Sunday, 9 April 2017

Update 145

Snow pictures

That's it Whitney, you just ignore your boy screaming the place down while you play chess!!

These two are getting way too close for my liking!!

Red, seems to be giving Sage more attention than she usually does!!

Red is now earning over $3,000 for most of her large pictures now

Dancing in the snow - lol

FIFTY-SIX is at the door

I suspect he might be here to hang out with Parsley.

I forget until he spins into his police uniform that he is Parsley's partner at work ... and already they have managed to become best friends some how?!

Baby is coming

Even Sage has come for a nose at the racket - lol

Thyme and Paprika are outside the hospital

They come out with one green fairy boy


Parsley in his police uniform

And off they go to make the next one


Traits = Athletic - Disciplined
Favourites = 

he has all of Parsley's colouring

They both now have the faithful reputation


Parsley is a really good Dad


I'm an idiot ... I should have turned try for baby off and just rolled with Red's wishes - because she is constantly wanting a child / a boy / a girl .

I didn't even hear the baby chimes for this one either!!  Now Kale has a second child on the way, who is going to give me a headache just like Reed is - because I get way to attached to the spares and hate to have to move them out!!

BOTT is amusing me - she started to read the bot skill book on free will, and has sat there most of the day doing nothing but reading.

Red teaches SEVENTY-THREE to talk

Parsley teaches SEVENTY-THREE to walk

BOTT has just got herself to level 9

Baby bump

Parsley does SEVENTY-THREE's potty training

Woohoo ... BOTT has maxed the Bot building skill
She has read her way through the last two levels

Now all I hope is that she can actually improve her own quality with self tune ups!!

Baby bump

I think Red has gone a little mad .. she is carrying the toddlers around



Red manages to grab a ghost for an ice sculpture


She tries to hug him and he is having none of it!!
it is sad when they used to be such good friends!!

She also managed to get NINETEENs ice statue done while she is here

Red gets a party invite from Ocean
but Red doesn't go to the party ... I sent BOTT just so I can have a nosy at something I have noticed on the family tree.

TWENTY-EIGHT - Maize - River - Phoenix and SIXTY-FOUR

He! he!  We have babies ... Ocean and Raven didn't waste any time, and they have had twins!!

This is Chuck and he looks like he is a fairy boy

Pheonix is a Granddad!!

SEVENTY-ONE joins the party


and upstairs Chuck has a twin brother  ... Nesta
both of the boys names cracked me up ... Chuck and Nesta

I am a little amused to see that Oceans one boy is blue ...
 it looks like the game has finally realised he is wearing blue skin and not a white one.

Mars is upstairs

and Ocean did not put in an appearance at the party ... I presume that is him sleeping in the fairy house.

BOTT surprised me, she didn't speak to anyone during the party - she spent the whole time playing the piano.

So Ocean now has eight children ... and Red has two more Great Grandchildren

BOTT tickled me a little when she returned home and jumped straight onto the piano.

Lime is out and up to mischief

These two really hate each other ... just like in TCE lol

Daddies boy

They put the toddlers into the walker a lot more than I thought they would

Two pregnant bellies ready to pop

Parsley has found something else to play with - and is rolling wishes to make all sorts of potions.

The first of the baby bumps is coming

A green fairy boy this time


Mint's skin is very off colour!!
I panicked for a moment, Mint looks more like he could be Parsleys by the skin colour -
but I think I would have known about it if he had been lol!!

Kale and Parsley are putting BOTT out of a job with the babies and toddlers.

Mint is cute ... even if his skin is a little off ... and he has the ears!!

He has both his eye and hair colour from his Grandmother Marcella ...
and his wing colour I think he gets from Basil.

Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Loves the Cold
Favourites -= Indie - Stew Surprise - Aqua

I think his skin has slipped on the slider a little

(Aniseeds son)


(Parsleys Grandfather)

and Lime is out again.

Red's baby is coming

A green fairy boy


AND we get a little bonus .....
FINALLY a little fairy girl



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