again!

    I was sad to see Ocean's reign end because I just love him and all his kiddos were gorgeous. I think it's funny that he didn't waste any time making more babies with Raven, lol.

    Basil really did only want Lime after all! I was shocked when he came out and found her for woohoo. We were both wrong on that one.

    I am still excited to see genie kiddos. Not sure how long you plan to keep them around but hopefully for awhile.