Saturday, 8 April 2017

Update 144

Kale is the only one paying attention to Sage .... Whitney hasn't been anywhere near him yet.
He is also the only one rolling Sages skill wishes, so he is the one teaching him to talk.

I'm laughing at Red and Parsley messing about in the background.


Out in the garden are TWENTY-TWO - FIFTEEN - TWENTY-ONE and Lawana


Catnip and FIFTEEN

Hopefully Parsley is showing signs that he is going to be a good Dad.

Reed and Whitney seem to be hanging around a lot together since Sage arrived

Parsley has joined the police force ... his partner is FIFTY-SIX
I hoped he would roll a different work wish, but he hasn't.

so now he has got to work on his logic skill

BOTT doing a bit towards teaching Sage to walk

Mmmm every time I look for one of them I find them together

This boy is too cute, I can't stop watching him!!

Kale is spending most of his spare time with Sage

He finishes teaching him to walk

Then makes a start on the potty training

Nosey little monkey isn't he ... Reed can't even take a dump in peace!!  lol

Baby bump

BOTT wants to make a bot ... but that will have to wait until the end because of the space in the house, even though I would love BOTT to have a metal mate.

Four cold soggy buts!!

That baby gnome loves sitting on the table and sucking its foot - it is always doing it.

Oh she is off ... washing away the street art!!

By the looks of her face ... I think she has just realised that little Sage is her Great Grandson!!

Parsley is making me laugh a little ... I don't think he is into Red as much as I thought he would be.
She chases him around - while he is always busy off finding something to do, that doesn't involve mauling Red.

FINALLY Whitney pays some attention to her son!!

Lavender is visiting
(She is Parsley's Grandmother)

I always find these glitches funny

We have a musical carpet!!

Sage is now using the potty chair on his own.

I thought I would try one of the walkers to see if they interact with it.
It didn't take long for someone to put Sage into it.

He is finding it fun.

BOTT wants to max her bot building skill - which I am happy about.
So she is now reading the bot skill book ... hopefully it will get her there quicker.


We get a pop up saying TWENTY-SIX has passed away.


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  1. I am having that problem with Basil right now. They are like passing ships in the night. It's infuriating.