Saturday, 1 April 2017

Update 139

Reed is now a Triple Agent - he was called into work during the night

Oceans teenage brother is sleeping in the abandoned sleeping bag ... I'm surprised he has not been arrested for breaking curfew.

I quite often see ghosts wandering around the streets at night and going into the other houses.

Basil is now the one with the Sun tan


Marcella and Pepper are out too

I think Basil is losing his marbles - he took his pancakes to the toilet with him, then the car turned up to take him to work - so he took them to work with him - lol.


I'm not sure why I even took this picture

This is the first time Reed has used his police car ... he has gone into town to find people to question, because he really needs to write up some reports ... he is seriously slacking in that department.

TWENTY-SEVEN is now elderly

Reed gets to know TWENTY-EIGHT so he can question him.

I'm finding it strange that I have not seen Sunny or the three ghost children since they left the house.

TWENTY-SIX is now elderly
so I guess TWENTY-EIGHT is not too far behind him and TWENTY-SEVEN.

Hello Aniseed.

Reed gets to question THIRTY-FOUR too before he went home

The first set of twins are having their birthday


He gained the Over Emotional trait


He gained the Dare Devil trait

I'm not sure what is making SIXTY-EIGHT so wide eyed

I check on Reed and somehow he has managed to get himself inside Ocean's parents house and is talking to River.

Maizie (Ocean's Grandmother) is now elderly

Yeah Reed, I think maybe it is time to leave - lol

Well aren't I a stupid idiot!!
It is bugging me not knowing when Grim is going to turn up for Basil ... so I checked on Basils status ... and it is telling me that he has 70 days before he expires
(Happy Dance) he is going to be around for a long time yet ... and I'm watching him like a hawk for nothing because his life bar is full!!

Ocean is in a bit of a mess ... he is having one of his unstable attacks and is now delusional ... he has lost his Sailor trait and now has the Loves the Cold trait in it's place.  The deep breaths are not working and in a few hours the traits change is going to be permanent.

I was going to leave him to have the trait change ... but he rolled the wish to be admitted - so he went off to the hospital to cure his delusional state.

Terrance (Aniseed's son) is now elderly

Ramiro should be at school ... but he isn't!

Aniseed and his two son's Thyme and Terrance

Ocean is very hungry, so he went to the festival ground to get something to eat.
I'm still a little disappointed seeing River as the food merchant!!

I got Red to join him so they can get the festival photo done.


Fudge is now elderly

Yay!!  Rocky has finally put in an appearance


SHOCKING ... Red actually gets a phone call from one of her kids!!
Melon phones her for a chat.

Rocky is amusing himself playing snooker and THIRTY-TWO is screaming the place down having fun on the water slide.

I am expecting trouble with these two

It amuses me who she is still friends with and who she is not.

Rocky strangely is probably her best friend out of all the baby dad ghosts - their friendship after the break up has never really been dented that much ... and there is a little flirting just like the last time he was here. 

Basil is still pretty good friends with him too.

Extra now needs to learn the fishing skill for work ... but being a vampire he can only fish at night so that he avoids sun exposure.

Red is making some Vampire sunscreen (which Extra has wished to aquire) while Ocean is doing a work out.

It is 3am in the morning and SIXTY-EIGHT and SEVENTY-TWO have just got up.
The sleeping in this house is all over the place, so there is generally someone always away day and night.

The size of the frogs kill me!!

We get the pop up SIXTY has passed away

Kale, Ocean and Extra leave work virtually at the same time ... and for some strange reason all three of them didn't come home - they went to the beach to play in the ocean on free will.

Extra is using the vampire sunscreen to protect him from the sun.

We get a pop up FIFTY-NINE has passed away

Or is this just an excuse for these two to sneak some time together away from Red.

I don't suppose it matters now if they did do something with their goofy smiling sessions and took it a bit further!!  Ocean will be moving out with his kids pretty soon.

SIXTY-EIGHT and SEVENTY are still hanging around outside school
SIXTY-EIGHT is playing for tips ... but he is not get much



Lol that horse has just come out of the house.

and this is all they do most of the time

Omri is out

Its is 5am - so they are chilling before work and school

Kale is now an Executive Producer
He only works Monday to Thursday - so he gets 3 days off work.

He has just taken his Martial Arts to level 8

We need to do something about Kale's love life ... so we try online dating, because it is very hard for them in this town because they are related to most people in it!!

This online dating makes me laugh - he has got messages off 4 people ...
 Delores and Fudge who he is related to !!??
and Winter and Maizie - Oceans Mother and Grandmother!!!

School must have been hard today

Reed is half way on level 9 so he has nearly maxed his painting skill

It is unusual to see them doing something other than mauling each other and woohoo!!

Basils daily earnings have now gone up to £10,256 a day

SIXTY-SEVEN is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Ambitious trait

LTW = Dynamic DNA Profiler

So he will be getting a job in law enforcement.


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