Thursday, 6 April 2017

Update 143

SEVENTY does of lot of that .... just sitting there staring into space?!
He is probably plotting on what he can mooch next.

Basil is out .... and Lime is still out too

Red does SEVENTY-TWO's ice statue.

I doubted that Basil and Lime would find each other today .... but they do!!

Yes Lime, Basil is in your world with you now!!

Basil ...  has just made my day ... lol

no guessing what they are up to!!


Just proving that I made the wrong choice for him ....
I should have taken Limes grave and had her resurrected instead of dumping Marcella on him!!

Basil I'm not sure why you are waving ...
I will be very amazed and shocked if anyone does come out of that time machine!!

Bye Basil ... lol
He has had his fun - now he is off.

Mango is here again ... I wander if he has realised that this house has his Grandson and six Great Grandchildren living in it.




That is the last ice statue done .... so it is break up and move out time.

I didn't feel so bad about getting Ocean to break up with Red ... because I have a crafty plan for him.

Ocean and five of his children move in with Pheonix and Raven.
Now Ocean and Raven are living together .... you never know - lol
Red could get a Great Grandchildren out of Raven if her and Ocean do get together.

Extra and SIXTY-EIGHT both being vampires have moved into the vampire den, with Omri's remaining children.

I wanted to keep Extra but with Whitney and Kale hopefully making us a baby or two - I needed the room and rather than move Reed out, Extra went to live with his brothers and sisters, with SIXTY-EIGHT because this house is better set up for them being vampires.

Yak! Yak! Yak!  She is like a washer woman.
 It is Aniseed she is nattering to right now.

The house is now down to five again.
BOTT - Red - Kale - Reed and Whitney.

Ocean's autonomous woohoo count = 84
and the family fund was $5128.556
(I don't' expect it to grow so fast in future with Basil not here any more, earning over $10,000 a day.)

Heart broken she throws herself into her painting as usual.

I turned auto try for baby on temporarily so Kale and Whitney can get a baby in before Red starts on her next batch.

Reed wants to max his Athletic skill which is only at level 6 - so he has quite a way to go.

hugs from Gran - lol!

She has 30 days left yet before she reaches birthday time - but she is drinking another young age potion now so I don't forget.

she is back to 150 days again.

 THREE is visiting

How cute ... this is the first time I have seen Pepper playing with the cat toys.

Baby bump

So Whitney has the next four days off work for maternity leave -
a job which she has not started yet because of Graduation days.

Kale looks happy about having a baby on the way

BOTT is back on her steamed veggie hype .... and I think I know why probably.  She always has an inventory full of veg, so she is able to do it, and she does tend to get bored when the house empties and she has less housework to do.
There are at the moment 86 plates of steamed veg stacking up in the fridge!!

Reed only needs to max his guitar skill now to achieve his LTW

Stood on the garden is PARSLEY ... baby Dad number 13

Yes ... it is that purple hair again - (cringe) because he is the second son of Preludes to appear in this, however, Parsley has always been the odd one out of his four TCE children.  Parsley does not take after his Dad genetically like Affair.  Even though Parsley has Prelude's hair and eye colour, he looks genetically just like his Mother ... and I wander if you can guess who she is!!

So Parsley's family tree is all connected up - to his parents and and one set of Grandparents who's graves and ghosts are already in this town.

Great start - he wanders off into the garden to try some trick shots and gets himself a smack in the face.

Parsley finds Red first.
She has 2 hours left of her broken hearted moodlet so she is still snivelling

I expected that ... these two are bound to get on like a house on fire.
Star sign and two traits in common - they both have the same LTW and the same favourite food.

I'm surprised when Red just walks away from him

Parsley Orchid

Traits = Over Emotional - Family Orientated - Good - Nurturing - Athletic
Favourites = Egyptian - Grilled Cheese - Pink
LTW = Surrounded by Family

Yes I've changed his hair.

Red randomly wants to ice sculpt Parsley.

They play a game of table tennis

Parsley starts to complain about Art.

That is not going to get you very far with her ... she hates it!!

Although her next move is to try flirting with him ... which he is not impressed with and they walk off in different directions!!

Great start not!!


Three CHEEKY paparazzi ghosts are sat on the couch together - lmao!!

Kale can not leave that baby bump alone!

FORTY-SEVEN and SEVENTEEN are in the sand pit

Parsley bumps into his first relative.
FORTY-SEVEN is Parsley's Nephew (Affair being Parsleys half brother)

He goes to sleep earlier than everyone else and him and Red don't talk again.

Winter is here and it has started to snow.

I am a little amused as well as confused by one of Red's wishes .... she wants to kiss Parsley??!!
I'm not sure where that has come from when they are barely friends - but I am not complaining.

Lime is out

Parsley is the only one awake now, he got up as everyone else went to sleep.

And here comes Mommy!!!
Yes ... Lime is Parsley's Mother.

I didn't expect Lime and Parsley to cross paths so soon!!

Lime kills me

They chat for a while ....

Then she insults him ....

then she hugs him .....

then its back to arguing.

This is the Lime that I know .... and I am confused by her never treating Basil this way.

Parsley has rolled a few wishes .... he wants to learn the Athletic skill
and he wants a career in law enforcement - huh!!
I was hoping he would want something different - I'm fed up of police jobs.

Whitney seems to have taken over Red's bed .... because Kale and Red tend to sleep in the fairy house most of the time.

Melon phones Red for another chat.

Parsley and Red get chatting .... and they discover their shared traits.

Their friendship shoots up to over half way so we try the kiss wish.

Yes BOTT ... off we go again!!

and off they go .....

Well you are useless Parsley ... no baby chimes!!

Outside Kale and Whitney's baby is putting in an appearance

A boy

why am I not surprised!!

All I can tell - is that he is not a fairy ... so he should be a genie.

I think we might have a clingly Dad - he is walking around with the baby and not putting him down.

I'm excited when I see the baby spring into this toddler.
He has got Forrest's hair and ears and now he is a toddler I can see by his need bars (which have just turned lilac) that he is a genie!!

He is a 5th generation Leaf  (Like Christian)

He looks a different colour in CAS to how he looks out of it!
That is very strange - and probably something to do with the Genie in him

All of his colouring he gets from his Dads side - his eyes he got from Red via Basil
the only bit of his Mother I can see in him is his Genie occult.


Traits = Virtuoso - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Latin - Vegi Roll - Violet

This little boy has made my mind up ...
I am going to be doing a Perfect Genetics challenge when I have finished this .... and I am using Forrest to do it - because I am just so addicted to his genetics.

Kale makes a start on teaching Sage how to talk.

BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom on the third attempt

So Red's next batch of babies is on its way.


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